Wall Street Journal Calls Out Lying Illinois Governor

JB Pritzker at his only publicly announced pre-election McHenry County appearance.

Cribbing some words from Rich Miller of Capitol Fax, according to him, the Wall Street Journal harshly criticizes Illinois Governor JB Pritzker for going along with the exceedingly partisan reapportionment of state legislative districts.

The paper writes Pritzker

“promised to veto any redistricting map “drafted or created by legislators, political party leaders and/or their staffs or allies…

“he broke that promise, and it will now take its rightful place in the annals f political whoppers beside George H.W. Bush’s famous pledge (‘Read my ips’) not to raise taxes…

“Last week we gave Mr. Pritzker the benefit of the doubt that he might keep his word, but we have relearned the eternal lesson:

Never trust a politician.”

Meanwhile Republican go to Federal Court challenging the reapportionment map:


Wall Street Journal Calls Out Lying Illinois Governor — 19 Comments

  1. Porkboy didn’t “break a promise”, he told a BIG FAT LIE. 🐖

  2. Did he promise that he would “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”?

  3. what Cheaters don’t Lie

    hahahaha… when your one your all the others, goes hand in hand, ByeBye FF …

    go back to your purple potty biz.. ness… it can handle your BS…

  4. Why is everybody talking about this so much AFTER it passed?

    “Look at this awful thing they just did, the thing they were doing in a locked room for weeks that we knew about. Oh man isn’t this thing that they did in the locked room really bad or what?”

    Good for Ben (although he is a weenie). Good for Rich (even though he’s just a blogger). Good for Gary (even though he seems in over his head in this gubernatorial run). Good for anybody who “calls out” Dems but at the same time… couldn’t more have been said or done BEFORE they passed it?

    Now their recourse is suing. How do you think that’s going to work out? Are the “courts” big fans of Republicans? Are they coming in to save the day for Republicans? The state courts are a bunch of Democrats and SCOTUS has already punted on gerrymandering.

    Republicans had their chance and they blew it. Again. Like they ALWAYS do. These people are like the Washington Generals. It’s their PURPOSE to lose, except unlike the Generals they don’t even APPEAR to try.

    And what’s with all these journalists and even some Republican politicians acting surprised that Democrats lied?

    I’m so sick of reading some “our view” or editorial from some “journalist” talking about they “hope” Pritzker will do better in the future and they are “disappointed” in him for breaking his promise.

    These morons don’t have a clue.

    Why are they even employed?

    Honestly, I think I dislike normies and Republicans more than Democrats and communists at this point.

  5. A fat greasy liar from a beautiful family of greedy freaks, zionists and pigs.



    The Pritzkers and Transgenderism

    The Pritzker family, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel, today use their estimated $29 billion dollar fortune to speculate on the stock market, dodge taxes, buy politicians, and rip people off with predatory banking schemes.

    The Jewish clan has made capitalist-activism, where money wrung out of working class people is used to pay for the pet projects of the anti-social left, central to their plan to radically re-engineer America.

    The Hyatt Hotels have been specifically targeted in the past for their atrocious working conditions, while they have also raked in large illicit profits through Superior Bank, a usurious subprime lending racket that ripped off and ruined the lives of scores of poor people.

    The money-lending venture so abusive it compelled the government to force the Pritzkers to pay a $460 million dollar settlement.

    In a functional system they would’ve gone to prison.

  6. Thanks Biden Hunter. That’s a real deep dive into the Pritzkers’ sleaze.

    And I thought Rauner was awful.

  7. Correcting – the case literally isn’t about gerrymandering. The entire case is about how they used ACS data rather than the census data.

    That is a very different argument than a gerrymandering one. Which is why your point about how the Supreme Court had previously ruled re: gerrymandering is irrelevant.

    Should we talk more about how you don’t understand the lawsuit?

  8. Alabama Snake, does your psychiatrist allow you to have society reintegration visits?

  9. Koumingtang – I’m not seeing a psychiatrist at the moment, but thanks for showing concern.

    But curious – do you have anything of substance to add to the conversation? How about about lawsuit? Have you read it?

  10. H.A. you mean another one?!…. +1

    may be after we boot ’em he will be calling blago looking to pay for another job opportunity? LOL… get the tapes ready… FBI…

  11. They’re suing to block the maps.

    Why does it matter if it’s because they are opposed to gerrymandering in principle or if it’s because of the data used to gerrymander?

    The objective is to get the maps tossed out.

    Obviously from a legal point of view the judges and lawyers care but for a regular person, it makes no difference.

    Nobody cares about your legal mumbo jumbo except for smug elitists like you.

    You always obsess over technicalities and ignore the big picture.

    Go tell Tyrone and Jaquan about your “well technically.

    blah blah blah” and belittle them because they don’t understand the fine details of some lawsuit.

    See whether or not you get a crater stomped into your head for your condescending attitude and faux intellectual superiority.

  12. Come on.

    You made the argument about gerrymandering, claiming that federal courts had already ruled it was ok.

    And then you get all whiny when I point out that the basis of the case is something completely different?

    And you think it doesn’t matter if it’s about gerrymandering (which courts have already ruled on) and what data was used (which courts haven’t ruled on).

    You don’t see the difference?

    You’re funny.

  13. Where does this big fat guy do number two in his house that toilets were disconnected? How gross. What a despicable person.

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