New Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Dropping Suit to Recover $47,381.84 in Deferred Sick Pay Paid to Bob Miller

Newly-sworn-in Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Danijela Sandberg has decided to dismiss the court case brought by her predecessor Andrew Gasser to force Gasser’s predecessor Bob Miller to repay $47,381.84 in sick pay approved by the Miller-era Township Board after Miller narrowly lost the Republican Primary Election to Gasser.

“From a fiscal standpoint, and upon review of the merits of the case, it was determined that continuing with this litigation was not the best use of the District’s resources and so the case was dismissed,”

Sandberg explained in an email.

An analysis of Miller’s defense written by Illinois Leaks can be read here.

The court filling prepared by attorney Michael Cortina can be seen below:

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally declined for file criminal charges in the dispute, instead suggesting,

“We note too that the Township’s or Road District’s interest here can be readily vindicated in civil court by suing to recover any spending deemed inappropriate.”


New Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Dropping Suit to Recover $47,381.84 in Deferred Sick Pay Paid to Bob Miller — 7 Comments

  1. Well isn’t it just so easy to assimilate to the past politico’s corruption.

    We could expect this from Miller’s own son-in-law but we didn’t vote for him!

    Someone needs to remind this new doofus that that’s NOT HER MONEY!

    She just rubber stamped the Miller Clan getting gifted close to $50K of Alg Twnshp taxpayers’ money!

  2. Not wasting more tax money makes sense, something Gasser and the rest of the haters fail to understand.

    There were 5 employees with the same benefit letter, they all received what was coming to them.

    Nothing illegal about it, get a life, let’s move on to what’s happening now and in the future.

    We don’t need to chase pennies, the SA was trying to explain, wasting a million in tax dollars isn’t logical.

  3. This is a disgrace and a crime against the taxpayers.

    Of course “the Nob” aka Anna May applauds the theft.

    Just another reason to get rid of townships entirely like they already did in about 20% of Illinois counties.

    Townships are waste.

    That’s why Iowa got rid of all of them in the 50s.

    Look what’s happening in McHenry Township: A transvestite township clerk wants to set up a township taxpayer funded program for troubled teens who think they’re transgendered!

  4. A Miller plant?

    so we really had no vote.

    Miller plant or Miller son-in-law…win, win…hmmm

  5. Nob nailed it.

    Maybe it was also under advice of the new attorney.

    No more lawsuits, Gasser won NONE, why continue?

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