UPDATED: Juneteenth, Kira Davis on the Charlie Kirk Conversion and Candace Owens

Kira Davis
Charlie Kirk

“Juneteenth isn’t a rejection of America. It is a celebration of America, and how far we’ve come, and how superior our culture is and continues to be.

“Conservatives need to quit with the knee-jerk response and wrestle this opportunity. Make every American see this as a Republican holiday, and then dare the Democrats to tell us why Juneteenth is a bad idea.” – Kira Davis, 6/17/21

I grew up in Texas, and Juneteenth was a holiday for remembrance as well as celebration and joy.

When I moved to the Midwest nearly 30 years ago, to my astonishment, in the early 1990s, I was teaching Midwesterners, including some blacks as late as 1999, about Juneteenth, and why it was celebrated by all in Texas, not only blacks.

Red State Editor-at-Large Kira Davis, is one of my favorite and most highly respected journalists, and for good reason, she tells it like it is.

For example, with Friday’s news the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) would begin to deny Catholics of the Sacrament of Communion due to Right-to-Life, Congressman Ted Lieu (D, CA-33) tweeted a dare to the Catholic church, which Davis quickly quote-tweeted a dare to Lieu, based on Scripture:

Late Thursday, Davis published a Red State op-ed concerning Juneteenth:

Digital cover of Red State

In the article, Turning Point USA Leader Charlie Kirk tweeted late Thursday morning his opposition to Juneteenth being a federal holiday, and was disappointed for the House Republicans, apart from the 14 who voted against it, for voting for it.

By mid afternoon, Kirk had done a complete 180, and embraced Juneteenth, which many, including former Congressman Justin Amash (L, MI-03) tweeted about.

Davis gives a full, reasoned approach to why all Americans, including Republicans and conservatives, should embrace Juneteenth as an American holiday, which it is.

President Trump believed in making Juneteenth a holiday, as author Nick Adams reminded yesterday:

Kira Davis’ full column can be read here.

And a Happy Juneteenth to all!

UPDATE: Kira Davis on Candace Owens

Per exchange with commenter “Correcting”, was shared Davis no fan of Owens.

And this afternoon, Davis tweeted the following:

“Correcting” mentioned the blow-up yesterday between Owens and Kim Klacik. Here are some highlights of that Twitter exchange:

Davis’ 2020 op-ed saying how Owens is really not the same can be viewed here.


UPDATED: Juneteenth, Kira Davis on the Charlie Kirk Conversion and Candace Owens — 22 Comments

  1. Juneteenth Holiday – The setup for the “reparations” play yet to come.

    America must pay, pay, pay, even though nobody alive today had anything to do with the DEMOCRATS
    institutional slavery.

  2. Why not a Juneteenth Celebration?

    I got the Justice for DJ, Alcohol To Go Bill passed in Texas months ago.

  3. Kira Davis should 100 percent debate Candace Owens, a black Republican who thinks Juneteenth is “lame.” Owens and Kim Klavik were arguing yesterday.

    I’m not sure that’s what people mean by “black girl magic” but it was entertaining nonetheless.

    Ted Lieu is a fool.

    “I dare you.”

    What are you doing, Ted?

    Threatening a priest?

    Making a list of all the things you disagree with the church on and then “daring” them to not give you communion?


    what a doofus.

    By the way, Dick Durbin has been denied communion before, and he wasn’t even flaunting his defiance like Ted.

    Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Springfield Diocese denied Durbin.

    It’s a church.

    They don’t have to bend to YOUR will and your hedonistic fantasies of adultery and butchering babies.

    The church doesn’t exist to conform to Fallen Man.

    If you don’t like it, find a different church or a different religion, Ted.

    They don’t have to give you communion.

    They have denied people before and will deny people again.

    Charlie Kirk haha when are Republicans going to stop listening to that guy?

    I wonder why Nick Adams (whoever he is) supports it.

    He says he doesn’t like the idea of having more holidays but he supports Juneteenth.

    He doesn’t say why he made an exception for it — why he’s going against not wanting more holidays in allowing Juneteenth — other than he stands with Trump.

    *eye roll*

    Maybe that’s good enough for some people: “Trump said.”

  4. The City of Evanston is having a Juneteenth parade today, and a homo pride parade later this month.

    They’ve cancelled their traditional 4th of July parade this year.

  5. Correcting, Nick Adams is CEO of Foundation for America Greatness, and has written books about President Trump, comparing Trump with President Reagan and Winston Churchill.

    We follow each other on Twitter.

    He’s a native Aussie who loves President Trump and supported Juneteenth holiday because President Trump wanted the holiday.

    I do know Kira Davis is no fan of Candace Owens, though she hasn’t tweeted anything about Candace lately.

    I saw some of the tweets of Owens-Klacik exchange.

    Looked like popcorn time.

  6. I shan’t be celebrating.

    But I will do a jig upon learning of Biden’s death.

  7. ** supported Juneteenth holiday because President Trump wanted the holiday.**

    LOL – he can’t think for himself?

  8. It’s posts like this one that tempt me SO MUCH to join Twitter. haha

    Now someone has to tag Candace so she tweets like a maniac for 5 hours in a row like yesterday.. (she seems angry)

    Give me that e-drama! I’m dog sitting today boring boring boring.

    No, actually more than the e-drama, I’d prefer a legit, well moderated debate between the two, Kira and Candace, on this issue. Not sure if either would be interested though. I’m sure there is a podcast dude who would love to host such a debate! Honestly, both Candace and Kira could get more exposure too. Maybe there could even be a way to monetize it…

    It sounds like Candace has some free time on account of she’s been standing people up! (Washington County Republicans lol) If memory serves, this was not the first time Candace stood people up. I thought Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens ditched some TPUSA/MAGA people to go hang out with Kanye West a few years ago as well. Maybe it was just Kirk…idk

  9. I challenge wimpy Alabama to react to the above.

    Your idol has feet of manure, Alabama.

  10. My response: MLK Jr was a very flawed man who did great things.

    I’m well aware of this.

    But you’re probably the same one that runs around quoting MLK’s “I have a dream speech” and ignores all of the other things he did and taught and fought for.

  11. Alabama Snake, ‘Dr’ Martin Lucifer King was a communist.

    His doctorate was wholly unearned as was his Nobel Prize. Just like Obongo’s

  12. AlabamaShake, the dream speech is what the media and so called leaders and politicians promote. 🤔

  13. Eddie – not sure what your point is or how it is relevant. MLK Jr is far more than his “I Have a Dream” speech.

  14. AlabamaShake, to the media, politicians and leaders, King was about the dream speech and integration. 😐 My points are relevant. 😁

  15. This has been a holiday in TEXAS for a LOOOOONG time this is what baffoons we have running this country as they try to tell you its NEW PLEASE give m e a break already… just giving the rest of the country mo FREE cheese… trying to look good so you VOTE for them again cause this is so impotant… not the state of our country…just another FREE cheese day

  16. Negolatry.

    But I won’t bend the knee to BLM or it’s hideous offshoots.

  17. Horace, did you mean:

    But I won’t bend the knee to BLM or its hideous offshoots.

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