Election Integrity to Take Center Stage in Kane County

John A. “Jack” Cunningham

After several concerned residents, including U.S. Senate candidate Bobby Piton (R, Geneva) spoke before the full meeting of the Kane County Board last week, the County Board formally assigned the concerns to the Public Service Committee, which oversees the Kane County clerk’s office.

Thursday morning at 9AM CDT, the Public Service Committee’s regular monthly meeting will take place, with an agenda item titled “Election Process”

As follow-up from last week’s Kane County Board meeting after several residents spoke about election integrity in Kane County during the November 2020 elections, tomorrow’s Public Service Committee will begin with a presentation by the clerk’s office titled “Election Process”.

While residents gave impassioned pleas for a full forensic audit, those next steps may take place after the clerk’s office presentation.

Under Illinois law, the time has passed for any formal contesting of the 2020 election, which must be done through the courts within time period after results are canvassed and election certified. The board was clear nothing found in any post-election forensic audit will impact the results of the General Election last year.

Some of the metrics shared last week, like the ones cited in Stephanie Moresco’s 4 1/2 minute speech before the County Board, will likely be discussed:

The residents organized for last week’s County Board meeting, and likely tomorrow’s Public Service Committee, were part of a Kane County based grassroots group called Three Headed Eagle Alliance, which started last August. Three Headed Eagle Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit group.

The write-up of the group’s members speaking last week was published in the Chicago Tribune and posted by the Edgar County Watchdogs and can be viewed here without paywall.

The Edgar County Watchdogs, complete with a link to the full, 46-page report presented to the Kane County Board last week with findings to likely be discussed at tomorrow morning’s meeting can be viewed here.

The link to the agenda packet for tomorrow morning’s Kane County Board Public Service Committee meeting can be viewed here.


Election Integrity to Take Center Stage in Kane County — 5 Comments

  1. Oberweis’s case sounded solid. His complaint is in that 46 page report. Why was it dismissed? Who dismissed it? What channels did he go through?

  2. Correcting, please see my latest article.

    There will be no audit, because the clerk’s office proved none was needed yesterday.

    And Piton got tossed from meeting because he lost his cool.

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