FL-13: Anna Luna’s First Public Appearance Since Hit Squad Story

Anna Paulina Luna with husband Andy Gamerzky

“Luna did good. She shared her story which unlike some other candidates she actually has a story to tell. She’s still new and not as strong or impactful as some of the other top speakers. But I’m happy she was given a platform.” – Friend of the Blog who attended Orlando event

After the story broke late last week of a Republican candidate’s plot to eliminate FL-13 2020 Republican nominee Anna Paulina Luna from the 2022 primary for the open Tampa-St. Petersburg area congressional seat, Luna returned at a public appearance in Orlando, speaking at the Retake the Majority conference, sponsored by the Faith & Freedom Coalition

One of several Friends of McHenry County Blog at the Orlando event which ran June 17-19, shared their candid and critical assessment of Luna’s 8-minute speech addressing Return to Majority conference and is quoted above.

Given U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis inspired the audience with inspirational speeches from the same stage, the comparison to the top speakers understandable.

That said, in just over 8 minutes, one can easily see how a woman of faith, chose the calling to pursue elected public office in Congress over the traditional career path of going to medical school after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Biology a few years back, to do what she believes she’s called to do from a Higher Power.

FOX Nation livestreamed the conference, which Luna’s campaign sourced for the 8-minute video of her entire speech, delivered Saturday afternoon.

More information about Luna’s FL-13 2022 campaign can be found at her campaign website here.


FL-13: Anna Luna’s First Public Appearance Since Hit Squad Story — 3 Comments

  1. Isn’t Charlie Crist running for governor instead of congress?

    I thought he was pretty popular in Florida, so maybe with him not running for congress again Luna will have a better chance?

    It means she wouldn’t have to run against an incumbent who is one of the more moderate Democrats.

    I imagine whoever the Democrat is, they will be weaker than Charlie Christ.

    Not sure how redistricting will play into it — that may or may not help her.

    It was 53-47 last time.

    I don’t know if I’d bet on her, just saying she should have a better chance than last time.

    She should have a more well funded campaign and name recognition too.

  2. Crist definitely running for governor leaving open seat in FL-13. Unlike FL-10, where Val Demings running for U.S. senator against Rubio, FL-13 much more purple then blue like Deming’s.

    Luna has quite a story, which was why her win in last year’s primary over establishment favorite Amanda Makki and 2018 nominee Ken Buck quite impressive.

    Luna’s definitely the favorite going into the primary, and Republicans control the redistricting in Florida.

    Pinellas County, some see, as the most mainstream county in the country, so will be an interesting race.

  3. She sounds good.

    GOP elite suck as bad as Demoncrats.

    Get them OUT!

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