Shirley Chisholm’s Slogan Reverberating

Remember Paul Serwatka’s campaign for state representative?

A Friend of McHenry County Blog did.

Serwatka’s slogan was a derivative of Democratic Party Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm’s “Unbought and Unbossed.”

Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 “Unbought and Unbossed” slogan on her poster.

It said, “Un-Bought Un-Bossed Un-Bullied.” ..

It appears others like it, too..

Progressive Democratic candidate Raleigh Bowman uses Chisholm’s words in reverse order.

Bowman is challenging incumbent Democratic congressman, Mike Quigley in Chicago.

Peggy Hubbard, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, uses the original: “Unbought and Unbossed.”

This slogan is quite old, even older than Serwatka’s campaign.

In 1968, Shirley Chisolm became the first black female elected to Congress.

In 1972, Chisolm ran for President. See her slogan, “Unbought and Unbossed.”


Shirley Chisholm’s Slogan Reverberating — 8 Comments

  1. If Shirley was still with us, she would tell you that today’s reality, has utterly strangled her beliefs to death.

  2. Shirley Chisholm was Lightfoot Lite!

    Only lite because she had to go easy on the Marxism given the times.

    A radical communist and promiscuous lesbian …. she was spouting CRT before the term was created.

  3. I’m guessing Kangaroo also annoys his neighbors, with his backyard Didgeridoo playing and Boomerang tossing.

  4. sign might also have said Unfulfilled term…unimaginable….which led to Popeye and Olive Oyl….still unindicted…unbelievable.

  5. “In my day, it was COOL when black people rioted. Heck, these people would be MAGA supporters now!” -D J the BOOMER


  6. Not reparations for blacks…. repatriations.

    When they’re starving in Zambia and suffering from kwashiorkor in South Sudan, maybe they’ll feel life in America was pretty damn great.

  7. I used to have a poster with the heads of Shirley Chisholm and George Wallace transplanted into Grant Wood’s famous American Gothic painting.

    I received a lot of interesting comments about it.

  8. The blacks cannot coexist with non-simians. Give the a bantustan in Afrika.

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