Fox Picks Up Prairie Grove Flag Ticket Story

CBS was first out of the box when WBBM-TV sent a reporter to the corner of Route 176 and Valley View Road i Prairie Grove to cover the story about the Village’s having issued tickets for flying an American Flag.

Fox News followed up.

New information provided follows:

Terry Trobiani says he was just trying to celebrate the Fourth of July when he placed two American flags on wooden poles in front of Gianelli’s, his hot dog and beef business along Highway 176.

“The next day the village administrator comes in and he gives me a pamphlet of the sign ordinance pertaining to flags,” said Trobiani. “He says you might want to read this.”

But just one day later, Trobiani says the village of Prairie Grove gave him two tickets for “improper display.” Those tickets are now taped to his restaurant’s front door.

Village President David Underwood told the station that th flags were “illegally too close to the road and could’ve blown into traffic” in an indirect quote.

Prairie Grove Village President David Underwood.

Underwood added, “”I think it’s disgraceful, because he’s using the American flag as a tool to further his business interests.”

Trobian indicated he would fight the tickets and expected a roomful of supporters at the hearing.


Fox Picks Up Prairie Grove Flag Ticket Story — 19 Comments

  1. I really don’t care how this pissing match all started.

    But what you are seeing is what I predicted.

    Elected rubes crashing from their previous totalitarian pandemic sugar high.

    That’s the story that smug journo-babies should be reporting.

  2. “Trobian indicated he would fight the tickets and expected a roomful of supporters at the hearing.”

    When is that hearing?

  3. The flags could have blown and could have poked an eye out don’t you know??

    Because you were kneeling you tool, stand up, like we did in school.

    You need to fire everyone in that administration at the next election.

    They could garner more revenue if they had a red light camera.

    Oh wait, do the even have a traffic light in that alley of a town??

  4. I sudee with the hot dog purveyor, not the tiny town tyrant-hotdogs.

  5. The hearing is set for August 25th (Wednesday?) at 1:30 p.m. at the Prairie Grove village hall.

    People have a month to organize and prepare.

  6. It’s kinda funny how much the USA is becoming more like the old USSR every day, and Russia is becoming more like the old 1950s America.

    The atheistic, Jew-ridden communist Russia has become the antiabortion, antiLGBTQ-death cult, proChristian defender of Europe from the Chinese and Moslem hordes, while America heads in the opposite direction with homo, negro and criminal idolatry.

  7. I’m guessing CornPop doesn’t remember the 90’s when we had this weird fixation on Japan, with it’s dedicated worker class, sitting in tiny apartments playing pachinko and watching sado-masochistic game shows.

    That’s us now.

  8. More weasels in government across the USA!

    The swamp extends far and wide.

    The little hats keep giving and giving.

  9. But some day, many of those ‘little hats’ will be adorning telephone poles, providing nourishment to turkey vultures and crows.

  10. Underwood is the one using the American flag for his petty attacks on a businessman

  11. What is crazy is this underwood dude doesn’t get it that making a law like the one tgey are trying to enforce is despicable

  12. But its ok for a kid to sell lemonade without a permit!

    or for a fish truck to peruse the streets selling w/o permits… ?

    really …

    how unAmerican are you people going to go to?

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