Did You Know All of McHenry County Is Now Covered by Dial-a-Ride?

Somehow I missed a rather massive expansion of Pace service throughout McHenry County.

Now all residents can use the service.

Back in 1974 when the Regional Transportation Authority referendum was in process, what I thought was an outlandish promise was made:

“Public transportation, when and where you need it, through the region.”

(The evidence of that promise is contained somewhere in my massive RTA files at DeKalb’s Regional History Center and University Archives.)

It been almost forty years since the promise was made, but it seems to have been finally kept in McHenry County.

Here is the December 14, 2020, press release I didn’t remember when I went searching to the cost of expanding service throughout Algonquin Township:

MCRide Dial-A-Ride Expansion

WOODSTOCK, Illinois – McHenry County today announced a partnership with Pace Suburban Bus offering expanded dial-a-ride services in McHenry County starting on January 1, 2021.

The dial-a-ride services, previously provided in select municipalities and townships across the County, will now be offered countywide.

The service is also expanding hours of operation, making it available from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week. There will be no changes to the fare structure.

“On behalf of Lake County Center for Independent Living, serving McHenry County, our organization sends a huge thank you for all that the County has done to provide Dial-a-Ride service to McHenry county residents who need it the most,” said McHenry County Public Transportation Advisory Committee Chairwoman Jenny Farley, who works as a Program Services Supervisor for Lake County CIL.

“For those who rely on public transportation in order to access employment, medical care, life’s necessities and so much more in our McHenry County communities, this is a dream come true.

“We are proud of the work that the McHenry County Board has done to offer borderless transportation for people with disabilities and its residents! This is truly a life changer. What a wonderful accomplishment to coincide with the 30th anniversary year of the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

In addition to the coverage area expansion, MCRide will offer seven destination points outside of
McHenry County where users are able to start or end their ride.

The seven point destinations are:

  • Advocate Good Shepard Hospital;
  • Barrington Metra Station;
  • Randall Oaks Park/Zoo/Golf Course;
  • The Arboretum;
  • Advocate Sherman Hospital;
  • Spring Hill Mall; and
  • Chain O’Lakes State Park.

The service is available to anyone regardless of age, ability, trip purpose or residency, and all MCRide buses are fully wheelchair accessible.

MCRide is funded by Section 5310 federal transit grants administered by the Regional Transportation Authority.

To learn more about MCRide, like us on Facebook @mcridetransportation or visit www.mchenrycountydot.org .

More information, including how to make a reservation, can be found here.


Did You Know All of McHenry County Is Now Covered by Dial-a-Ride? — 16 Comments

  1. I tried to use Dial A Ride when I had to go in for cancer treatment in 2015.

    They would not provide the service to me.

  2. This is actually good news.

    My severely disabled daughter uses the dial a ride program.

    It offers her independence instead of me having to drive her where she needs to go.

    But leave it to those on the McHenry County Blog to post their usual crap to try to make it a bad thing.

  3. Fluff – that was 2015. Six years ago!!!

    The program has changed since then.

  4. The township cost to provide a ride was cheaper than Pace and riders didn’t have to wait as long for returning service back home.
    Alg township uses retired personnel part time with no benefits, Pace is full time with benefits.
    Cal FOIA the townships and Pace per ride costs, info Bob never produces with his whine.

  5. I thought the townships’ bus programs value was in the small considerations and assistances, including front door service that the drivers provided their passengers.

    A level of service PACE can’t provide.

    They will assist passengers into the front door, help with their groceries, etc, quickly and efficiently. Over the years, I’ve had a number of neighbors who could rely on their 1-2 time per week pickups in order to remain independent at home.

    I thought the finances and statistics for the program compared to net cost were quite reasonable when broken down into a per ride basis.


  6. Why are the dogshit elected officials paying for a duplicate dial a ride bus service for Section 8 crappers when the county provides identical service?

  7. Dunce Monk, the McHenry Township rides are hardly cost effective.

    They cost over $49 one way.

  8. Dianne, sorry to hear about your daughter.

    Maybe you should take her to St. Jude’s.

  9. These buses can take you to liquor stores and ‘massage’ parlors, too.

  10. $49 a ride is that a recent number, would you share the document that came from?

    I believe in 2015 Pace was $53 a ride, about 40% hire that Alg township at that time.

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