UPDATED: Origin of COVID and Jennifer Van Laar Breaking Story Identifying Chinese Defector who Made Biden Administration Shift Focus to Wuhan Virology Lab

Jennifer Van Laar

Red State‘s Van Laar broke the story, but Spy Talk trying to steal credit, and Van Laar returns to Newsmax on Tuesday to set record straight

“What’s particularly troubling – and very significant – is that the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] kept the CIA, FBI, and State Department in the dark about the fact that they were working with this defector, because they believed there were foreign assets/spies working throughout those agencies.” Jennifer Van Laar 6/16/21

The two southern California-based freelance writers for Red State I have cited for nearly two years, Editor-at-Large Kira Davis and Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar, have been flourishing in recent weeks. I wrote about Davis yesterday.

Now, throughout June, Van Laar’s reporting has been a key reason why new focus on COVID origins has shifted back to the Wuhan Virology Lab.

Last week, Van Laar was interviewed by Chris Salcedo on Newsmax discussing the story, per her tweet earlier Sunday morning.

Revealed on the Newsmax interview, and highlighted above in Van Laar’s quote, is the possibility different portions of the U.S. Government were kept in the dark because of Chinese spies infiltrating portions of the Biden Administration?

Van Laar explains this mess much better than I can repeat, so please refer to her articles, particularly the one with video from her Newsmax interview last week (about 3 minutes):

  • UPDATED: Red State article capsule recapping additional press, including attempts to discredit Jennifer Van Laar of Red State, 6/20/21 7PM CDT
  • UPDATED: Red State article confirming Chinese defector is Dong Jingwei 6/17/21
  • Red State article with video from Newsmax interview 6/16/21
  • Red State article with defector evidence of COVID intentional plot by Chinese military 6/11/21
  • Red State article first breaking the story and starting shift of COVID origin back to Wuhan Virology Lab 6/4/21

Could the content of these Van Laar tweets from early Sunday morning hinting Newsmax is now identifying Spy Talk as the source of the origin be the first attempt to discredit Van Laar?

As Van Laar states in her latest tweet, she returns to be interviewed day after tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/22). She’s scheduled to return to The Chris Salcedo Show which airs at 4PM CDT on Newsmax.

Those who’ve followed Van Laar’s writing, rest assured, she will set the record straight on that broadcast.

But here is the Newsmax article from Saturday night citing the wrong source, for reference.

Stay tuned on this developing story, and watch Van Laar on Tuesday.


UPDATED: Origin of COVID and Jennifer Van Laar Breaking Story Identifying Chinese Defector who Made Biden Administration Shift Focus to Wuhan Virology Lab — 11 Comments

  1. Will the FAKE NEWS MSM dare to question Xiden about what his masters have done ?
    Looks like mucho trouble brewing for the Alzheimer prez, and I’m LOVIN’ IT !

  2. Re Alzheimer prez. How reckless was the Democrat Party in allowing Joe Biden to remain in the primaries during 2020 when it was obvious he was showing symptoms of senility or dementia. A responsible party would have asked him to step aside. Now what? Biden continues to have trouble completing sentences. In Europe at an event, he was unsure were to go and his wife rushed in, grabbed him and guided him out.

    Biden chose a vp who dropped out of the presidential primaries before the Iowa Caucus in Jan 2020. She is as much of a doofus as is Biden. There were many Democrat politicians such as Governors, Senators and US Reps who would have been much more qualified for the VP position than Kamala Harris. You have to ask if Biden was racist when he stated well before he announced his VP pick that it would be a woman of color rather than saying he would pick a VP who is most qualified for that position REGARDLESS of gender, race or religion.

    Regarding Chinese spies –

    US Democrat Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, had a Chinese spy on her staff for 20 years.

    US Democrat Representative from California, Eric Swalwell, dated a Chinese spy.

    On the Chinese Virus –

    When China found out about the Virus escape from the Lab and their citizens infected, they tightly controlled travel within China BUT allowed infected Chinese to travel around the world and spread the Chinese Virus.

  3. Sounds like a fascinating read.

    What a sick world that people got censored, deplatformed, and demonetized for suggesting things like this not so long ago, and now you have mainstream organizations like CNN talking about it on air.

    By chance, have you read Revolver’s long piece on the FBI’s role in the 1/6 riot?

    I have not, but there is a lot of buzz going on about that article.

    Glenn Grenwald shared and recommended it.

    He didn’t endorse all of it, but he said its reporting was a lot better than what most liberal stations have given us.

    He recommended people read it and make up their own minds.

    If you want to know how wacky things are in 2021, Glenn Greenwald is labeled a fascist (by Democrats) and John Bolton is brought on networks like MSNBC (which are for Democrats).

    Upside down world is a real trip. . .

  4. Subterfuge. Still NOT telling you ANY truth. This FAKE disease does NOT exist no matter how many spies tell you the inside story. If you have failed to see the game of bait and switch, corruption, and outright indoctrination you will STILL try to pull up stories from the likes of “Newsmax” to justify your trauma bonding. STOP listening to the liars!

  5. Covid-19, the 99.8% survivable virus scare is the biggest hoax played on the world!

  6. Once again, what Andrew Bullock said in My Man Godfrey (1936) comes to mind.

  7. Deep State ….. Creep State

    How many Jews are running the show?

  8. Why don’t we wait and see what the facts indicate.

    It’s possible the origin may never be known for certain.

    I recall a certain Iraqi defector (“Curveball”) who tipped us off to weapons of mass destruction.

  9. Krypton? The Phoenician Navy runs everything. Have you not notice their Baphomet world enclosing on all?

  10. I’m guessing future historians will unravel the bizarre media’s 200 week straight hate bashing of Trump, compared to yesterday’s Sunday A.M. CBS, running a moment of silence graphic for the death of Biden’s 15 year old mutt.

  11. D J? It’s called speciesism. You are now worth much less than animals. Warned of this but the annihilation party is moving forward at breakneck speed.

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