Comments on McHenry Chamber of Commerce Fiesta Days Parade Rules

From McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Erik Sivertsen:

The issue was not the entry fee, although that probably kept a lot of the individual candidates from being there.

Candidates could also become a chamber member for $260 and then the entry fee for the parade would be $50.

The problem was that the rules for the parade would not have allowed the party to have signs for candidates or to promote candidates.

There would have to be a separate entry for every candidate who had signs or walkers wearing their shirts in the republican party entry

Most of the 2013 parade walkers for Congressman Randy Hultgren.

From McHenry County Republican Party Parade Chairman Orville Brettman:

Erik is correct.

The rules place terrible financial burden on individual members of a political party.

I have discussed this with some of the organizers and they have said that there would be discussions to find a solution.

I surely hope so as we Republicans dearly loved participating in the past.

Romney sign on the 2012 GOP float in the Fiesta Days Parade.

From “Wilma Flintstone:”

This is exactly why as a business owner I don’t join “the Chamber” as it doesn’t benefit any businesses, and surely doesn’t bring in business!

I have had this conversation with several business owners in the area, and they also feel the Chamber is a JOKE!

2012 Republicans lining up for Fiesta Days Parade in front of Plum Garden.

To charge $450 to be in a freakin parade, and even $50 if you are a member is RIDICULOS!

Do you think anyone that comes out to see a parade even realizes why there are so few “floats?” that support the community?

Not to mention failing to have anything that truly entertains the kids?

Funnier still, given the kids that attend, do you think they even have a clue of what this political parade (charade) is?

Not to mention NOT ONE marching band this year – so I heard.

I sure have no desire to take my precious time or pay money I won’t waste on this BS to see a bunch of (many corrupt) politicians!


Comments on McHenry Chamber of Commerce Fiesta Days Parade Rules — 11 Comments

  1. Originally the rule was that you could only be in the parade if you were an incumbent office holder.

    Candidates who were not yet elected were excluded.

    One year a Democratic State’s Attorney candidate flouted the rules and drove his car into the parade anyway.

    The candidates responded by having their signs on the party float, which was allowed.

    Later they took to walking behind the float with signs, and maybe a contingent of supporters wearing T shirs with their names on them.

    That way they could claim they were just part of the party entry.

    So apparently the Fiesta day organizers sought to close this loophole.

    The problem is that the candidates who most need the exposure can’t get it.

    Meanwhile the incumbents who they are opposing get to ride in a car with their name on the side or maybe walk with 20 people with T shirts bearing their names.

    This is how Lou Bianchi originally got into trouble.

    He had his office pay for the candy under the theory that he was just promoting the “office” of States Attorney and not himself.

    Never mind that his name was in large capital letters and “States Attorney” was much smaller.

    Keith Nygren did the same thing and even had his name emblazoned on county owned vehicles.

    Mary McClellan had a huge Mao Tse Tung like picture of herself with her name on it plastered inside the clerk’s office facing the voting machines when people were early voting while she was on the ballot for judge.

    So there is an abuse on the one hand of office holders using their offices to “promote the office” but it is really a campaign gimmick, whereas challengers get shut out from similar exposures.

    Its all legal because the town parades are sponsored by private groups, not the municipality, so the First Amendment does apply to them.

  2. Besides this being a stupid, misguided rule, I believe this may be a violation of free speech, to allow politicians but not candidates for political office.

    Let me consult my favorite Atty.

    I’ll be back….

  3. What the Hell is Because talking about? Where in the definition of the word parade do you find these rules you are supposedly going by?

  4. OMG wake up people
    Its plain to see that these rules were invented by Democrats….

  5. I lost any respect for the F. B. Eric when he asked me to take a Romney sign.

  6. Erik S is a big fat disgrace after he went after Bob Anderson for cutting the bloated township budget and tax levy.

    A fat tax pig.

    But he’s a big second amendment backer because he’s a gun dealer right?


    He’s ok with the new fingerprinting FOID scam.

    And he supports FOID!

  7. The local GOP leadership area under the thrall of Democrat pigs.

    The pseudo Republicans, like the 400 pounders Wilke and Sivertsen obviously covet government jobs.

    I’ve talked to both of them.

    Wilke is by far the smarter one.

    Sivertsen is dense.

    But Wilke is more pernicious about the homo agenda and the Covid hoax.

    Both are hardly to be trusted.

  8. Erick seems ok to me.

    Wilke is a slob.

    He’s always got food on his beard and/clothes.

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