Three Republican State Senators Say They Will Not Vote to Raise Electric Rates

The three State Senators who represent parts of Crystal Lake held a Town Hall Meeting at the City Hall on Tuesday evening.

State Senators. Dan McConchie, Craig Wilcox and Don DeWitte took turns summarizing what happened and what didn’t happen during the spring session.

I attended to get updates photos and to ask one question:

“Are you going to vote to raise my electric rates?”

All three made it clear they would not vote to do so, so my second question was irrelevant.

It was, “If you said, ‘yes,’ will you accept contributions from Commonwealth Edison?”

There was a pretty good crowd.

Crowd at Senators Town Hall Meeting in Crystal Lake City Hall.

No hostile questions were asked.


Three Republican State Senators Say They Will Not Vote to Raise Electric Rates — 10 Comments

  1. Well, that’s kinda a no brained given the scandal.

    Is that all these finks will do?

  2. If anyone does not have a problem with the behavior of Israel and its proxies in the United States I will attempt to explain.

    Wealthy Israel, which has been taking the United States taxpayer for a ride for over seventy years, is a major strategic liability for the US and a moral cesspit due to its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians and its incessant promotion of war within its region and beyond.

    Its president is now grossly hyperbolically referring to an ice cream company’s partial boycott as a “new form of terrorism.”

    In the current context, its Foreign Minister and Ambassador are also inter alia interfering in US politics and our judiciary, openly calling on individual American states to take steps to sanction and punish a Vermont based ice cream company which made a business decision based on both moral and legal considerations.

  3. What’s accomplished if all 18 Republican state senators vote no and if all 41 Democratic state senators vote yes?

    The Demicratics still win and raise the electric rates. 🤔

  4. Gee thanks Lee.

    But I’ll reserve judgement on your rant, until I find out if your wearing an Izod shirt or a Keffiyeh.

  5. It ain’t over until the Fat Man sings, if you catch my drift.

  6. Lee, Lee, calm down now, honey!

    Time for your pill. You don’t want to go back to the home so soon.


  7. …so if they vote no, electric rates won’t go up? That’s what you’re saying?

    I thought the issue of voting yes was that it was seen as a bailout?

    So if you don’t vote for the bailout, how is that going to result in electric companies not hiking rates? Wouldn’t they be more likely to hike rates?

    It’s possible I don’t understand the issue, although to be fair neither this blog or pretty much any media has done a good job explaining what the bill does and the pros and cons of the bill. All I know is people are supposed to be angry. . .

    A good follow up question would have been “What, if any, are the negative consequences of you voting no?”

    And you should have asked that to Wilcox because he definitely needs experience in handling tough questions. He’s not very good at this whole politics thing! If Democrats run a woman who is not a literal tax collector and is not ugly, I don’t know if cuh nul craig is going to make it. He might not make it.

  8. Did Dave Syverson, who’s facing a primary fight for reelection next year which will involve some Crystal Lake residents in the redrawn 35th Legislative District, attend?

    If not, was there anyone who appeared to be “scouting” for Syverson?

  9. Hey LEE, is it ok to hate the zionistas who stole our nuclear technology, killed US sailors in the USS Liberty false flag operation, and embroil us in forever wars in the Middle east and the libtard POSs who run Tom & Jerry’s overpriced ice cream (which I’ve been boycotting for many years)?

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