After Being Ejected from Kane County Board Committee Meeting, Bobby Piton Goes to Arizona for President Trump’s Rally

Bobby Piton

Should Congressman Adam Kinzinger be forced to run for U.S. Senate if his House district eliminated at congressional remap, could Piton become Trump’s guy to defeat Kinzinger in possible U.S. Senate primary?

After being ejected from the Kane County Board’s Public Service Committee meeting last Thursday, within 72 hours in an admittedly last minute trip, U.S. Senate candidate Bobby Piton (R, Geneva) attended President Trump’s rally in Arizona, hosted by Turning Point USA.

Piton, who in mid January received a handwritten 45th birthday card from then-President Trump, may be positioned as the Trump-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, especially if Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) runs for U.S. Senate in the event Illinois Democrats eliminate the current IL-16 Congressional District.

(While many believe McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf is the preferred candidate of President Trump against Kinzinger in a House Republican primary, Lauf is ineligible to run for U.S. Senate due to her sub-30 age)

Here is the nearly 4 1/2 minute video, recorded by Liz Harris, candidate for the Arizona Legislature:

Note: Clicking the arrow will take you to Periscope TV, which was where the interview was originally live streamed


After Being Ejected from Kane County Board Committee Meeting, Bobby Piton Goes to Arizona for President Trump’s Rally — 11 Comments

  1. Who is this guy, “Bobby”?

    What is his background, accomplishments?

  2. Kinsinger was crying on TV, you guys are heroes, you are not defined by a bad day but how you respond to the good days.

    Boo-hoo-hoo fricking crybaby.

  3. I have to agree with Monk on this one.

    No real substance or proof of election fraud with of all his questions and insinuations .

    I think he’s just trying to get on the news.

  4. Right, and it’s just like all the news teasers 15 minutes before the hour.

    “Oh, just wait, you’ll see this amazing story you won’t believe.”

    They keep jacking up everyone and then nothings really there….

    And then there’s the Q, so I’m out.


  5. Mellow Monk, F off!

    Your kind are needed in Cuba to keep the slaves down.

  6. I agree with Monk too.

    Where is the progress?

    It’s almost August (election was almost 9 months ago) and how is it going?

    People are still saying Trump will be back in office.

    Do you ever think those people might be wrong or maybe they are playing you?

    If you can’t make progress in states with Republican trifectas (like Georgia and Arizona) how are you going to have progress with decertification in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan?

  7. This guy Pitton needs a campaign manager to tell him how to dress, talk, set priorities.

    He’s a disheveled mess and seems to be all over the place instead of zeroing in on what should be priorities.

    (even though I agree with some of his theories, but they are just that-theories. He must prove his election fraud or he will lose a lot of people, and may even be labeled as a fraud.)

    Duckworth is in no danger of losing her seat right now to any of the candidates running against her.

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