Big Brother Beginning to Scope License Plates to Discover If You Have Car Insurance

From The Center Square:

Illinois to begin random electronic checks for uninsured motorists on July 1

  • By Zeta Cross | The Center Square contributor

(The Center Square) – Beginning July 1, Illinois will start using automatic electronic checks to detect drivers without auto insurance.

Twice a year, Illinois motorists will be subject to random checks.

Currently, an estimated 15 to 18 percent of Illinois’ 8.5 million motorists are driving without auto insurance. {Emphasis added.]

Kevin Martin, executive director of the Illinois Insurance Association, said uninsured motorists are a problem that Illinois has been wrestling with for years.

“There was all sorts of legislation that has been introduced over the years and none of it seemed to work,” Martin said.

Several years ago, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and the IIA determined that eight other states were successful in getting a higher percentage of motorists insured when they used random electronic checks to identify uninsured drivers.

“It worked. They were able to cross check individuals and find out who was uninsured. They were able to do it in a very efficient manner. And that is what we are looking for here,” Martin said.

The vast majority of drivers with insurance won’t notice.

Their auto insurance will be verified electronically and no one will bother them.

However, if the random check shows that a driver is not insured, the driver will get a letter from the Secretary of State’s Office, giving them a certain amount of time to prove that they have an active auto insurance policy in place, or to buy one.

If they do not comply, they will face having their license plates suspended and they will be hit with a $100 fee to have their plates reinstated.

Illinois expects that the new program will result in a 4 or 5 percent increase – or even more – in the number of drivers who have insurance.

“That’s a lot of drivers that we are talking about,” Martin says.

The Illinois program was designed in conjunction with the Illinois’ Uninsured Motorist Verification Advisory Committee, which is chaired by Secretary of State Jesse White. The IUMVAC members included representatives from the General Assembly, officials from insurance companies and traffic safety advocates.

The Illinois program is in compliance with national standards established by the Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration.

Motorists who get a letter asking them to confirm that they have auto insurance should not contact or visit an Illinois Driver Services office. They should contact an insurance company or an insurance agent and give them the specific reference number – referenced in the letter of notification – that the Secretary of State has assigned to their case.

The insurance agent will then be responsible to confirm electronically with the Secretary of State – through State of Illinois Insurance Verification System – that the vehicle owner does in fact have automobile insurance on the verification date stated in the letter, or provide the Secretary of State’s office with proof that the driver has since purchased auto insurance.

= = = = =

Three states, including California and Arizona, have plates that can be accessed electronically.

It has been surmised that this change is intended to allow state taxmen to be able to figure out how many miles a vehicle is driven, which would be necessary if taxes were switched from ones on motor fuel to mileage.


Big Brother Beginning to Scope License Plates to Discover If You Have Car Insurance — 25 Comments

  1. Let me know the process when they discover its an illegal alien they’ve snared.

    Probably a provision for the Insurance Agent to buy the Insurance for them.

    NO ILLEGAL, and there are plenty “up here” have Auto Insurance—ask any cop, sheriff, jailer, prosecutor.

    Just another way to invade our privacy.

    Whats next electronic chips and the mileage tax?

    Thank a Democrat.

  2. A great way to get a client list for the people who “moonlight” as insurance agents that work in the democRAT controlled Sec. Of State’s office. Jes’ say’n.

  3. Scanning for car insurance is a ruse used to get people to accept
    this Big Brother spying technology.

    Then comes wants and warrants for
    anything and everything you can imagine such as expired drivers license, unpaid traffic/parking tickets/
    child support as well as TRACKING your vehicle’s movements.

    As you can imagine the list is almost endless.

    The bottom line is that this is nothing less than another tool used by government to
    generate revenue collection.

    LEO’s have become the revenue collection agents of the government.

  4. It seems to me that what they’re simply doing is crashing two databases together, the insured enrollees from the member rolls of the IIA, and Secretary of State’s records.

    This will snag more people than traffic stops would.

    Don’t see an issue, as a requirement for a license or plates is to have insurance, so…..

    This is one of those truly genuine times when people DO need to “pay their fair share”.

  5. Back in the early aughts under President Dubbaya, Social Security and other entities crashed a bunch of existing databases together, and generated tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands of warnings of false SS #’s to reporting employers.

    We lost a few employees that day. 😬

    But what’s right is right.

    I doubt few here had criticized that effort?


  6. They should also start crashing voter rolls against each other too.

    All too often, we don’t need new laws, we just need the ones we already have enforced.


  7. Knew a cop who told me the cops like to play “Licence Plate Bingo”, where they’d type the LP of the car in front of them into their onboard laptop—and if something came back, voila, BINGO find a reason to pull them over or just be aware.

    Many times if it was an outstanding warrant, it might be someone “associated” with the car, not the person driving it at the moment.

    This takes LP BINGO to a whole new level–it will start with Insurance checks and go from there.

    Just how it is now that Dems make the rules in this State.

    CCW holders be aware too, you come up as a gun holder, or the car LP does if you or spouse or cowner has a CCW today under the BINGO rules.

    Imagine the creativity the State can have on this whole thing.

  8. Right, so they’re actively scanning and running now anyway, so….

    Regardless of your transponder, the tollway scans all plates and soon the ISP or Chicago on the Kennedy, if not already.

    They probably have enough data on me for a few felonies, and fines sufficient to buy a Golden Corral for Pritzger.

    🤷‍♂️ Whattayagonnado?


  9. Speaking of tollway transponders, would seem to be easy to write some software code to check on speeders, then start issuing tickets. Tickets would have the documentation. Tollway section, date, times recorded between tolling points, average speed between tolling points. Too many moron drivers going 85 and faster.

  10. Bred – That would put the Smokies out of business, besides they are plenty busy
    with xway shootings and accidents as it is.

    BTW – That capability already exists.

  11. Kati is right.

    This is a sneaky way to funnel money into Antifa insurance rackets like Progressive.

    Sorry Flo, you’re a tranny and you blow!

  12. I don’t have an issue with this.

    You have a valid DL and a vehicle, you best be insured.

    If your illegal with no DL and no insurance, you should be deported the next day.

    And beaten with a nightstick

  13. I like this very much. If you are driving, you need insurance.

    Commenters here are so ignorant and rude.

    This is an important public safety issue.

  14. Once again folks, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

  15. Ever been in an accident with someone who didn’t have insurance?

    I have!

    A woman slammed into my car with her pickup truck, doing 50 mph and left my daughter severely disabled.

    She got a slap on the hand though.

    The cops told me they would have charged her with manslaughter if my daughter died.

    Thank God I had uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage.

  16. Why don’t we just deport all illegal aliens, starting with illegal alien criminals?

    Why are they exempt from everything?

  17. Dianne is somewhat dim.

    If you have auto insurance, you automatically have uninsured/underinsured coverage.

    Mellow Monk is first class chump.

    Like a fly caught in a web, doesn’t realize what’s coming.

    Sure, it all sounds good at first.

    But then ……..

  18. $100 fine and suspended license?

    Boots on the damn car.

    These people care little for rule of law.

  19. If you knew how much uninsured motorists cost those who are compliant with having insurance you might appreciate the effort to identify vehicles that are uninsured.

    The added cost is enormous and equally effects all carriers’ prices.

    Same applies to those with insurance who attempt to defraud insurers–another massive number.

    If LP Bingo gets a ‘miss’ on me, I’ll be none the wiser.

    I don’t play chicken with auto insurance, but I’m paying more because 8.5 million people are.

  20. Duncan, uninsured motorist coverage is compulsory and itemized separately on your bill.

    Multiply a conservative estimate of $30 per insured vehicle by the number of insured vehicles on IL roads
    and you’ll get a basic sense of the cost.

    Insurers are regulated and do not profit from uninsured motorist insurance.

    The cost to insurers alone does not account for the full cost of loss of use, appraisals mismatched with personal value, extra medical costs, and so on.

  21. Eminclake, wouldn’t a better proposal be to deport all the illegals?

  22. Plenty of legal U.S. citizens driving around without insurance.

    It’s more an economics thing than citizenship, made worse if they have a bad driving history or if they’ve never had insurance.

  23. Eminclake,

    If you knew how much illegal aliens cost those who are citizens here (crimes, prisons,schools, traffic jams, healthcare, standard of living declines, illegal voting, etc., etc., you might appreciate the effort to deport them.

    A high % of the non insured are indeed illegal invaders, but this non-insured cost, including non-insured citizens, is rather insignificant when compared to the terrific costs adumbrated above.

    You’re thinking of several million. I’m talking about tens of billions. Especially over the long haul.

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