WBBM-TV to Show Prairie Grove Flag Story on Five O’Clock News

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent pictures of Gianelli’s Drive-Thru Manager Terry Trobiani being interviewed by a CBS-TV reporter.

Gianelli’s Drive-Thru Manager Terry Trobiani being interviewed by WBM-TV

Demonstrators had gathered at the time and some of those present are shown below:

Waving flags, supporters of Gianelli’s gather for television interview.
John Pletz held a sign for McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler.
John Pletz posed inside with Gianelli’s Manager Terry Trobiani.
Karen Tirio promoted the gubernatorial candidacy of Darn Bailey at the rally.


WBBM-TV to Show Prairie Grove Flag Story on Five O’Clock News — 14 Comments

  1. A fair and balanced report by Barack, Reporter Meredith Barack, of CBS TV Chicago.

    She said that Village representatives explained the flag requirements and violations of code to the restaurant manager.

    Looks like a lot of people mistakenly got upset and did not bother to read the Village Codes for flag display which is available at the Village website.

  2. Bred: Someone needs to call Ripley’s.

    I agree with you on something!

  3. Karen Tirio is a cancer to conservatives and anyone that she “promotes” is probably just as overtly mentally ill as she is.

  4. 90% of McHenry County GOP is overtly mentally ill.

    Just attend one fund raiser and you’ll quickly understand.

  5. Overwatch, provide some truth, not facts (per Biden), of what the H you are spewing here.

  6. The Nob, alias Bobby ‘the Whore-goblin”‘ Miller threw the taxpayers under the bus to feather his foul nest with Caribbean cruises, Louis Vuitton handbags, Disneyland junkets, cheating and astronomical accumulations of sick pay, etc., etc

  7. All the attention seeking loudmouths and primitive thinkers who ran there with trucks, blue flags, and signs, how do you feel now?

  8. Overwatch, what?!?!

    Wanting freedom and to curtail government overreach is a mental illness to you?

    I think your statement is all we need to see to assess your mental state!

  9. Martin, there was not one Trump flag at this place.

    This was about the American Flag and these people knew it.

    So quick to judge when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. Show me the word “Trump” in my comment.

    You’re too quick to claim victimhood in his name.

  11. Hey nob, MsTrumpion didn’t say anything bad about Gary Rabine.

    I’m not surprised at all Karen supports Darren and I can think of about 5 reasons why, but I’m not going to attempt to explain it when you could easily just email Karen, text her, call her, or pm her on social media and find out directly from her.

    It’s not difficult to find her contact information.

    You’re not new here. Are you actually surprised by her supporting Darren Bailey or just trying to stir up a phony controversy?

    You have a primary with multiple people and only one can win.

    \\Picking your favorite candidate is not trashing the other candidates or throwing the other ones “under the bus.”

    You can only pick one.

    When you support one, it doesn’t mean you necessarily dislike the others though.

    (Maybe she dislikes him, but there is no indication of that simply by her holding a Bailey sign.)

    Come on, man. Get real.

  12. Martin, what ‘blue flags’ would you be referring to then?

    Not claiming to be a victim, just saying that rally was about the American Flag and the ‘Don’t Tread on me’, flags.

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