Local Paper Finds Liberal Rally Saturday, But Not Conservative Demonstration

Maybe it was because the liberals gathered closer to Shaw Media’s Northwest Herald building.

Maybe it was because Congressman Sean Casten showed up.

Maybe it was because the left wing group calling itself “Indivisible NWIL” told the Northwest Herald of its event and the conservatives didn’t tell the NWH of its impromptu (one day notice) demonstration.

In any event, a Shaw publication called “The Citizen” had an article with no byline (but with the name NWH reporter “Cassie Buchman/Woodstock” at the event), as you can see from the screen shot below (no link could be found to the article):

Claiming thirty showed up at the event organized by Woodstock’s Eveej Malone, the event promoted the Democrats’ nationalization of voting rules.

Prior to the night “vigil,” near Target, conservatives gathered near the intersection or Route 176 and Valley View Road in Prairie Grove to protest a $200 fine for Gianelli’s Drive Thru restaurant.

Early attendees at the demonstration included Algonquin Township Clerk Maureen Huff, Algonquin Township
Trustee Theresa Fronczak and Tina Paskey.

Freewill donations garnered $200 to pay the fine.


Local Paper Finds Liberal Rally Saturday, But Not Conservative Demonstration — 16 Comments

  1. In the history of the US over the past 160 years, it has been the Democrat Party that suppressed Black Americans. The Democrat Party wanted slavery, opposed Republican Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. That was the Party of Jim Crow and poll taxes. It was the Democrat Party that suppressed voting and rights including that of women.

    Today, we have a very dangerous and reckless leader at the top who makes inflammatory speeches that can only result in further dividing this nation. He recklessly says that new voter legislation in Georgia and Texas suppresses voting. His own State of Delaware could use changes to its voting laws to benefit the voting process.

    Of course the mostly left wing and corrupt media, who are merely shills for the Democrat Party, echo his reckless rhetoric. Useful idiot citizens, dumb as a sack of rocks, repeat the nonsense and BS from the likes of Biden and the corrupt media about non-existent voter suppression.

    Here is an interesting article:


  2. I too have suffered the indignity of a pole tax Eveej.

    At the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club.

  3. Or Maybe because they all got WOKED recently during the Not My President Visit pushing FF to run again… birds of a feather…. realizing they are in the midst of more conservative then they thought they were … boohooo… just because the City C is all Sheep does not mean the LEGAL CITIZENS ARE…

  4. And the paper KNEW about the rally at Gianelli’s because the owner called her.

    SHAME on the Northworst Herald!

    But does this surprise anyone?

  5. Eveej: What in the MF’ing world of jokes kind of a name is this?

  6. “Eveej: What in the MF’ing world of jokes kind of a name is this?”

    What would you think if I told you that SHE IS BLACK?

  7. I cancelled my NWH sub many years ago, and never looked back.

    The awful rag’s days are numbered.

  8. Are we still expecting the NWH to do the right thing ever?

  9. Hey Eveej, time to return to the African jungles and your tree nesting.

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