Legislative Supporters of ComEd Bailout-Energy Bill Will Be Raising Taxes and Electric Rates

Take a look at one of our recent Commonwealth Edison electric bills.

Taxes that will go up if the bailout legislation are shown in reverse print on this ComEd bill.

For sales tax and municipal tax, the rate is multiplied by the total amount of the bill.

So, if the electric bills goes up, as it will under the ComEd bailout bill, taxes will increase as well.

State Reps, and Senators who vote for the bill, the content of which has not been made public, will be increasing everyone’s taxes.


Legislative Supporters of ComEd Bailout-Energy Bill Will Be Raising Taxes and Electric Rates — 16 Comments

  1. The politician is a master of expressing public outrage the least of our society is so belaboured by worries of buying food or medicine or gas.

    Yet, these self same idiots will raise taxes on “large corporations” who sell food, medicine and gas without a second thought.

    Who pays for these new exciting corporate taxes and higher wonderful wages?

    The consumers of these items.

    The least of us are generally on a fixed income stretched to breaking already so adding taxes to their power bill(which is absolutely essential to some people being able to work remotely) is tone deaf and evil.

    Corporations have never paid a dime in taxes ever.

    Their consumers pay those taxes.

    Only a cheap dime store thief and a politician would lie in wait for the poorest among us to victimize them over and over and over and over.

    The cycle of slavery continues.

    Today it isn’t about skin color but economic status and corporations give huge money to pocket politicians who will victimize the populace under the guise of legitimacy while underwriting those corporations and their very generous bonuses.

    Promoting economic slavery.

    Allowing human trafficking.

    Delegitimizing values against such horrors.

    This is the direction ALL our politicians have moved.

    “Ethical” and “politician” cannot exist together in the same human.

    While the rest of society understands and embraces accountability these disgusting valueless scum believe they’re above such petty small things.

    We shall see.

    So far they’ve been right.

    The Citizen is a rare person while the bought and paid for slave masses wildly outnumber them and actually vote for their chains and slave masters.

    We’ll see just how much longer a country based upon common values can survive the onslaught of valueless leadership, media, education and religion.

    Cheap suits, horrible cologne and radically unintelligent “leaders” can simply be removed by a very patient but over it society or you can just enjoy your CSI and Sports as they further enslave you.


    It is always interesting to watch your choices.

  2. guess we are gonna get stuck paying for the Kahns legal team…

    they just can’t stop the BS… unbelievable..

    CAn’t wait till we get a real Gov Go Rabine!!!

    out with FF… and company…

  3. Grifters all, but we already knew the big corporations were criminals. The hard thing to accept is how much bigger is the criminality of those that were “voted” to protect the populus.

  4. They could cut the costs by stopping all that claptrap they print out for an EXTRA mailing just to make you think your electric use is a roiling competition with your neighbors for who can conserve more! Who decided we need MORE junk mail? How much extra are we paying these morons to fill our mailboxes with extraneous bloviating “look how much we spy on you” data?

    Also, who are the politicians that decided to push the smart meters on everyone and allowed this horrific genocidal company to CHARGE people for refusing their dangerous toxic meters? Those bastards are ALSO going to Hell.

  5. Now even more families and businesses will be fleeing the “Sanctuary State” of Illinois.

    And so it goes . . . on and on.

  6. **They could cut the costs by stopping all that claptrap they print out for an EXTRA mailing**

    Or, you know, you could just select to get it via email rather than mail.

  7. Don’t confuse her Alabama.

    Let’s see now, viruses don’t exist and can’t kill anyone, electric meters can.

    I’ll bet they don’t let Cindy play with anything sharp where she’s from.

  8. Pokorny again with his wee wisdom.

    Steve, think about maybe quit being so contrary.

    Just remember, this is your D date: 6 June 2029

  9. Well at least in those comparisons with neighbors on your street, Edison does not give names and address of the houses with the most usage. But if they did, and also those with the least usage, maybe they could start a contest. The house with the lowest usage over 2-3 continuous months would not have to pay those months’ electric bills.

    Years ago on tv spots, Com Ed had a bird named “Little Bill”.


  10. No Joe just plain hate.

    Thanks for the update Santa Cruz, I’ll mark that in my callender and make plans.

    It’s been a good run.

  11. Stephen has to be the dumbest person I have ever seen posting anywhere on the internet. That’s quite a feat after you’ve seen Alabama!

  12. Cindy, thank you for recognizing talent when you see it.

  13. Besides my electric meter has the day pegged much sooner.

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