Week After Prairie Grove Flag Ticket Demonstration, NWH Runs Story

On Saturday, July 17th, Supporters of Prairie Grove only restaurant, Gianelli’s, held a rally to protest the issuance to two tickets concerning the flying a American flags too close to Route 176.

Yesterday in its Sunday feed of articles, the Northwest Herald referenced an article on the demonstration.


Week After Prairie Grove Flag Ticket Demonstration, NWH Runs Story — 12 Comments

  1. NoWorst Herald about as local as the latest AP story they rip off the teletype machine.

    And when they do a “big local” story, its maybe 3 paragraphs–its as if they pay the reporters 5 bucks a word and they cant afford it.

    Horrible news.

    A shame too, because Local truly is what folks want, its where we live and work, instead they give us all Left Wing national Political writers, AP (left wing) stories, and the comics, never balanced or both sides of anything but what is commanded from Shaw Headquarters.

    You want local, you come here, Lake/McHenry Scanner, or Patch sometimes.

    The rest?

    Might as well turn on CNN.

  2. Which “news source” is the most useless, NoWorst Herald or The Patch ?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. If we had non-union and “neutral” teachers in schools, one of the most important lessons and discussions with children, every school year, K-12, would be about the so-called news media and their bias and corruption. Children should learn at a very early age to be skeptical about all news sources, publications, newspapers, radio news, tv news, internet news, bias by large media platforms that host commenting, etc. Teachers would have examples, very very numerous through the decades, of the bias and dishonesty of media.

  4. Day Late and a Dollar Short if it has anything to do with FREE AMERICANS they could care less

  5. It seems Bob Wire hasn’t discovered the joy of my literary imprint.

    I mainly write about fighting, farting, boobs, car wrecks and barfing.

    Put me in charge of that local rag and I’ll make it relevant again.

  6. Northwest Piece of Trash.

    It was always trash.

    Now it’s a tabloid piece of trash.

    Who’ll get the Mark Sweetwood memorial tall tale word salad award?

  7. Eddie Komenda beat feet when they told him to ‘change’ some stories until he captured what they wanted him to write.

  8. I think when Steve Willson of Lakewood retires he should see about starting a rival local paper.

    That would be awesome!

  9. They have the best fries I’ve ever had!!!!

    I didn’t know they had ice cream!!!!

    Good to know.

    Another reason to stop by…

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