Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Go-Ha

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Goad,Elizabeth J Hlth Educator/Volunteer Coord $65,149.60
Golbeck,Colleen T Accounting Assistant I $53,191.62
Golbeck,Daniel J Court/Courtroom Spec II $42,183.30
Goldman,Peter J Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Golec,Maryann Laundry Worker $33,876.30
Gonzales,Elmer I Registered Nurse $91,581.20
Gonzales,Gio N Registry – CNA $4,907.35
Gonzalez Ramirez,Bianca L Administrative Specialist II $31,317.00
Gonzalez Sanchez,Angel I Housekeeper $34,959.66
Goodman,Matthew G Senior Asst States Attorney $86,265.76
Gora,Cynthia A Mapping Technician I $45,577.46
Gorak,Keith P Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Gorrill,Jessica A Court/Courtroom Spec I $48,784.62
Gottemoller,Joseph County Board Member $40,639.42
Graf,Thomas A Maintenance Tech I $66,481.60
Grajek,Heidi A Database Administrator $106,427.46
Grebenick,Michael P Board of Review Mbr $30,765.28
Grey,Amy L Legal Admin Specialist I $45,697.34
Grisolia,Patrick Corrections LT $112,284.36
Grobe,Carolyn B Legal Admin Specialist II $48,208.56
Grochowski,Jason E Correctional Officer – Union $107,904.04
Groebner,Susanne M Supervisor, State’s Attorney $91,012.48
Guignon,Frank D Transportation Spec $11,475.06
Guinn,Rebecca C Court/Courtroom Spec I $30,469.68
Gustafson,Calvin A Certified Nursing Asst I $8,651.65
Guthrie,Ashley M Clerk I $39,301.34
Guzman,Eric D Corrections SGT $122,155.56
Guzman,Teresa Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Gyondla,Frank Marine Patrol I $11,678.94
Haak,Meaghan D Health Program Coordinator $82,287.92
Haak,Shawn P Plans Examiner II $79,478.66
Habbley,Crystal R Accounting Assistant II $74,762.64
Hage,Zachary D. DOT Maint Worker $83,195.20
Hagerty,Rylie S Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Hale,Colleen F Front Desk Associate $11,623.08
Hall,Peter C Business Service Representativ $57,011.76
Hall,Timberlee A Administrative Specialist III $42,561.50
Halsall,Kevin M Correctional Officer – Union $101,055.76
Hamburg,Michelle N Communicable Disease Prog Coor $63,391.12
Hammerstone,Rachel J Office Assistant II Union $21,010.08
Hammortree,Dennis M Auto Tech – Union $101,019.52
Hanlon,Renee W Plng Mgr/Zoning Enforce Ofcr $79,699.88
Hannigan,Timothy J DOT Maint Worker $77,808.00
Hansel,Matthew P ZBA Mbr $5,720.00
Hansen,Christy L Administrative Specialist I $43,334.22
Hansen,Deborah A. Support Supervisor $66,139.60
Hansen,Marissa B. Care Plan Coordinator $81,981.40
Hansen,Susan G Certified Nursing Asst I $5,226.91
Hanson,Margaret B. Legal Admin Specialist I $60,228.36
Harless,Rowena N Certified Nursing Asst I $71,179.84
Harmon,Heather L VH Employee Development Coord $77,695.40


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Go-Ha — 3 Comments

  1. Gottemoller should be ashamed to accept $40,000 – for WHAT?

    Well see more overpaid failures as these salaries are published.

    Having seen some of the county board meetings, some can barely put a complete sentence together.

  2. Gottemoller a grifter for 40 years.

    Is Madame related to my Road Dist Township Robber Baron Goad (Greenwood twnshp)?

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