Three-term Circuit Judge John Noverini of Carpentersville Launches Campaign for Illinois Supreme Court

John Noverini

The open Illinois Supreme Court 2nd District race could be one of the most expensive open seat Supreme Court races ever

Those who remember the 2000 Republican primary for the 2nd District between then-appointed Justice S. Louis Rathje, then DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Bonnie Wheaton and winner, former Chicago Bears place kicker Bob Thomas, know how brutal an open seat Supreme Court primary can be.

And with the later primary election plus a competitive race General Election in a new district and only 4 months to raise money and campaign and possible control of the Illinois Supreme Court at stake, 2000 will seem like a spring shower opposed to the storm of 2022 for the 2nd District.

With that backdrop, Kane County Circuit Judge John A. Noverini (D, Carpentersville) launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

The 62 year old Noverini was retained for a 3rd term as Circuit Judge last November. Currently, Noverini presides over Traffic and Misdemeanors at the Elgin Branch Court.

Noverini has never lost an election:

  • Elected Carpentersville village trustee in 1999
  • Unseated two-term Kane County Board Member in 2002, and won reelection in 2006
  • Unseated appointed circuit judge in 2008

According to a Sunday article in Center for Illinois Politics, Judge Noverini loaned himself $95K.

His website has launched and Noverini is running on:

  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Independence
Judge John Noverini and wife Saray Rodriguez

Noverini has strong ties into the Hispanic community through his wife, Saray Rodriguez, a former Information Technology small business owner. In his bio, he highlights the need for more diversity on the bench, not only ethnicity, but legal experience.

Judge Noverini’s website with complete bio can be viewed here.


Three-term Circuit Judge John Noverini of Carpentersville Launches Campaign for Illinois Supreme Court — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks Noverini for the mush mouthed, weaselly political nuance, of diversity on the Bench.

    Meanwhile may I direct your attention, to the shocking lack of diversity in Amish Barn Building.

  2. And I remember how he switched parties when it was convenient for him to do so.

  3. here we go another lib trying to run our country their way…

  4. These spending contests to win elections in which very few voters vote, and fewer know anything about the judicial candidates,do not give us the best.

    That’s how we got Thomas in the first place: he had money and name recognition, very little experience or ability.

    That’s how we got the local circuits, some good, others awful.

    Appointment doesn’t work.

    And the worst of both systems has left us with appointments by the Supreme Court justice of our district – Thomas until he retired – followed elections in which a few underdogs run against the incumbent.

    How about an election process with spending limits, required roundtable debates, questionnaires about experience and background, and the possibility of an informed electorate?

  5. There are really no “elections” for judges, at least at the county levels.

    Usually the appointed judge wins.

    The cowards in the local bar always give the appointed judge a “qualified” rating and give any challenger an “unqualified”.

    To the unititated voter, that is usually decisive.

    I was surprized to see that this judge actually unseated one of the appointed judges in Kane.

    That has never happened in McHenry County to my knowlege.

    Dmitri gave it a whirl twice and had family money to back him up.

    Unfortunately, no one could pronounce his name.

    Then there was Mary McClellan who plastered her picture up right in front of the early voting terminals in the clerk’s office while she was on the ballot for judge.

    It still wasn’t enough.

  6. A typical whore. But it doesn’t really matter which party these judges claim they are.

    Look at Mr. CRT, Chief Judge Cowlin [Rino] and his pro LGBTQ propaganda!

  7. Cal, this is a C&P from another outlet about Trump vs. Cheney. Trump will probably do the same thing for Kinzinger’s opponents. He will interview and make sure there is only one viable candidate to take out Queenboy and then BACK her. Sorry for the off topic post but didn’t know how to get this to you.

    Former President Donald Trump hit out at Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., one of his biggest critics among House Republicans, saying he plans to meet next week with some of her challengers in the 2022 election.

    ”Paying close attention to the Wyoming House Primary against loser RINO Liz Cheney. Some highly respected pollsters tell me she’s toast in Wyoming after siding with Crazy Nancy Pelosi and supporting the Democrat Impeachment Hoax,” Trump said in a statement issued through his political action committee Save America on Tuesday.

    He added: ”And that’s just the beginning! This is a ‘hot’ race with some very interesting candidates running against her. Remember though, in the end we just want ONE CANDIDATE running against Cheney. I’ll be meeting with some of her opponents in Bedminster next week and will be making my decision on who to endorse in the next few months. JUST ONE CANDIDATE. Thank you!”

  8. Stormy D,

    I saw the release you C&P’d and thank you.

    Understandable President Trump is doing culling in Wyoming.

    Given that is an at-large district, there is no congressional remap to wait for (unlike Montana, which went from at-large state to 2 districts, WY didn’t gain a House seat).

    The congressional remap, which likely won’t be done until the fall veto session of the IL General Assembly, will determine if the current IL-16 will be its own district.

    If so, I potentially see President Trump doing the same in Illinois against Adam Kinzinger.

  9. I am not a fan of judges.

    They are the secular equivalent of failed, mistake prone, prejudiced umpires who ruin a baseball game by injecting themselves into reality.

    They are self absorbed anti-religious, anti-conservative phonies.

    I wish I wasn’t forced to have to stand up in their malevolent presence.

  10. CLM, take the lying bit** Mary Nader who got her position bed hopping.

    “Hi Gary (Pack), I’m pretty cute, right?”

    Or the slimiel RINO Chemiel-chameleon, alias Bob Miller gofer and judge Thomas brown noser.

    Actually Chemiel was a “brown facet”

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