Crystal Lake Chance to Give Views on County Rainbow Flag at Holiday Inn Tuesday at 1 O’Clock County Board Meeting

Commentee “Bred Winner” notes:

Rainbow flag flying last year at the County Administrative Building.

Citizens of McHenry County can comment to the McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole regarding the “flag” of many colors recently put up. Item 3 on their agenda is Public Comment.

They next meet on June 22 at 1 PM at the Holiday Inn of Crystal Lake.

Perhaps some Christian Citizens of this County can appear, comment and ask and/or demand that the Christian Flag be flown on flag poles of government buildings in McHenry County. Would guess that at least a simple majority of County Citizens profess to be Christians.


Crystal Lake Chance to Give Views on County Rainbow Flag at Holiday Inn Tuesday at 1 O’Clock County Board Meeting — 29 Comments

  1. That flag is a palpable disgrace. A flag representing private sexual antics of any kind — normal or abnormal. — does not need to be displayed on government locations.

    What’s wrong with the US flag.

    That lunatic pervert Dan Alyward, County Clerk, can take his dirty garbage elsewhere.

  2. Interesting.

    I wonder if the 500 people who showed up a number of years ago to protest “gay rowing” at the Park District will appear for this or it will be more like the cricketts at the Algonquin Village Board meeting last week.

  3. Politicians can never virtue signal enough even if it means the destruction
    of all that is wholesome and holy.

  4. I would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or start conflict among citizens so I think just the U.S. flag and the State flag should be flown.

  5. The gay rowing ‘controversy’ was the most embarrassing nationally covered moment in McHenry County history.

    There are obviously a few hateful embers, but they’ll be in assisted living or dead soon enough.

    Either that, or this meeting will conflict with Wheel of Fortune.

  6. I’m Sick and Tired of this Crap being thrown in our faces do we go around saying Hi

    I”m Straight…!

    NOOOOO we do not!

    same should go for all…

    Stop the madness already we have enough of S&G with the sickies who live in this state…

    we have to put up with naked people running down the gold coast etc….



    we should not even have to ask this!

    yet here we are put in this position because of STUPID!!

  7. I’m wondering why the pervert Because thinks his jabberings are somehow important, like him, they are faulty and perverted.

    But that’s what sexual deviants do. Get in your face with their degeneracy.

  8. The meeting started at 1.

    I left at 3:30 and Public Comment was sometime after that.

    I didn’t see anyone who seemed to want to comment, so I think you were correct.

  9. Many times the “Public Comment” part of the agenda is after a lot of other stuff to INTENTIONALLY wear out people who might be there.

    They give up and leave before the Public Comment part of the agenda.

    Needless to say, the public comment part of the agenda of county, township, city, suburb, etc meetings should be very early on the agenda.

  10. Maybe there just aren’t a lot of people who want to come out and speak about this
    -at a Holiday Inn
    -with less than 24 hours notice
    -at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday
    -after the resolution flying the pride flag was already passed unanimously
    -or to advocate the flying of a Christian flag on government property

  11. As is usual, Correcting needs correcting.

    The agenda for the June 22 Meeting at Holiday Inn was on the Meeting Portal at McHenry County Government website well before 24 hours before the meeting.

  12. Would be interesting how many times over days, weeks, months that Correcting needs to be corrected with facts and data.

  13. bred winner, I’m not sure what your point was either, and it would be interesting to see how many times per week you make no sense too.

    It has to be close to 100 percent.

    How many people people from the public spoke today?

  14. I was not talking about this being on the agenda more than 24 hours before the meeting, you dummy, I am aware of OMA laws, I was referring to Cal converting your comment into a post.

    I was referring to the timing of the call to action.

    The pride flag question was also on an agenda prior to a meeting, but there was no call to action…

  15. Gay, Straight, Black, white, purple, I could care less.

    The flag simply does not belong there anymore that a BLM flag, or a confederate flag.

    It just does not belong there.

  16. That’s right, I guess.

    I didn’t stay for the comment period, which was at the end of the meeting, sometime after 4 PM.

  17. Will anyone go to Alabama’s funeral?

    There won’t be a luncheon, just granola fruit bars and Pride cookies.

    I think Thomas Paine will have had more mourners.

  18. **Will anyone go to Alabama’s funeral?**

    You’ll just have to attend to find out!

  19. if the rainbow flag can be flown at government buildings, then why not a cross or the ten commandments?

  20. Alabama, I think not.

    First of all, I won’t be traveling to Haiti where many scum leftists like you fled after the Great Reset 2026-27.

    Second, I will have forgotten about losers like you while we rebuild the country.

    Third, you won’t be having a funeral anyway.

    4th, your body will have been consumed by Haitian cannibals, even if I could get into Haiti.

    5th, under a provision of the American First Act, all travel to and from Haiti will be severely restricted and basically limited to one way trips of deported Haitians and libtard do gooders.

    Foreign aid to Haiti will also have been cut off bythen, even by the Scandinavians, and a weird Papa Doclike regime headed by a Cannibal Emperor employing Voodoo rituals will have seized power returning the poor people there to thralldom as they had under Papa Doc and Baby Doc.

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