Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Piton Identified as QAnon by Leftist Leaning Media Matters and Brings Expertise on Election Integrity to Kane County

U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Piton (left) talking with Grafton Township Republican Chairman Orville Brettman June 26, 2021

Media Matters for America (MMFA) has added Illinois’ newly minted 45-year old U.S. Senate candidate Bobby Piton (R, Geneva) to its list of 2022 congressional candidates with ties to QAnon.

For those not familiar with MMFA, it was founded in 2004 by conservative-turned-Democrat David Brock, as a not-for-profit watchdog on conservative media outlets.

In recent years, MMFA has become the de facto repository for candidates with ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory, and frequently updates its repository as candidates “qualify” to be identified as having ties, or saying QAnon messages.

With the 2020 election of Congresswomen Lauren Boebert (R, CO-03) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R, GA-14), mainstream media (MSM) outlets including the Chicago Tribune and POLITICO have accessed the QAnon candidate repository for the 2020 election cycle.

The same likely will continue with 2022.

Last year, two Illinois Republican U.S. House candidates in safe Democrat districts were identified by MMFA and reported in the Chicago Tribune editorial/opinion page as QAnon supporters.

While many consider first-term U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D, Hoffman Estates) to be safe in her reelection bid next year, she does currently occupy a U.S. Senate seat where an incumbent has not won reelection since 1986, and 2022 is expected to be a Republican year, possibly even in Illinois.

Piton was first identified by MMFA as a QAnon follower back in mid-May, in an article MMFA published documenting his work with the Maricopa County, AZ, audit of the November 2020 elections in an unofficial/volunteer capacity.

Piton made his first public announcement of his interest with the U.S. Senate race in 2022 in a Facebook post on May 31.

Since filing his FEC Statement of Organization on June 23 and launching his campaign earlier this month, Piton was identified by MMFA in its early July update of its QAnon candidate repository.

From MMFA on Piton:

“Bobby Piton is a Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. Piton — who has been involved with an audit of ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, for the 2020 presidential election — has posted multiple “Q” drops on Facebook, along with posting an image featuring the QAnon slogan and a meme referencing a belief pushed by some QAnon supporters that John F. Kennedy Jr. is secretly still alive despite dying in a plane crash.

“He has also written, “You are the lucky number 1… 7 on the Truth is Right!!!  Q…uestion for you …. do you know some letter is???” — likely a reference to Q, which is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

“He has also appeared on QAnon show RedPill78, whose host has admitted to participating in part of the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

“According to The Daily Beast, Piton has claimed that “he didn’t know much about QAnon” and has associated with Ron Watkins, previously the administrator of 8kun.

“Piton also wrote on Gab that QAnon “makes for entertaining reading, but it’s no more accurate than the corrupt MSM.”

Bobby Piton reference by Media Matters for America QAnon supporters in 2022 congressional elections


McHenry County Blog reached out to the Piton for U.S. Senate campaign on MMFA’s story.

Piton’s campaign spokesperson pointed out MMFA’s use of “…unnamed non-credible sources, and has gotten countless stories wrong during the past several years.”

From the desk of John Lopez: Based on what’s been cited by MMFA, it is my honest opinion Bobby Piton is no QAnon conspiracy theorist. MMFA has him wrong, and it should be disregarded by any/all mainstream media outlets. Any “evidence” MMFA uses is circumstantial at best, through loose associations with individuals who are involved with QAnon directly.

All that being said, some of Piton’s social media activity, particularly the “Q…uestion” and “1…7” reference from a February 2, 2021 Facebook post, is flirting with QAnon.

What Piton did doesn’t make him a QAnon, but him and all serious, mainstream candidates should be careful not to do something which might have been done as something jovial, comic relief or simply in the context of a joke. It could taint one’s candidacy, possibly beyond repair.

Not everyone is going to have the success of a Lauren Boebert or a Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I have seen candidates get branded as a QAnon candidate by doing very avoidable things, like a Florida congressional candidate in 2020 doing a very effective campaign video, but ending it with the QAnon slogan “where we go one, we go all” as a pitch for QAnon supporters who may be watching/listening.

Same goes with innocently placing the 7-character acronym “WWG1WGA” representing the QAnon slogan on one’s social media home page or posts.

Bobby Piton

From what I’ve read on Piton’s U.S. Senate candidacy, he has some excellent policy points, and a record including his work on the audits on voter fraud, bringing the experience as a front-line worker to protect election integrity.

On term limits, Piton goes above and beyond signing a vapid term limits pledge to support a constitutional amendment. He self-imposes himself to one 6-year term in the U.S. Senate if he wins election next year.

But creating self-inflicted distractions will only hurt any candidate’s messaging and fundraising, and Piton, during the 3rd Quarter fundraising period, must become a viable candidate with aggressive fundraising to convince the donor community he is the best person for the job of United States Senator from Illinois.

And, should the current IL-16 be eliminated with the congressional remap later this year by the Illinois General Assembly, Piton could be facing Congressman Adam Kinzinger in the June 28, 2022 Republican primary next year for the chance to challenge Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Today, Kinzinger reported he has over $3 million in the bank just under a year before primary.

Piton’s messaging complementing his work across the country was brought to the Kane County Board in his hometown of Geneva earlier this week, where he addressed the full County Board about his work across the country on the issue of election integrity, and his findings reapplying his analytics to Kane County’s election returns from last November.

Piton’s speech is 6 minutes long and begins 45 minutes of speeches and discussion, concerning election integrity, and ended with the County Board placing this issue as a post-election audit that will not change any election results, but will help prepare for future elections in Kane County beginning with the June 28, 2022 primary election.

Video is cued to Piton’s speech:

McHenry County Blog will be covering the follow-up from Piton’s presentation which is scheduled for next Thursday’s Kane County Board’s Public Service Committee, which has County Board oversight over the Kane County clerk’s office.

In the meantime, may Piton’s campaign focus on their messaging and do all it can to prevent any avoidable distractions from QAnon or any other nonsense conspiracy theory.

External references from the Chicago Tribune:

  • October 20, 2020 Op-Ed by Clarence Page on QAnon can be viewed here
  • February 5, 2021 Op-Ed by Clarence Page on QAnon can be viewed here


Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Piton Identified as QAnon by Leftist Leaning Media Matters and Brings Expertise on Election Integrity to Kane County — 15 Comments

  1. “I smell a gaslighting conspiracy afoot.” Yep.

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    That’s rule number 13 from Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    The Dems have been using that playbook for a long time.

    Hillary wrote her college thesis on Alinsky.

    She was a big admirer.

  2. Bobby Piton, why did you go to Arizona instead of looking at election shenanigans in your own state?

    Why didn’t you talk about voter fraud in Illinois until July 2021, and why didn’t you help Jim Oberweis when he was contesting the election results and alleging there was fraud if you are an expert?

    Many of the votes in that congressional district came from Kane County.

    Can you explain the process for getting an audit going in Kane County or in Illinois?

    What lesson(s) did you learn after losing to Ken Shepro (a very bad candidate and a bad person too) for GOP Chairman in Kane County last year?

    Would you support splitting Illinois up into multiple states?

  3. Correcting, why are you a complete fool?

    Do you work for a township?

    Obermoo was a lost cause.

    He would not attack the theft of his electoral win because he was a cowardly country club fob.

  4. State wide election, Bobby must not know that it’s political suicide to take a picture with Orville.

  5. Bobby Pitton running for office, is great news for the Taxpayer’s of Illinois . . .I have been following Pitton for a good while now, circle the wagons folks, and get the word out to Vote For Pitton.

    Thank You Orville Brettman, The+Nob just shot himself in the foot . . .next time it might be the “Big Bertha (howitzer)”, if he keeps up the GASLIGHTING, it might backfire !

  6. “He would not attack the theft of his electoral win because he was a cowardly country club fob.”

    Goldie, you are 100% wrong.

    Jim Oberweis contested the election results for months and explicitly said there were irregularities.

    He was the last person to have his challenge dismissed in the entire U.S. House.

    Do you even read anything or do you just parrot fashionable talking points that say it’s cool to bash “Obermoo”?

    Congratulations, Lauren Underwood is still in congress and Democrats have an extremely slim majority!

    No wall for you, but maybe you’ll get stricter gun laws, hate speech laws, and taxpayer subsidized abortion. Congratulations!

    Oberweis barely lost and Piton claims to be an election expert who knows of fraud in Kane County, so why did he not help Oberweis whose district includes much of Kane County?

    Both Oberweis and Piton live in Kane County; Piton probably lives in the 14th district too.

    Why did Piton not speak about fraud before election results were certified?

    Why did he wait until July 2021?

    Is it possible there was also fraud in DuPage County, Will County, Lake County, and other places in Oberweis’s district if there was fraud in Kane County?

    The logic is actually very straightforward.

    I think these are appropriate questions.

    Why was Piton in Arizona when there was fraud in his own backyard?

    This Piton guy better get used to tough questions because he’s running for a big boy office, not the uncontested precinct committeeman races that he’s used to.

    The media is going to destroy him if he can’t even handle simple and straightforward questions like these.

  7. History will remember Bobby Piton as being logical, factual and virtuous.

    He bases his conclusions on sound statistical methods.

    There are lots of obvious anomalies in the 2020 Election that the probabilities that they occurred based on chance alone are astronomical.

    If the President, Congress, etc. election results as they stand right now won every seat fair and square, I would then have to accept it but there is far too much secrecy, cover up, deletions of data, and lack of transparency as well as too much evidence of vote tallying manipulation by the same algorithms across too many places that used the cover of “vote by mail” to set the election outcome exactly the way the “perpetraitors” wanted both on the Democrat and Republican side.

    I believe God will intervene to reveal the Truth in all of this.

    There should be no objection against the truth coming out for any virtuous person that reads this.

    Do we honestly believe Biden/Harris are the most popularly voted presidency of all time? Do we honestly believe their integrity?

    Do we honestly believe Biden is a Catholic in good standing before God?

    Bobby your doing God’s work.

    Keep saying those prayers. Keep reading the Bible and sharing it with us

    Keep sharing your analysis and truth about the 2020 Election.

    Truth wins in the end. God is with you.

  8. There is no more election fraud this election than any other election.

    To use that as an excuse to attack real patriots, the US service members of the last 100 years shows his character.

    So if you support this waste of oxygen then you are PRO defunding the VA. PRO hatred of veterans.

    He literally bashed a Navy Seal who lost his eye on stage.

    If you think anything else you should stop drinking the cool aide with great haste..

  9. There is no such thing as Qanon!

    Q is intelligence and Anons do the work.

    Anyone using Qanon is gaslighting you!

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