CORRECTED UPDATE: GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Darren Bailey Visits GOP Golf Outing in Algonquin

The golf outing initiated by Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Orville Brettman morphed into one sponsored by the McHenry County Republican Party Saturday.

Rain stopped in time for shotgun start with golf carts leaving for their respective holes.

“Gentlemen, start your engines.”

And, after getting home sometime after thre (when there was some rain), I noticed that the tornado threat issued by the Weather Bureau ended at the southern edge of the Golf Course of Illinois.

Darren Bailey and Orville Brettman as Brettman begins to squire him around the Golf Course of Illinois. Brett Corrigan, Jacobs High School student interning with the Bailey campaign for the summer stands on the back of the golf cart.

Highlight of the day was a visit of about an hour by State Senator Darren Bailey, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor.

Before Bailey began his rolling meet and greet, he posed for pictures.

The first was with Julie Dahlen, who was active in the open the schools movement in Algonquin.

Darren Bailey, his wife Cindy and Julie Dahlen after opening the present Bailey is holding.

She crafted a wooden representation of Bailey’s logo,

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio and Brettman also wanted a posed picture.

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio holding a postcard saying, “Fire Pritzker, Darren Bailey Governor,” Darren Bailey, his wife and Orville Brettman.

Bailey left the event hearing to the Rock Island County Lincoln Day Dinner, where he was scheduled to speak.

When I arrived, I saw Annie Brettman wearing the tee shirt you see below:

The tee shirt worn by Annie Brettman reads, ” Republican Party 1st Annual Golf Outing, 2021.”

I found the “1st Annual” of interest because as far back as I was in McHenry County politics (starting in 1966), there was a golf outing at the McHenry Country Club. In 1994, Turnberry was added as a second venue. The most recent golf outing occurred the last year that Mike Tryon was GOP Chairman

= = = = =

CORRECTION: A reader has informed me that this was the first Grafton Township Golf Outing. Around the righthand side of the circle on the tee shirt are the words “Grafton Township”–too small for me to read in my photo.

= = = = =

There were sponsorship signs for each hole.

Sponsorship signs.

This one from McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler greeted me as I drove into the parking lot.

Mike Buehler parking lot sponsorship sign.

Bobby Piton, running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate was in attendance.

Bobby Piton and Orville Brettman.

Piton is math whiz who has been analyzing voting irregularities in various states.

Among those attending I could identify were Robert Hanlon, Mike Buehler and Joe Tirio.

Rob Hanlon, Mike Buehler and Joe Tirio


CORRECTED UPDATE: GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Darren Bailey Visits GOP Golf Outing in Algonquin — 25 Comments

  1. Hanlon, lawyer to the Republican party losers.

    Amazing, he looses all but one minor ruling and y’ll think he walks on water.

  2. Nob (alias Bob Miller, criminal township ex boss)

    It’s time to ‘get a life.’

    Did Buehler affix a homosexual flag on his cart like the one he forced on the county bldg flagpole for ‘imaginary pride’?

    Did the transvestite GOP Clerk, Aylweird, attend the outing, and if so, did he use the ladies tee?

  3. Wylie, after telling Nob to get a life, then spends time obsessing with things unrelated to the post.

  4. Bobby Piton is running to unseat Tammy Duckworth!! Again, no Lauf. She thinks she’s got it all sewn up. And if she’s right, then establishment is behind her and that’s a big ‘no thanks’ from us.

    Good to see Bailey realizes he needs McHenry County. (nice gift from the girl)

    Wylie, while I don’t agree with Dan Aylward’s lifestyle choices, it’s not cool to bully. Don’t vote for him, fine, but stop with the obsession.

    Your energy would be better used writing a letter to the editor and each county board member regarding your distain for the stolen rainbow flying at the county building that represents a lifestyle we don’t agree with! You can email them. Copy and paste. I AGREE WITH YOU but make your convictions be productive.

  5. Whether it’s governor or US Senate, running a campaign in 102 counties is expensive and challenging obviously.

    What makes Piton and Bailey think they’re going to win?


  6. And I should vote for Bailey, why?

    What’s the point of elections that are rigged.

    That’s so over lanebrains.

  7. If it is rigged, whom do you predict will win the GOP gubernatorial race?

  8. Who says the primaries are rigged…… the Dems could care less, although I grant you they may have rigged the Oberweis Lauf Gradel primary to insure a weaker Candy-date wins.

    The real rigging is the general election as the AZ forensic investigation proves.

  9. Greg H., who’s the real bully forcing his degeneracy down our throats to the ooooohs and ahhhhhhhhs of the local political elites and media whores?

    Go preach in Boystown.

  10. Well, considering it is Wylie (and his friends on this blog) that want to make EVERY post about queer folks, it sure does seem like it is Wylie & Friends™️ trying to bully their way to force their views on folks.


  11. Alabama you’re the biggest bully in the County (after Jack Franks).

    Defend your LGBTQVv perverts at the ‘party house.’

  12. Why that’s a beautiful campaign plaque for Bailey.

    How does he overcome all the crookedness of Cook County?

    St. Claire Co?

    Champaign Co?


  13. in any event it couldn’t be Grafton’s First Annual, this would be the First or Inaugural Golf Outing and next year would be the First Annual. glad the weather was good

    If Mr. Bailey doesn’t get the nomination will you all be telling Republicans to vote for the Libertarian rather than the Party Nominee like was done last time and then bitch when you elected a Democratic Governor because you couldn’t support Rauner?

    Isn’t it “better the Devil you know?”

    But you couldn’t support him because he wasn’t 100% your way.

    And that’s why we can’t have nice things.

    Well they should govern for everyone not just their ideological clones.

    p.s. Cal what is Mrs. Bailey’s wife’s name please and thank you.

    Gavin Grimm

  14. Chapman, No.

    Libertarians are all about CRT, abortion, open borders and LGB crap.

    They are not the solution.

  15. But the GOP isn’t either.

    I will never go to another Lincoln Dinner again.

    Mark Justen was no conservative either.

  16. Greg Halvorsen – Bobby Piton was running for GOP Chair in Kane county, then Illinois Governor, now he is running for another office. I am worried about his apparent lack of focus.

    He was my first hope to validate the owner-operated network model, introduce the concept, start a peer review.

    In my opinion any candidate who does not have at least a half-baked strategy to balance the anarchists, the communist deception campaigns (BLM, ANTIFA, AOC, Climate Change, COVID, Jan 9, the list is endless) is not worth our time and dime. Limiting MSM by popularizing local, citizen-journalist sources such as this blog, and limiting Big Tech by popularizing owner-operated, federated networks such as YunoHost and Hubzilla is absolutely essential from a candidate in 2022. If all you have is a Facebook page, a Telegram announcement forum, and gmail – you are an absolute dinosaurs and you are a slave to Big tech.

    Leading by example is always a must. We have so many things gone wrong on a fundamental level – the National Guard, which supposed to be our Constitutional State Militia, is yanked around by Congress and by Governors as a rag doll. They are not protecting anything but anyone but a few thousand political hacks in DC. What kinda Militia is that, forced to protect those who are committing the crime?

    Bobby Piton is losing focus, I stopped reading what he posts to his Facebook page. He must come around quick, and must start making sense ASAP.

  17. Deceptive local journalists maybe fully discredited, and quickly. On the national level doing the same is simply impossible. First, there are too many of them, second they are much less transparent – they are masters of playing both sides against the center – most of the Fox News lineup, for example.

    Social Media built on top of federated networks is what ANTIFA is using. For all practical purposes they are invisible to all observers – that includes military intelligence. The general population does not even know these technologies exist. When was the last time you watched, read, listened to anyone talking about the clandestine network used by BLM and ANTIFA? You read what these same entities want you to believe – they are on Twitter, stop looking for them.

    There is not a single Bill you can possibly pass to balance this. They are using the Bill of Rights to destroy the Bill of Rights. So, where are the political candidates who advocate citizen journalism with the capacity to bring this to light?

    They have the best winning strategy I have ever seen: to make you focus on things you cannot possibly affect, and make you pass all your opportunities over things under your control. The reality is, the efforts of these people could be decimated by forcing them to try and control citizen journalist in 19,500 hometowns. Instead, they are decimating all opposition by making the 19,500 hometowns focus on issues which are outside of their sphere of influence.

    Now imagine a citizen journalist network where you cannot read what it being discussed – just like the networks of BLM and ANTIFA. They are hidden in plain sight, where you must build your own network to gain access. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are not selling subscriptions to those networks, and they are not advertising the fact that those networks exist.

    I know this, maybe a few reading know this, but by all account there are too few. Otherwise we would be building our networks which are able to monitor and balance theirs.

  18. People need to learn and remember some basic stuff, for life. These are not like calculus, which you can forget all you want spreadsheets and other software does calculus for you. However, if you forget the DIFFERENCE between a “conspiracy theory” and a “suspicion” you are doomed. You see, a suspicion is based on something which happened before, maybe happening now, and probably going to keep happening in the future. Like drunken driving.

    A conspiracy theory is something which never has been proven before – like space aliens landing on Earth.

    So, in regards to stealing an election.. is it a “conspiracy”, or is it a “suspicion”?

    Ask yourself, how did you ever allowed to be made into a fool, made you forgot how to tell the difference between a “suspicion” and a “conspiracy theory”?

    A citizen journalist could keep remind you of this, should keep putting this in context over events and over activity which is relevant to you, and which are under your control. Citizen Journalists are needed more today and tomorrow than ever before in my lifetime.

  19. I do not care to post links as we all have links we like.. but I would like to make an exception here, to round and circle what I wrote above.

    YunoHost you can search yourself, and YunoHost installs Hubzilla for you. But Hubzilla is much harder to track down. Hubzilla is not documented by Wikipedia as the anarchists and socialists who run Wikipedia are not seeing eye to eye with the people who are developing Hubzilla and do not much care for Anarchy or Socialism. The “home” of Hubzilla is the code repostiory,

    You should read more about the Fediverse, which is not an overlay network – its an ordinary platform with a shared communication protocol. However, just as with Windows networks using Active Directory you are able to build your own Fediverse realm, making it “invisible” to all the other networks.

    This is the platform which should be used by Citizen Journalists, reaching 100% of internet users – using the Fediverse platform which cannot be censored or shut down by anyone. Anyone including the FBI, the CCP and the Interpol combined.

  20. Days, weeks, years go by. You need to build this. If you cannot manage to build this in your own hood – you are not going to manage building it bigger. Do not complain about a hostile, murderous Government later. You could not manage issues in your own hood.

    No wonder you are robbed blind.

  21. Build your own owner-operated social network, and your own federated publishing platform. Its simple – but its not easy. The sooner you start the better. You wait too long and you might not have this choice any longer. This is the best way to push back against the Corporations, the MSM, Big Tech, the Government.

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