About Fifty Demonstrators by 1PM at Prairie Grove Business Fined $200 for Flying American Flag

Sent yesterday while I was watching Doctor Who:

Related text:

Emergency Patriot Rally!

Calling all first responders, veterans, Patriots, business owners!

Gianelli’s (owner Terry)
3111 Rt 176
Crystal Lake, IL 60014.
(Prairie Grove)

The owner of Gianelli’s restaurant is a patriot!

He Backs the Blue and loves to fly the American Flag.

Karen and Joe Tirio at Route 176 Prairie Grove demonstration.

During Covid he put a sign out saying he would give ‘free lunch to any first responders/nurses/heathcare workers’. Village told him to ‘take it down’.

He has applied for signage and variances due to strict sign ordinances so he could be able to let people know his small business is Open.


People are lined up along Route 176.

Even the request for a small A-Frame sign that realtors use for open houses was denied by the board including a realtor that uses the same type of signage for HER BUSINESS!!!

On the 4th of July Terry bought several flags/poles from Home Depot to display out front. He was just given a $200 ticket.

He needs our help!

Glanelli’s restaurant.

We want all Patriots to show up tomorrow with their American Flags and Blue Line Flags and Don’t Tread On Me Flags.

Bring lawn chairs!

Bring your big trucks!

Bring your friends!

Also looking for people to make signs that say ‘Honk if you love PATRIOTISM!’

Haven’t our struggling small businesses been thru enough tyranny this past year?

Come and rally for Gianelli’s.

We will have patriotic music and it will be fun.

More importantly we will be standing up for one of our own and saying enough to this nonsensical small minded tyranny!

Hours are 10:30-7pm. Most of us will be there noon-5.


About Fifty Demonstrators by 1PM at Prairie Grove Business Fined $200 for Flying American Flag — 22 Comments

  1. Isn’t the mayor of CL a BIG Joe Biden supporter ?

    Which city dept. actually cited Gianelli’s and on whos orders ?

    Name of the person(s) wrote the citation. ?

    Gianelli’s better lawyer up if they want to fight these fascist America haters.

    Make an example of the bastards.

  2. THe words “Patriot” and “Patriotism” have been appropriated and perverted by the Right to mean adherance to Trumpism and other alt right ideologies.

    Moderates and Liberals are also Patriots.

    This is how fascism gets started.

  3. Your title might be inaccurate.

    Were they fined for the sign or the flag?

    The description of the event makes it sound like it was the sign.

    I don’t think they should be fined for either by the way and support the demonstration.

    I wish we would have had a little bit more of a notice though.

    If people had more than a few hours notice, the attendance would be higher.

    A text the night before to her friends and then a blog post to a wider audience the day of the event is not the best way to get high turnout.

    Back in the good ol’ days we would have a FB event page posted at least a week before the event.

    The only reason you’d want to keep it hush hush is if you didn’t want counter-protesters to know, but I can’t imagine an event like this would result in many counter-protesters.

    Hopefully there are pictures and a write-up of the event.

  4. ** Isn’t the mayor of CL a BIG Joe Biden supporter ?**

    Isn’t this in Prairie Grove and not Crystal Lake?

  5. Because science….time to get over Trump and focus on your party and its leaders.

    Censorship of Americans, “encouraging” social media to flag and take down posts?

    Open racism and persecution of religion?

    That is facism my friend.

    But you know that because it’s racism and facism you can agree with.

    I hope you become intelligent enough someday to see that one day due to your support of these folks and process you will end up in the wrong side of acceptable behavior or speech, you will have no excuse to fight.

    Keep focusing on the orange one, Take your meds.

    Follow the “science” wear your mask while alone in your car, outside…..you’ve been “vaccinated”.

    But need the mask…..

  6. There are 10 people in PG, they might as well be in Island Lake.

    They have to be close to folding, right??

  7. Not clear really what this is all about. Need more facts, details. Oops, I suppose we need “truth”. Truth is better than facts. So said the moron, doofus Biden two years ago when he said:

    “We choose truth over facts.”

  8. Hey that’s my neighbor Darren Storck in the first picture (middle guy)!

  9. Fascism wasn’t s so bad at all Because Science.

    Mussolini would be re-elected if he ran again in Italia.

    If pukes like you hate Fascism, Fascism must be pretty good!

  10. That’s such a cute place.


    It’s in the Vlg of Prairie Grove.

    They use Crystal Lake as post office.

  11. The Crystal Lake mayor is still a liberal disgrace.

    He was encouraged to run and financed by the typical “leaders” of Crystal Lake.

    It reveals that the “leaders” of Crystal Lake are nothing but liberal democrats.

  12. There’s more to this story.

    Some of you have been duped.

    American flags are not the issue.

  13. Ok ‘Mrs.’

    What in fact is the story?

    Are you Dan Aylward, the tranny turd bird?

  14. Yeah The+Mrs.

    Tell us then!


    Maybe we should start a collection for a lawyer for this business!?

    Or he should start a GoFundMe page!

  15. Protest prairie grove monthly meeting.

    We’re is nunda Republicans?

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  17. You have my support!

    It is so sad what is happening to our country, no respect for each other let alone our flag .

    I live out of town but support you and the flag.

    I can only hope the town people vote them all out.

    God bless you all.

  18. Fined because the flags, not signs, were too close to the street?

    Looks like the business is set back 100+ feet from the street.

    Sounds to me like someone is trying to get ahead politically.

    The politician fining people for American flags should be removed from office just for putting the American flag in the same group as a sign.

    He sounds like a complete fool.


  19. Wanted to buy a Tee Shirt to help.

    Didn’t see any on his web site.

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