CBS Story on Prairie Grove American Flag Dispute — 8 Comments

  1. I dont know anymore.

    Hot dog guy had me at the start, but now it reads like he just flaunts rules, makes a mess, doesnt clean up afterwards and is using the publicity to push dogs and beefs.

    Not as truly Patriotic as I first thought, after reading the Villages response.

    Thats the world–always two sides to a story.

    Glad I got to see the Villages.

    Doesnt make them right, but does provide a bit more perspective than “the Mayor aint Patriotic”.

    Lopez should go interview the Mayor and get a direct version since hot dog guy has had so much attention.

  2. NO CON AT ALL. The village is in ‘Cover Your Ass’ mode.

    They are making up crap and blaming a guy for wind blowing a little sign over.


    We saw the flags and they were beautifully and properly flown 3.5’s on proper posts just like Davenport Funeral Home.

    And THIS is what the village casts their attention on?

    They are known to be opponents of small business.

    This small family business is one that isn’t gonna sit back and take it…

  3. I read that press release from the village. I understand where they are coming from a lot more now, but I wouldn’t quite say I’m on their side simply because of how small of an issue this is. Terry sounds like a hardhead and a dummy, but the village admins and cops are not especially good either. It just sounds like childish and anti-social people vs petty and power hungry people. Neither of them sound like righteous dudes.

    Legally, the facts are probably on the village’s side. Morally, I’d probably say I’m slightly more on Terry’s side but that might be a stretch because of how tacky this is. This guy and all these MAGA boomers made it sound way different and then you look at the pictures and they have dinky child size flags from Wal Mart duct taped to road signs…idk is this like the great American patriot I should be supporting? Not sure about that…

    It’s just embarrassing all around and I’m glad I did not attend the rally! However, I’ll still accept a free lunch if Skinner wants to buy! I saw their menu. It looks like a good menu. Short, but with everything you’d expect from a place like that. (One of the few places in the county I’ve ever seen to carry cannolis too!) Affordable prices.

    That was just my impression though. Now some quick points.

    -The village could have avoided a lot of this controversy had it responded to people instead of ignoring them. They should have been doing damage control after receiving emails, not after news stations from Chicago started showing up. Haven’t these letters to the editor been getting published for at least a month now?
    -Was it Karen Tirio who organized these rallies? Whoever it was that organized these demonstrations, people might want to think twice about assisting them with political causes in the future.
    -NW Herald is lazy for not sending reporters out there when even Chicago stations managed to. NorthWORST Herald indeed.

  4. Correcting, you still don’t have the story straight but thanks for all the keyboard diarrhea regarding your misinformed opinion that no one cares about.

    Those kiddie flags were not the flags in question.

    The flags were the same ones that are up in front of Davenport Funeral home (all the time), Huntley Mobile & MCC on Memorial and Veterans Day displays.

    Wait til court-

  5. Davenport does not have those flags up all the time.

    I’m guessing it is part of services for veterans.

    If these flags were up for a day or a weekend it would have been ok.

    He was ticketed for refusing to move or remove them 7/16/21

  6. The+Mrs, Davenports flags have been up for awhile.

    No sign of then coming down anytime soon and I hope they don’t -they look beautiful

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