Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Fi-Gl

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Fitzgerald,Breanna, Correctional Officer – Union, $113,003.56
Fitzgerald,Kevin J, Maintenance Tech II, $73,232.00
Fitzgerald,Ryan T, Corrections SGT, $101,118.00
Flannery,Michael E, Deputy – Union, $120,400.76
Fleming,Nina S, Registered Nurse, $80,119.62
Flora,Manvinder K, Registry – RN, $18,720.00
Flores,Ariana G, Registered Nurse, $80,120.40
Flores,Erick, Radio Dispchr – Union, $72,902.96
Flores,Rocio, Food Service Assistant, $47,995.52
Floress,Diana L, Mapping Technician I, $54,349.48
Floress,Michael I., Court Security Ofcr – Union, $78,374.84
Flowers,Egbert W, Correctional Officer – Union, $111,883.60
Foat,Sally A, Recorder Spec III, $50,939.22
Foley,Amanda J, GIS Mapping Specialist, $188,115.18
Follmann,Anthony J, Information Technology Spec, $51,430.34
Ford,Kevin W., Correctional Officer – Union, $113,003.56
Fragante,Johnson, C Registry – LPN, $13,572.00
Frank,Virginia M, Workforce Adult, $7,540.00
Freese,Randi L, Chief, Criminal Division, $127,103.76
Freschi,Joshua D, Deputy – Union, $99,591.64
Frisk,Karin E, Compliance Coordinator, $39,526.50
Frohling,Bonnie, Clerk II – Unio,n $58,133.06
Furman,Agnieszka, LPN, $80,120.40
Furst,Justin L ,GUI Designer, $70,089.50
Gallagher,Kelly M, Victim Witness Coordinator, $49,661.30
Gallegos,Julia, Clerk II, $44,920.86
Galuski,Zachery M Probation Officer $52,674.30
Gara,Rita M, First Assistant, $111,641.66
Garafol,Jennifer A,. Deputy – Union, $120,400.76
Garcia,Jenny C., Radio Dispchr – Union, $69,389.60
Garcia,Leticia, Interpreter, $59,904.10
Garcia,Mackenzie B, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $57,622.14
Garcia,Sandra, Administrative Specialist I, $34,971.96
Garcia,Vidal, Deputy – Union, $79,977.76
Gardner,Steve,n Building Inspector, $55,787.66
Gartner,Vicki E,. ZBA Mbr, $5,720.00
Garza,Hector M, Deputy – Union, $120,400.76
Garza,Jill A, Administrative Coordinator, $68,571.96
Gattuso,Nicole L. Director of GIS $136,760.94
Gearhart Jr,Robert A, Correctional Officer – Union, $54,775.60
GearhartSchinske,Catherine A, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $57,622.14
Geissler,Lauren N, VH Admin Spec I, $12,005.76
Gerc,Bryan G, Correctional Officer – Union, $67,878.88
Gibbs,Robin R, Administrative Specialist III, $63,248.46
Gibson Jr.,Donald, Correctional Officer – Union, $101,055.76
Gieseke,Jill M, Lead Court/Courtroom Spec, $54,095.58
Gilmore,Karsen, Activity Assistant, $10,447.08
Gipson,Jennifer A, Administrative Specialist I, $14,249.34
Glenn,Kaitlyn C, Assistant Public Defender, $71,148.22
Glorch,Jean G, Administration Section Manager, $68,626.00
Glover,Jade M, Certified Nursing Asst I, $29,11.75


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Fi-Gl — 2 Comments

  1. Ok, there is NO WAY these numbers include overtime for the hourly Union Jail guard employees.

    No way in heck two random people in the Fi-Gl letter listing have the EXACT SAME salary/benefits/pension/etc down to the Penny and it includes Overtime.

    Now figure in gargantuan amounts of overtime to these already outrageously high compensation packages and you can see just how out of proportion to the World this kind of Pay is.

    How’d it happen?

    Probably with Nygren at the helm, County Leadership looking the other way and the Union getting all tough like when no one was listening.

    It now is what it is.

    Maybe when ICE leaves and guards get laid off, its time to rethink even having a County Jail.

    How much is it to farm off to other Counties and save all that money in compensation and future outrageous pensions?

    It at least begs the questions.

    No way these salaries will ever change, the Political process wont let it happen.

    Or consider Privatization of all future employee hires and 401k plans to save HUGE amounts of money. Union be damned.

    Let them talk tough and then pull a strike threat and see what a famous President did to the Flight Controllers Federal Union when they went on Strike.

    Holding on to Fat pay takes precedent over the issue every time.

    Maybe with the layoffs they should start with the fattest paid jailers first.

    They’re laughing at us taxpayers.

    But getting rich.

    Again, God bless em, they got theirs because the County made it easy to.

    Its the County that is at fault here, not the Guards who got the jobs.

    Fitzgerald,Breanna, Correctional Officer – Union, $113,003.56
    Ford,Kevin W., Correctional Officer – Union, $113,003.56

    No way two random people have the EXACT same numbers and it includes overtime.

    These two probably just started the job at the same time or something.

    Imagine the pay with time and a half, double, even triple time they get.

    I was saying go apply, but there are no Guard openings right now.

    There are for Deputies and Animal Control Officer openings, but the first, you will do real work and need College, the second they pay almost half what a Jail Guard gets.

    How did it ever get so lopsided that the best career path for Compensation in all of the County is to be a Jail Guard?

    Keep showing the public this information Cal.

    It probably only gets worse deeper into the Alphabet.

    County Politicians probably didnt even know any of this.

    Bless this Blog.

    And go get yours if there are any openings.

    Hard to say no to that level of Compensation when its offered.

  2. The main reason that salaries for public safety employees are so out of whack in this state is mandatory binding arbitration.

    The counties and municipalities always give in at contract time because they are afraid that the arbitrators will rule against them if they don’t.

    The arbitration system in this state is heavily rigged in favor of the unions.

    BTW, Sheriff’s Deputies don’t need any college. All that’s required is a GED.

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