Domestic Battery in Harvard

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 07-14-21 at 1803 hrs police responded to the 600 blk 2nd St regarding a unwanted subject.

Upon arrival and as a result of the investigation into the incident Nicole A Howell (f-34 yoa), 210 Grove St Apt 2G, Woodstock was arrested on McHenry County Failure to Appear Warrant for previous Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and Aggravated DUI charge.

Howell was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.

On 07-19-21 at 1959 hrs, Brian G Garcia (m-41 yoa) 605 2 nd St, Harvard was arrested for Domestic Battery after it was alleged, he grabbed a household member, dragged them across the room causing bruises to their arms and
scratches to their legs and feet.

Garcia was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


On 07-21-21 at 0224 hrs, Jack C Humphrey (m-21 yoa), 1705 W Halma Ln, Woodstock was arrested for Domestic Battery – Provoking Insulting Nature, Domestic Battery – Great Bodily Harm and Criminal Damage to
Property after it was alleged, he shoved, spat on and broke the cell phone of a household member. Humphrey was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


On 07-21-21 at 2229 hrs, Brent W Harris (m-54 yoa), 7303 N US Hwy 14, Harvard was arrested for Domestic Battery after it was alleged, he punched a family member in the face. Harris was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


Domestic Battery in Harvard — 16 Comments

  1. But did any of the purported ‘victims’ provoke, cause or in some way deserve it?

    I say some did!

  2. Alabama, people in glass houses shouldn’t be casting stones.

    My 39 yrs experience in law enforcement proves the corn pop is right.

    And believe you me, Hispanics use knives a lot, Negroes stomp, kick and pummel, usually in groups.

    Poor impulse control.

    That’s why Negroe males make up about 6 % of the total US population, but comprise something like 67% of all jailbirds.

    Facts are facts.

  3. “Negroe” really DeputyDoom?

    Who did you go to school with?….Archie Bunker.

    Come out from your underground bomb shelter and join the real world.

    From your name I can tell where you served and the reason you use the word negroe still.

  4. Careful Deputy, liberals only allow facts when it suits their agenda.

  5. DeputyCoon and PornFlop. Great tag team. Can’t even spell negro.


  6. Then get your facts right.

    Closer to 13% and 33%.

    It’s called looking up facts.


  7. Oh, Mellow, don’t think that these folks will let facts get in the way.

    Deputy — no glass house for me, so I guess I can throw as many stones as I want?

    But wait… are you going to share some BS about my IP address that is blatantly false?


  8. Mary – welcome to the blog. Seems like you’re new around here.

    Or are using another screen name.

    Glad you can join the crew that’s obsessed with me though.

  9. Mellow Monk is stupid. His stats suck, just like he does

    Black males Do Not make up 13 of USA pop.

  10. By bending over backwards to help African American, we have put them in situations that almost always create failure, and failure breeds resentment.

    Things will get worse as we do even more to assuage their anger.

    Imagine a middling student put in an advanced math class as “a favor.”

    He will flounder.

    Suppose his floundering does not send him back to a basic class, but leads to exhortations to excel (“you can do it!”), daily tutoring, and raised expectations because anything less guarantees failure.

    After six months of misery, he fails and must withdraw.

    Failure brings shame and plummeting self-esteem.

    His benefactors add insult to injury by congratulating themselves for giving “opportunity” to the less fortunate.

    This is what millions of blacks now go through.

    Charles Murray’s recent Facing Reality explains this “failure machine.”

    He shows that blacks, on average, cognitively lag behind whites (and Asians) but due to political pressure and the good intentions of whites, are put in positions where they must compete with smarter whites and Asians.

    In college, blacks gravitate to easy-to-pass majors such as Black Studies rather than demanding STEM fields.

    This racial sorting is obvious to everyone.

    Black college graduates are heavily recruited by prestige firms, but are typically in less demanding jobs in marketing, for example, rather than finance.

    Intellectually demanding colleges are especially good at humiliating blacks by a thousand cuts.

    These youngsters may have excelled in high school, been told how bright they are, and won awards.

    However, when they arrive on campus, they discover an immense remediation bureaucracy just for them.

    Shades of being required to attend summer school due to failing 4th grade.

    Meanwhile, these black students notice scores of black functionaries whose job is to attract and retain more students like them.

    Why are they the only ones singled out for this “helpful” attention? Some may even be aware that admission officers must always devise new tricks to exclude better qualified Asians.

    Then, there is the patronizing attitude of white faculty, including woke allies.

    Few people object to undeserved praise for mediocre work or to gift grades, but it’s hard to believe that most blacks are unaware of this condescension.

    These ego-bruising experiences explain why campus blacks increasingly self-segregate and lash out at the elite institutions that admit them — and why they increasingly gravitate to less stressful HBCUs.

    No wonder segregated housing and separate graduation ceremonies, and even black-only classes are the rage.

    Meanwhile, demonstrating against alleged racism, even hate crime hoaxes, are therapeutic escapes to mask feelings of inferiority.

    Imagine attending a graduation ceremony in which nearly all are people like yourself who barely scraped by in fields that are considered jokes on elite campuses?

    Better to avoid reality with raucous celebrations.

    Charles Murray shows that even when black graduates manage to get into demanding professions, they fall toward the bottom, just as they did in college.

    Among accountants, the average IQ of whites is 111 but for blacks it is 100 (p. 76).

    There is a sizable intelligence gap in the most demanding professions, such as medicine, law, and higher education: an average white IQ or 118 vs. 105 for blacks.

    Black doctors are less competitive in advancing up the career ladder, and as on campus, psychic relief can come from filing discrimination lawsuits or crying “racism.”

  11. Lee Preston I was working on ANTIFA operation: “no country for old white men”, I cant say much about this little blue supply chain substitution operation other then to say some birth control pills are almost the exact same size a Viagra

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