22-Year Algonquin Village Trustee Jim Steigert Announces Retirement

From the Village of Algonquin:

Trustee Jim Steigert Announces Retirement

Steigert Will Vacate Trustee Position on June 30

ALGONQUIN, IL – Trustee Jim Steigert has announced his intention to retire at the end of June.  Steigert has served on the Algonquin Village Board for the past 22 years, first being elected in 1999. 

Jim Steigert, 2016.

Prior to his role as Village Trustee, Steigert served on the Village of Algonquin’s Economic Development Commission for seven years.

In addition to his service with the Village, Steigert also served on the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation Board, McHenry County Council of Governments Transportation Committee, Communities Against Gangs, the Algonquin Coalition of Community Organizations, and the Algonquin/Lake in the Hills Rotary Club.

Steigert served on the Village Board during a significant period of growth in Algonquin, including commercial development along Randall Road, construction of a new public works facility and water treatment plant, development of several park sites, and the recent redevelopment of Old Town Algonquin. 

His professional background as a design professional helped Algonquin maintain high quality architecture in its new developments.

“Managing our community growth to be balanced and high quality over the years has put Algonquin in a sustainable financial position while keeping the Village portion of property taxes low for our residents,” stated Village Trustee Jim Steigert. 

“The redevelopment of Old Town Algonquin and all of the new businesses and activity is the cherry on top of what will make Algonquin a top-notch community for generations to come.”

Jim Steigert sign in 2007.

For the 22 years Steigert served as Village Trustee, the Village Board adopted a balanced budget each year, maintained a flat property tax rate for residents, and also achieved a AAA bond rating, which is the highest rating possible.

Another notable impact Steigert had on the community was his service to the Algonquin/Lake in the Hills Interfaith Food Pantry, where he provided space planning, architectural design, and construction oversight services on a gratis basis for the organization’s new facility at 1113 Pyott Road in Lake in the Hills.

“Jim has been a steady hand on our Village Board whose vision and leadership will be missed,” stated Village President Debby Sosine.  “We have been very fortunate to have Jim serve Algonquin in so many ways and wish him the best on his very well-deserved retirement.”

Village President Debby Sosine plans to announce a candidate to fill the remainder of Steigert’s term at a future meeting.


22-Year Algonquin Village Trustee Jim Steigert Announces Retirement — 9 Comments

  1. From my article on June 4th concerning President Sosine’s previous village trustee appointment would be Brian Dianis:

    “Under Algonquin’s unique Village Ordinance for Trustee vacancies, President Sosine…to wait 30 days before submitting her appointment to the Village Board for advice and consent of the seated trustees.

    “In addition to the 30-day rule for trustee vacancies, Sosine had to make her appointment known to trustees (but not the public) at least 15 days prior to the advice and consent vote…The 15-day rule is for all village president appointments in Algonquin.”

    With outgoing Trustee Steigert’s resignation effective after June 30, the earliest Tuesday night Board meeting (regular or special) Sosine can bring her appointment for advice & consent of trustees is August 3.

    Using Aug 3 as her target date for appointing Steigert’s replacement, she would have to notify the trustees of her appointment no later than July 19.

  2. Goodbye Jim.

    Why did you support Illinois as a sanctuary state?

  3. Jim, you didn’t do a damned thing of any real importance.

    I defy anybody to prove me wrong.

  4. Mr. X, I guess the voters proved you wrong, voting to reelect Jim 5 times after initial 1999 election.

  5. She might be the reason he is leaving?

    Probably still smarting that he wasn’t the interim President.

  6. Mr. Lopez, were all those elections even contested?

    And furthermore, so what if he got elected 5 x?

    The question asked by ‘X’ is did this pol do a “damned thing of any real importance.”?

    I know nothing of the man, maybe he was great.

    But getting elected a number of times tells me nothing.

    Madigan was elected Speaker well over a dozen times, and elected a state rep more than double that.

    But what did Madigan do that was any good?

  7. Will now replace Mr. Peanut as Planters Spokesperson, after refusing to grow mustache for Parker Brothers, to play Monopoly mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags.

  8. Madigan was elected Speaker 18 times.

    Elected state rep 26 times

    What was Steigert’s crowning achievement?

    How about anything which benefitted the taxpayer?

    I don’t live there, so I don’t know.

  9. To all of the Negative comments, Just shows your true colors and who you all really are as people in general and so glad I know none of you.

    Calling a Person like Mr. Steigert names cause of the way he looks?> Seriously?

    so childish.

    I also DO NOT Live there BUT have family members that do, and what he has done to improve property taxes to keep them low, is an achievement in itself.

    He also was involved in the design , planning and develop of the overpass there, which helped ease the flow of traffic on and around US 34, which was a complete mess for a long time.

    He was also involved in the design of the Large Shopping mall, The Commons, on Randall Road as well.

    If ANY of you think that YOU personally can do better, then step up or shut up!

    But being a child, with a child mentality and stomping your little feet and calling a person names and attacking him for things you personally know nothing about, or even Live in the area is beyond under educated and stupid.

    If you have nothing nice to say about anyone, maybe best to just be quiet.

    You might learn a thing or two in the process.

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