County Board Goal Setting Transparent Only If One Attended in Person

Or, in part, if one reads this article.

Tuesday afternoon from 1 until after 4, the McHenry County Board met at the Holiday Inn.

McHenry County Board meeting on goals at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake.

The meeting was not live-streamed or recorded.

The topic was development of a new Strategic Plan.

I had to leave early and asked the Freedom of Information Officer if he could send me what resulted from the breakout sessions.

He told me the information was exempt because the documents were “drafts” and we both knew that drafts are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

So, I stuck around while four tables of County Board members developed consensus on five short-term and five long-term goals.

The four groups were separated.

Here’s the first group to complete the task.

Jeff Schwartz, John Jung, John Collins, plus, Jeff Thorsen, (not shown).

Their goals are below:

At the other edge of the room was this group:

Carolyn Schofield, Tom Wilbeck, Carlos Acosta, Joe Gottemoller and Paula Yensen were grouped together.

The goals they advanced are below:

The third group is below:

Mike Vijuk, Kay Bates, Jim Kearns, Mike Buehler, Mike Skala and Larry Smith.

Their list of goals follows:

The final table had the following members:

Bob Nowak, Lori Parrish, Pam Althoff, Theresa Meshes, Tanya Gindrich, Jessica Phillips and Steve Doherty.

The goals these seven agreed upon follows:

Why this information should be top secret, hush-hush for those not in attendance is beyond me.


County Board Goal Setting Transparent Only If One Attended in Person — 37 Comments

  1. Dry eraser boards, really?

    How many of those “goals” are set in “originating documentation”, the casuation?

    “Conduct study how to attract younger population to the county”?

    By giving them a challenge, a purpose, a training, an opportunity at self-employment.

    Help them moonlight at their own garage shop, help them to network and pool their talents, their resources.

    I COULD write a piece explaining all the skills I learned on my own, all the opportunities I see to build a business on a shoe-string, all the products I am able to create with 3D priting, all the blueprints I could give to local machine-shops to connect those 3D printed pieces with metal – to the local mold-shops to mass-produce them.

    I do not have the time to do it all, by myself.

    If we had our Civil Disobedience Network you know who would be sweating over those dry eraser boards?

    The City Council.

    Because we would be able to tell them: “Make it happen, or resign.”

    What a difference, hm?

  2. What a waste of time and our tax dollars.

    I can’t believe that they would not of had room to do this at the county building.

    The country board is getting as useless as the clown show in Springfield.

  3. I see a new word, dimensia on the first board.

    That is pretty funny

  4. Why is Acosta there and not in jail?

    . Vujik can visit him there until he becomes Acosta’s cell mate.

  5. With Joe ‘Blow’ Gottemoller there, they were sure to get nothing done and posture for the NWH.

  6. Total waste of time. Useless people. They have no power to do anything but what they are TOLD to increase the agenda. Not a lick of common sense in the barrel. Worthless puppet pretending to be important.

  7. How can they get away with this?

    Thanks Cal, for spotlighting this violation of the open meetings act.


  8. Long Time Resident – this is also part of the civil disobedience network I am proposing… people volunteer in the area where they have a track record of performance. Cal created and managing this blog, and he pays attention to a lot of stuff most of us are not aware of…

    The civil disobedience network is going to grow as we realize we cannot afford to have “inefficient” people in position, and positions vacant. Personal attacks are a distraction, they are not contributing anything. But
    observations like you made – “How can they get away with this?”.

    There are so many of these observations – more and more people making the observation that “every liberal politician has a law degree”. Well, you see the results. They drive in our blind spot, and there are so few of us to notice it! When you ask hey have the reply ready – “To get invited you have to do this and that”. They created “This” and “That”, and they not exactly advertise it.

    I write this with the postscript that I am a tech expert, I am not a civic expert. But I listen very carefully to civic experts.

    I wish this was reciprocated.

  9. The Total of the County Board needs to be Replaced all of them at the same time….
    what a bunch of liberals..democrats and Rinos…..or to politely put it, they are a bunch of self serving ego maniacs ………….

  10. Why don’t the people who are complaining here run for the Board next year?

    All of the seats will be up due to redistricting, which won’t happen again for 10 years.


  11. What is this, Buehler?

    You’re turning the county board into some weird school project looking thing.

    Did they have to pay to rent this space when they could have just met at the county building?

    Were they served coffee and donuts?

    Fresh fruit?!?

    Some finger sandwiches?!?!?


    People WILL find out the truth!

    Did Jack Franks ever haul the county board to some hotel to brainstorm with magic markers like a bunch of third graders?

    What is Buehler doing?


    Pretty soon he’ll be having yoga retreats, going to saunas, and getting a manicure with his colleagues.

    They’ll be served tea and crumpets in a quaint New England style bed and breakfast?

    They’ll be having brunch at some bakery eating baguettes and paninis on the working man’s dime!?

    I can see it now!

    Golf trips with cigars imported from Belgium?!

    Is this Mike’s McHenry County?

    Carbon neutrality?

    This is what Buehler wants?

    The Green New Deal? Carbon neutrality and homoflags flying on government property?

    A big Amazon warehouse and a Sumatran bean cafe?

    46 microbreweries where you can buy a pint of beer for $11.50?

    This is what the GOP stands for now?

    What a bunch of cucks.

  12. Correcting – “Only the Truth needs protection, facts take care of themselves.” Find us the facts, please. If you are looking for the truth the only thing you find is deception.

    When you find the facts – what are you going to do with them?

  13. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    I agree that Jung is a creep, but why single him out?

  14. Buehler’s gay flag advocacy leaves me cold.
    This simp must go.

    The violation is the inability of the Board to turn over documentation ( on eraser boards that are erased) used in the presentation of formal governmental mtgs.

  15. John Jung is a really sad man. He cries a lot, but not because of his Sweet Onion career.

    Because he has zero to show for himself for all these years.

    His wife tells him how to vote. And he obeys.

  16. I usually just try to vote the worst people out of office.

    Sometimes I might write a letter to the editor, sometimes I might volunteer for a better person’s campaign.

  17. America just voted Broccoli as it’s favorite vegetable.

    I voted for this Board.

  18. Sandor Kunyik, what are your proposed solutions?

    In Woodstock, there has been no contributory development because property tax rates have ranged 3%-5% for over a decade. (P-tax rates in America ~1%, Chicago~2%).

    TIF has protected property values within its own footprint while crushing property values outside.

    Attracting ‘Young residents’ may appeal to politicians because young people don’t grasp the longterm economic effect of their incomes being drained by aberrant high tax rates, and their home values being crushed over 30 years as property tax rate capitalization takes its annual toll.

    The means to their purported end has long been available to local politicians and they have steadfastly rejected these obvious solutions:

    Lower levies to lower p-tax rates, and stop TIF/cronyism which benefit a narrow few insiders at the expense of the wider community.

  19. Suzanne, you are preaching to the choir.

    Last year one of the West Dundee city officials visited our GOP meeting, who started by admitting that she is a Social Justice Warrior. She introduced her goal to raise property taxes to help the human filth (alcoholics, drug addicts, career criminals) overflowing from Cook County. Sure enough, West Dundee “voted” for it.

    You may get the VIDEO of this whole episode, her SJW sales-pitch from the Kane County GOP, someone videtaping every meeting.

    What am I going to do about it?

    First, I am not a civic expert, I am a technology expert. I can give you the technology platform which YOU can afford to build and own. I can give you a million reason to leave Big Tech for THIS subject. You can still use Big Tech for business and for fun, but you MUST create your own network for politics, for civics, for basic education, for all the concerns which are VITAL TO YOU.

    If you get that video from the Kane County GOP I am going to upload it to.. no, not YouTube – to your own video steaming service. You can send the link to people to visit and watch it. Unless of course this particular video comes with strings attached (CENSORED).

    I am just one guy, but I have skills only 1 in every 100,000 thousand conservative citizens have. I rather spend my time using those skills, instead of trying to convince people what they should and should not do.

    I am not an organizer, a salesman, a people person. I am a geek and a nerd, I have unclouded judgement but no patience, no political skills.

    So, what do YOU need me to do which would agree with all this?

  20. Would you ask Cal to give you my email, and contact me? If you wish.

    If we want to survive the opportunistic incursions by unscrupulous political industry, we might find it helpful using their own devices (although we must insist on staying within bounds of law and morality).

    Two possibilities:

    I think crypto/blockchain offer tools to ‘escape Illinois’ while within Illinois. Charter cities which issue their own cryptocurrency provide a way to reward success of their city charter caused by ‘good actor’ citizens of the city; like rewards points on a credit card.

    Another self- defense mechanism would be to create large municipalities within the State, shaped by libertarian principles. Keystone feature would be TIF-FOR-ALL. This means the entirety of the new Village would be declared blighted, assessments frozen for 23 years, and all incremental ptax payments returned to property owners to cure their own blight.

  21. Suzan, nobody needs to give me your email address. If you click on my name it is going to take you to the directory wiki of the civil disobedience grassroots. Its up to you to send me an email. I use PGP encryption, we can exchange keys.

    I agree with a lot of what you say. I just reserved, as I see owner-operated networks, barter, and smart contract blockchain as a match made in Heaven or Hell – it depends on your purpose for it. Just like these software tools, they were created by Liberals as they have the most programmers – but I can use them against them.

    It has to be legal and ethical, and in my plans the civil disobedience network is never going to endorse any entity, or allow endorsement from any entity – it may not be corrupted by special interest. The network does not build and maintain anything – participants do – so we have no “cashflow”. Legal and ethical is an absolute status within the network.

    We can continue this conversation on my network or better yet, on your own network.

  22. Ask Cal for my email if you would like to communicate with me.

    My belief is that in order to survive Illinois, people who are not within-or-corruptly-connected-to the political industry must use the same tools used by those bad guys (although nobody said those tools had to be used for self-dealing corrupt cronyism, and there is really no reason to do so unless the users are unapologetic predators on their own communities). (We are not predators. We want to live happy productive lives without being exploited, extorted, and threatened with economic extinction).

    Two ways that Illinois could survive Chicago:

    1. Cryptocurrency offers a mechanism to reward ‘good actor’ participants in Charter Cities. Much like loyalty rewards on credit cards and other businesses, success through patronage is rewarded….
    and with crypto utility token economics, ALL are rewarded who participate (making for the successful endeavor), not just a few insider friends of the regime. Charter cities are happening in Senegal and Nevada. They are allowed to create their own laws and economics of social service provision such as schools, police, judicial review, fire&rescue.

    2.Another survive-Illinois tactic would be to create large municipalities within the State, with Village charters shaped by libertarian principles.
    (There are vast acreage of unincorporated overtaxed property in Illinois. And municipalities get a share of State tax revenues, based upon population. Whatever $$ would go to Newville IL would be taken from the bad actors who are enjoying that funding today.)
    Keystone feature would be TIF-FOR-ALL. This means the entirety of the new Village would be declared blighted, assessments frozen for 23 years, and all incremental p-tax payments returned to property owners to cure their own blight.
    After a few years of property tax RATES rising for those who are commonly practicing this TIF tactic to exploit others for their own narrow benefit, the new Village may be ‘allowed’ by ISBE to create new school districts using sound economic and pedagogic practices (funded from within Village).

  23. I just now saw my f\irst post, and your answer, go up.

    Disregard my second redundant comment (I thought my first had failed to register).

  24. I sent Cal an email.

    I have no idea how this would work on your end, I do not understand half of it.

    On my end it would work by qualifying individuals, who are able to master 2D CAD and 3D modeling, willing to invest into small 3D printers, desktop routers and other machinery. On the other hand I would qualify warehouses, machine shops, mold shops, punch press operators and other small (1 building only!) local manufacturers. The smart contracts would match the qualified employers with qualified workforce. The rest of the details I keep for myself.

    It should be a good illustration on how a generic network maybe purposed to all sorts of missions.

  25. The County Board needs to be disbanded.

    Buehler is such a disappointment.

    We really need to rinse him and the rest of the Rinos out.

    Armed folks are citizens, unarmed folks are subjects. True a thousand years ago, still true today, will be true in the year 3021.

    But our GOP toads on the County Board will not pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary County ordinance.

    Too Bad Wheeler died he was one of the few good County Board members.

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