Message of the Day – A Sign

Here’s one a Friend of McHenry County Blog saw on the way to work from Johnsburg to Wilmot, Wisconsin:

“We The People Are Pissed Off. Wake Up America.”


Message of the Day – A Sign — 16 Comments

  1. A worldwide group of people have been using that particular phrase for a year and a half now. We ARE the pissed off. We are NOT brainwashed nor falling for ANY of the lies. It’s about time someone else recognizes this core group of truth-tellers. Kudos for getting on board.

  2. Anger is hardly a good frame of mind for decisions or actions.

    Deutschland erwache !

  3. Yes, anger is a powerful motivator, but all too often for wrongdoing.

    Just look at January 6th.

  4. Innocent chimp, quit having nightmares about Jan 6. Get Ready for the Big One.

  5. Trump will live forever in his head rent free – and I’m LOVIN’ IT !

  6. I want one.

    I agree that anger isn’t a good frame of mind for decisions or actions but pissed off is closer to fed up than anger.

    Anger is the summer of riots.

    Some would say systemic riots.

  7. MsTrumpion & HonestAbe1

    I don’t have nightmares about it, rather disgust and revulsion.

    Can you explain to me what manner of “patriot” violently assaults the Capitol and those protecting it ?

    And as for getting over it, would you say the same to the families of the officers killed and injured on January 6th ?

    What would you say to them ?

    Or perhaps I should simply say, get over the last presidential election.

  8. Innocent Primate? LOL What a goofball question. You do understand that was all a false flag. ALL created and executed by CIA and FBI, right? That Ashley Babbit person does not exist like you were told. She was intelligence and was NOT killed. It doesn’t take much to fool you, does it? LOL

  9. Innocent, quit lying.

    The only cop death was natural causes.

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