Fireworks at Kane County Board Committee Meeting on Election Integrity

Verner Tepe
Stephen Youhanie

Kendall County gadfly candidate provokes Bobby Piton response resulting with his ejection from committee meeting by chairman

As preempted in Wednesday’s McHenry County Blog article concerning the request by The Three Headed Eagle Alliance, Inc., a non-profit/non-partisan group asking Kane County to conduct a forensic audit of the November 2020 general election, the Kane County Board’s Public Service Committee held its regular monthly meeting Thursday morning.

The meeting, chaired by Verner “Vern” Tepe (D, Elgin) had public comments at the beginning of the meeting, prior to the Kane County clerk’s office presentation on “Election Process”.

Three speakers had signed up to speak.

U.S. Senate candidate Bobby Piton (R, Geneva), who gave a 6-minute presentation at the Kane County Board meeting on July 13, was in the audience, but had not signed up to speak.

Of the three speakers, one was political gadfly Stephen Youhanie, who billed himself as “chairman of the Kendall County Party”. Youhanie of Oswego ran last fall for Kendall County coroner against the Republican incumbent and with the Democrats not fielding a candidate, Youhanie picked up a significant percentage of the vote, which made the “Kendall County Party” an established political party, which Youhanie now “chairs”.

Youhanie was also the individual involved in a 2019 incident of giving a “Nazi salute” to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14).

Basically, as a gadfly, Youhanie is a known troublemaker, and he caused Piton trouble that resulted in Piton’s ejection from the meeting in the middle of Youhanie’s speech Thursday. Chairman Tepe ordered Kane County sheriff’s deputies to escort Piton off the premises. Piton left, without resistance.

Bobby Piton

Piton, in an early afternoon Facebook post, initially responded, but gave a more detailed written response early Thursday evening on his campaign’s Facebook page:

“Kane County Board democrat Vern [Tepe] took away my right today to listen (as a taxpayer in my own county) to the testimony of opposition at a committee meeting he headed that was dealing with the subject of election integrity.

“This democrat board member Vern [Tepe] hates free speech and must feel threatened with math anomalies I detailed at a previous meeting on election integrity.

“It’s ironic [Tepe] has a BS in math, but isn’t interested in hearing the math anomalies found in the November 2020 election that HE WAS ON THE BALLOT for in Kane County.

“[Tepe] should recuse himself from this issue of the committee just on this fact alone!

“Nobody on the ballot should be heading up any committee on Election Integrity (because he clearly is bias and likes the outcome that benefited him.)

“I was not there to speak today, just listen.

“However, they let a goofball Kendall county resident Stephen Youhanie, a man with a police record who gave a Nazi salute at a parade, the mic to try to discredit my assessment without my ability to respond.

“When I responded saying I would be auditing other counties, [Tepe] ordered security to remove me from the meeting.

“Free speech, our Liberty, our election integrity, and our future is attacked constantly by the leftists in power. These people are emboldened by their power and are politically motivated by their communistic ideals.

“Nobody should accept this, even on a local county level.”

Bobby Piton, Facebook post, 7/22/21, early evening


Response to the incident involving Piton’s ejection, and what led to it, will come later in commentary.

Since the purpose of the meeting was to hear the Kane County clerk’s office respond to the questions raised at the July 13 County Board meeting, the clerk’s office responded, in detail. The video is cued to the beginning of the presentation, which last 30 minutes, with additional discussion among the committee members for a little over 30 minutes.

Basically, all of the issues were addressed, and there will be no forensic audit because the clerk’s office proved none was needed. Please view the presentation, and judge for yourself if that assessment is accurate.

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham (R, Aurora) is speaking at the moment the video is cued. After Piton’s ejection, at the end of public comment, most of the Three Eagle Headed Alliance group walked out of the board room as the committee conducted its other agenda items prior to the clerk’s office presentation. Several did return to see most of the presentation:

If interested to hear the audio of the public comment portion of the meeting (the camera for speakers was minimized), please go to the 3:56 mark of the video, which includes Chairman Tepe’s opening remarks setting the rules for public comment.

My commentary of what I witnessed in the presentation, and at the meeting watching remote replay, will be saved for a future article, given focus should be on the clerk’s response to the election integrity questions from July 13.

External references:

  • Bobby Piton’s initial Facebook response can be viewed here
  • Bobby Piton’s detailed response, including video of interview via Facebook can be viewed here
  • Background information about Kendall County Party chairman Stephen Youhanie can be viewed here
  • McHenry County Blog article, 6/17/19, concerning Oswego Prairie Fest parade incident can be viewed here

Please, McHenry County Blog wants to hear what you think. While there’s a lot of material, particularly the Election Process presentation, please review what can be reviewed, let us know in comments what you did review and what did you think.


Fireworks at Kane County Board Committee Meeting on Election Integrity — 26 Comments

  1. For those who read newspapers and are interested in politics, the dissolution of the Aurora Election Board was something that HAPPENED.

    That’s why it’s best to not to just take a dive before you know how deep it is.

    Stephen Youhanie nabs supporting credits in his sterling role as Over-served Patron.

    Questions asked, questions answered. Boom!


  2. The precinct place issue, in that one precinct was NOT at a particular polling place, but another.

    The totals assigned to a precinct would be ordinary information out there, and reference to a PLACE would be unnecessary. What did they miss?

    Also, on the ballot styles.

    My longtime precinct I had as a judge had up to 4 ballot styles.

    Now, the manner in which this data was available might be clunky, but I think in each case, bears out as some electoral process naïveté.

    I can see when at first hearing, their initial points and numbers sound alarming, but before blowing a vessel or your wad, wouldn’t you direct inquiries at first to the Clerk?

    Unless I missed it, I didn’t hear anyone say that the Clerk’s office wasn’t productive or helpful when, or IF, asked; nor are they not being productive now.

    Wild accusations without homework.

    Either they don’t know how to go about satisfying their own curiosity, or else someone wanted to either stir up hornets or make a splash. 🤔


  3. Isn’t this the McHenry County Blog?

    I give zero F’s about Kane county.


  4. It is relevant as Piton is a potential candidate going forward.

    Not for me, mind, but for some.

    In order for math to be useful, you have to know how the system works and get the proper data before you can arrive at valid equations and a quality product.

    Demonstrated ability in one realm of scholarship does not always result in mastery in other disciplines.


  5. I thought the county’s election authority did a good job at answering the questions/concerns of Piton and others associated with Three Headed Eagle Alliance.

    Those Three Headed Eagle people look a little bit stupid now…

    But I thought the decision to throw Piton out of the building was ridiculous.

    They call that an interruption?

    I couldn’t even hear what he said and whatever he did say was in response to him being directly challenged by that big bellied guy named Stephen Youhanie.

    It sounded like Piton started murmuring something, maybe said one word (couldn’t even tell), and the people in charge flipped out and ordered him to be removed.

    It all happened very fast.

    Throwing Piton out of the room just makes people more suspicious of the process and it makes them dislike government and police more.

    That was very stupid.

    If you want to meet Piton in McHenry County and watch a documentary about election fraud, the date is Friday the 13th.

    It will be somewhere in Cary.

    Tickets are 25 dollars.
    Friday the 13th is the day that My Pillow guy says Trump will be reinstated.

  6. Mmm… must be something in those pillows. Must be stuffed with Hope-ium.

  7. Pillow guy’s prediction is not something I expect to happen either, Mellow Monk.

    John, Denise Crosby had a story in Aurora Beacon-News (which was also published on the Chicago Tribune’s website) where she mentioned someone who wants to run against Shepro next time for Kane County GOP Chair.

    (I saw you talking about that on Twitter with Mr Fuller.)

    ANDRO A LERARIO, the chairman of Campton Township Republicans, best fits that description because Crosby said this person was someone who made comments earlier that night that they were tired of being called racist/homophobic.

    Lerario made a comment that fits that description so maybe it is he who wants to challenge Shepro?

    Crosby’s article was from the 18th of July and the County Board meeting I’m referring to was on the 13th.

    I can’t find any clip from any meeting where I can hear someone clearly say they will be challenging Shepro next year, so not sure if the person was just not mic’d up when they said that or if it was said after the meeting or whatever… But based on her description, I suspect it’s Lerario.

    The thing about Piton running against Shepro for Kane County GOP Chair was something I heard from that Russian sounding IT guy who used to comment here, Mr. Kunyik.

    He had mentioned Piton running against Shepro in 2020.

    I found a few posts on FB that corroborate Kunyik’s story.

    Kunyik also mentioned Piton saying that he was considering running for a statewide office. I believe this was before we knew Piton was running for U.S. Senate.

    I had no reason to doubt Kunyik.

    If anything, he was a little bit TOO honest.

    Nonetheless, I tried to get some proof for you, John.

    I think two of the posts were from Piton himself and another was from Kane County Conservatives.

    I am copy and pasting a FB post from Kane County Conservatives below.

    The date of the post was 4/13/2020.

    “We are not a fan of Kane GOP Chairman Ken Shepro’s tenure as GOP chair. But NO one can dispute Terry Hunt’s leadership and dedication to the party.

    Terry Hunt is leading one of the more successful Township GOP organizations in the county. He is a knowledgeable and effective elected official. Most of all, he is a conservative who works hard to help our party.

    What could we be less of a fan of than Ken Shepro?

    How about egotistical political novices who masquerade in conservative clothing.

    People like Bobby Piton.

    This is a guy who’s only major donation was giving $500 to Richard Daley.

    He has NEVER voted in a Republican primary.

    We hear all he does is criticize, then offers no real solutions.

    His job is to go into companies and essentially fire people.

    Bobby was sued by his mother-in-law for fraud because he stole their family business.

    He has attacked countless hard working local Republicans.

    Now he wants to become the top Republican in the county.

    We support Terry Hunt. We don’t support this crazy dude.”


    I’m also going to copy and paste something from Piton because I thought it was funny.

    It doesn’t quite prove he ran against Shepro, but it does show he doesn’t like Shepro.

    Bobby Piton for US Senate
    August 22, 2020 ·

    “Ken Shepro has run the Kane County Central Committee into the ground. This pathetic, morbidly obese, sick man sits around like #Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life scheming and conniving behind the scenes. I’ll be posting all the ways #IneptCorruptShep destroyed the GOP in Kane as he is a testament to why the GOP is a complete disaster in the State of IL. We are all worse off because of his brand of politics. Rumor has it #Madigan is his hero.”


    The other post which I believe is from Piton is about how Kane County Chronicle misspelled his name. I don’t have FB so I can’t read the whole thing but I can see a partial message:

    “This is hilarious…. Ken Shepro was interviewed by the Kane County Chronicle about my run for Chair against him. My name happens to be spelled Python…”


    I read Fuller’s story today but now I can’t go back and read it again haha I guess I hit the limit.

    Maybe time to clean out cookies or something. Did he mention someone challenging Shepro in 2020 or maybe in 2022?

    I don’t recall reading that in Fuller’s article, but I went through the article sort of fast and was mostly focused on the stuff about Kane County Clerk rebutting specific claims.

    Even Rich Miller shared Fuller’s story.

    Called Piton and his entourage a bunch of “tinfoil hat” people.

    Between being physically removed from a county board meeting, having the Clerk rebut him, having the Daily Herald and Capitol Fax report on the debunking, and now having John Lopez sound like he doubts Bobby Piton… IT HASN’T BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR BOBBY!

    Do you think there will be a massive consolidation of support from Republican leaders for Rob Cruz?

    It sounds like he’s the only candidate for Senate who has any experience as an elected official, his fundraising numbers were the best out of all the candidates (though still low), and he has a Hispanic name.

    When you combine that with Bobby Piton’s ties to Q-Anon, Piton’s recent humiliation, Peggy Hubbard being Peggy Hubbard, and the other candidates (Salinas and Arview) seeming like they’re not seriously running and probably won’t even get on the ballot, doesn’t it seem like Cruz is the safe bet, the default pick, the broad consensus sort of candidate???

    I don’t think anybody is going to defeat Duckworth, but it almost seems like at this point they just want someone who isn’t a nutball to get on the ballot and drag other people down by turning the whole thing into a circus, and it seems like Cruz might be that person?

    idk if any of this rambling makes any sense. Maybe I’m just talking like an idiot again. haha

  8. A few weeks ago, I caught wind of somebody going to the Kane County Board meeting to accuse Jack Cunningham of election fraud.

    The reason that I chose to speak then was because I could not believe that Jack would do or allow such actions.

    I’ve known Jack since I got involved as the Chair of the Aurora Teen-age Republicans in the early 70’s.

    Jack is the epitome of what’s possible in America.

    After becoming Water Commissioner of Aurora, he decided to run for Congress.

    He tried and lost a few times.

    As the years went by, people smirked, or rolled their eyes when he was on the ballot for State’s Attorney.

    Then finally, in his 60’s, he won the Clerk’s position.

    Few in America would have accomplished this.

    Talk about a never quit attitude.

    In my mind, he is a historic figure in electoral history.

    I could not believe that he would throw it all away for election fraud.

    I listened to Mr. Piton’s reasoning as to why he started this misadventure.

    I keyed in to his stating that Kane County had an amazing increase of over 53,000 voters, while having a population increase of only 3.3%.

    I did some fact checking to find that Kane, Kendall, and McHenry have similar differences.

    Also, I found out that his 53,000 figure was off by 5,000.

    The point of my speaking at the Public Services meeting was to let Mr. Piton, and the board members know that when you are accusing Jack and his employees with election fraud, you need to get your facts straight from the beginning.

    Credibility counts only when you get your facts straight.

    As for Mr. Lopez bringing up my history, I have a few observations.

    If it was to belittle what I had to say, it doesn’t make sense to do that.

    I find it interesting that Mr. Piton got agitated as I was speaking.

    If a “goofball” got the best of him, what does that say about him.

    Is he worse than a “goofball?”

  9. Correcting, thank you for your thoughtful, detailed and researched response.

    Much here, and still offsite “on assignment”, can’t respond and do justice.

    Will have to return home.

    When it comes to Bobby Piton, in many ways, he reminds me of IL-16 candidate Jack Lombardi.

    Completely new to politics with little to no history working on local issues or within the party.

    Unlike Lombardi, at least Piton was elected Republican precinct committeeperson last year for 1st time, so he has a semblance of credibility over Lombardi, who in my honest opinion acts like a buffoon and his fundraising shows.

    More later.

  10. “ Mr. Lopez,

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    We have a few different things going on here simultaneously.

    Number one, let me clarify something: Mr. Bobby Piton is NOT part of our election integrity team, the information he presented was independent from our own research.

    Having said that, we are grateful for any analysis he has done for Kane County, because it’s vitally important that all citizens work together to restore integrity.

    Furthermore, what has been lost in all the rhetoric, is the fact that yes, although Aurora was added in, which does it count for over 50,000 new registrations, it still does not explain away the fact that consistently each year, Kane County voter registration continue to increase, as the population continues to decrease, with many citizens leaving the state of Illinois (and Kane County.)

    In regards to examples of just one of our grievances, the Kane County Clerk’s office cited a different Illinois election law than what other area County Clerk offices (McHenry, DeKalb) did, with regards to why VBM MUST be initialed.

    (Specifically, 10 ILCS5/17 Conduct of Elections and 10 ILCS 5/19 Voting by Mail, which provides guidance for processing ballots.)

    Furthermore, DuPage, Will, Lake, McHenry, Grundy, DeKalb, and Livingston ALL required VBM to be initialed by both a Democrat & Republican election judge in order to be officially counted.

    Any that were not initialed were “thrown out”, I.e. not counted.

    Lastly, at the Public Service committee, we presented a packet that has 3 1/2 pages worth of questions, that are still left unanswered by the Kane County Clerk’s office.

    We have been told that we will receive a formal written response to each of those questions.

    Upon receipt, we would be happy to provide you a copy of our questions and their answers.

    As citizens of Kane County, and members of the ThreeHeadedEagleAlliance, we are grateful that the Kane County Clerk’s office is willingness to engage with us.

    Having said that, unfortunately, we were not provided a copy of the packet that was presented at the Public Service committee meeting on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

    Furthermore, we were not allowed to give a rebuttal, to anything that was presented.

    Frankly, we have some grievances with the information the County Clerk’s office presented, as it was not an accurate representation of the irregularities we found.

    (Thus, the reason the citizens of Kane County requested an independent, third-party forensic audit. It’s never a good idea to let the bank robbers audit the bank robbery, and be given the opportunity to count the money…)

    We will continue to follow up with both the Kane County Clerk’s office, as well as the Kane County Board, until these matters are resolved in a manner that both parties feel there is transparency and good communication.”

  11. Mr. Lopez,

    Where is Ms. Moresco’s response from today to your column of 7/23 on the Kane County Board meeting where she presented on election integrity issues?

    It wouldn’t be held back, would it?

    In no way did the Kane County staff or Jack answer the pertinent questions in the packet given to them before the Public Service Meeting.

    You really need to have more information before you spread your biased opinion.

  12. Stephanie, did you folks first approach the Clerk’s Office with your questions at all in the beginning?

    All too often, it seems a common tactic is to assume dishonesty and malfeasance based on “evidence”, without giving their “opponent” a chance to answer their questions.


  13. Dear Mellow Monk,

    Thank you for your question.

    Yes, our team met with the Kane County Clerk’s office first on June 28, 2021 (directly with Mr. Cunningham & his team).

    We met for over an hour & a half, and left there with more questions than when we arrived.

    It was at that point, we felt our only option was to seek additional help from the Kane County Board & make them aware of the anomalies we found.

  14. Dear Mellow Monk,

    Thank you for your question.

    Yes, we went first to the Kane County Clerk’s office, and our election integrity team met with them on June 28, 2021, for over an hour and a half.

    Unfortunately, we left their office with more questions than we had, when we arrived.

    It was at that point we felt our only option was to seek help from the Kane County Board and share with them the anomalies we found.

  15. Ms. Susan B. Dixon, first I don’t know who you are, but I suggest you get off your high horse and show respect to the owner of McHenry County Blog and those who have the honor to contribute to it.

    Take Mr. Stephen Youhanaie’s example.

    If you are the board member Ms. Moresco committed to me privately who would follow-up with me, I expected the follow-up in email, not in comments.

    I posted Ms. Moresco’s response in a separate article.

    I did not know she was going to post them herself in comments, but that was her call.

    If you’re the one who was going to follow-up with me with additional information Ms. Moresco said you’d provide, take it private, and provide it.

    Thank you.

  16. **show respect to the owner of McHenry County Blog and those who have the honor to contribute to it.**


  17. Alabama Shake can say ‘LOL’ all they want but it’s apparent that they can’t seem to stay away from this blog.

  18. Mary Horn makes fat jokes about commenters she’s never seen or met, and questions my maturity.

    Cool cool.

    Greg – you’re right.

    It is like a car accident that you can’t help but slow down and watch when you drive by.

    You just can’t look away.

    But yes, it is laugh-out-loud funny that John demands respect and tells OTHERS to get off their high horse because a commenter dare question or challenge him.

  19. Wrong again, Alabama.

    Would you allow someone to enter your home and disrespect their host?

    I think not, unless Democrats have a different rule for decorum.

  20. This isn’t your home.

    It is a blog that allows all kinds of racism, homophobia, and antisemitism.

    It is fascinating that you have zero problems with all of those things, but if someone dares question you we get a hissy fit from you.

    Paraphrasing John: “Get of your high horse, only JOHN LOPEZ is allowed to be on the high horse!”

  21. But glad to you know that your home welcomes blatant racism and bigotry.

  22. We The People reserve the right to CONFIRM our votes counted, all ballots cast were legitimate and the process used by Election officials was the best, most efficient available.

    This is about quality control, CONFIRMING to process is legitimate and restoring CONFIDENCE in the political process.

    Why can’t we look?

    Why are our so-called “leaders” so very frightened of forensic election oversight? It’s a beautiful way to PROVE that “democracy” works as intended!

    Yet, when asked to consider a forensic audit, the arrogant behavior of “so-called” local, city & state “officials” only serves to EXPEDITE the erosion of confidence in the political and electoral process…

    The logic has become:
    The official refusing the audit MUST be corrupt, because he/she is afraid of what wrongdoing we’ll uncover, therefore THE ELECTION WAS ILLEGITIMATE and everyone involved is GUILTY.

    To note:
    I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat.
    I am not a conservative or a Liberal, nor am I hoping to expose some grand conspiracy….

    I am a common sense American, WHO knows all too well, you can’t take a politician’s word for truth!

    Lets add perspective, the Fox is running the henhouse and the farmer has NO say in the manner.
    Think about it, what kind of election system ALLOWS candidates or incumbent politicians to create, remove or adjust election processes to best fit their whims?
    When did we lose our capacity for critical thought?

    The elections belong SOLELY to the PEOPLE!
    The ballots belong to US.
    The votes are our OWN!

    No party, official or candidate should have involvement in the electoral process, PERIOD.

    As such. We the PEOPLE should forensically audit EVERY election, EVERY single time!

    After all, Corruption in Illinois has ALWAYS been the RULE, not the exception and we’ve learned that lesson the HARD way…repeatedly.

    Citizen forensic oversight of the electoral process is LONG overdue!
    Today, tens of MILLIONS of Americans (not just Trump voters) have serious concerns about the legitimacy of ALL political processes and those serving within it…

    In fact, what if we discovered that many of our most-despised politicians were ACTUALLY “placed” into office by illegitimate means?

    In truth, people are taking this as a given.

    Corruption is confirmed with every aggressive refusal by “officials” to allow for a thorough forensic REVIEW of election materials & results.

    Even if it’s NOT true, these officials have made it so….

    We MUST confirm and ensure, We the People will ALWAYS have legitimate reason to remain confident in our electoral/voting process.

    Until we restore confidence in our elections, the courageous and the corrupt will be painted using the same broad brush of suspicion, distrust & illegitimacy..

    There’s a sure fire way to evaluate our elections and PROVE Americans can trust we’re being represented legitimately!


    These so-called “Leaders” can continue to reject forensic auditing, indignantly refuse to consider it for debate, directly insult worried/concerned American voters and further erode our faith in this constitutional republic (it’s not a democracy).


    That’s not what leaders do!

    Do it NOW!

    Be the first county to work together, get it done & PROVE to represent ALL of your constituents!

    You say, Why?

    I say, Why Not?

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