PRO Act: Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Game Face

Jim Thompson Red State 7/22/21

“Pelosi can, and has, introduced dangerous legislation like the ‘Protecting The Right to Organize’ Act. The right to organize is already protected, but Pelosi wants to destroy the right not to organize. I’ve always found it appalling when politicians label legislation as something that has the opposite meaning to the actual text…She and union thugs have tried to sneak the PROAct into every bill sent to the Senate this session.

It’s an offering to union thugs who want to make unionization almost mandatory and pretty much outlaw freelancing. It will ruin the livelihoods of millions of independent contractors and it’s being discussed today.”

Jim Thompson, Red State 7/22/21


Trial lawyer/freelance cartoonist turned blogger Jim Thompson published the article containing the above PRO Act reference earlier this afternoon, after the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee heard from 4 subject matter witnesses (3 from majority Democrats, 1 Republican).

The entire Red State article where the above text was taken, and more, can be viewed here.

Will discuss today’s Senate HELP Committee hearing in a future article, but as a preview, here is a brief quote from the Republican witness, Jyoti Sarolia, who testified against the PRO Act. She’s a Choice Hotels Franchise operator through her business, Ellis Hospitality of Temecula, CA, where’s she principal & managing partner:


PRO Act: Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Game Face — 3 Comments

  1. This evil and wretched person will forever be NEGATIVELY remembered for her statement on the Obamacare bill when she said to congress that they have to pass the bill to FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT.

    And just this week she rejected two Republican US Reps offered by Kevin McCarthy to be on her committee to SUPPOSEDLY investigate what happened on Jan 6. The federal bureau has been investigating this matter for months and has made 500+ arrests of the rioters and those who may have illegally entered the capital building.

  2. Nancy Pelosi – The oldest and one of the most corrupt and richest political whores (liar) ever to walk the halls of Congress.

    Not difficult to comprehend once you know who her father was.

    Just look at what she’s done to the state she represents.

  3. Her husband is jewish

    So is Kamala’s

    So is Lightfight’s ‘husband’

    Why is this so prevalent amongst total libtards?

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