IL-16: Catalina Lauf Endorsed for Election by Congressman Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn
Catalina Lauf

From joint statement from Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11) and Catalina Lauf for Congress Campaign released through Fox News and POLITICO:

Hendersonville, N.C. – Congressman Madison Cawthorn endorsed House Candidate, Catalina Lauf, for Illinois 16th Congressional District today.

Congressman Cawthorn issued the following statement:

“America faces a choice in 2022, a choice between electing voices for all the people or voices for only the powerful.

“Establishment hacks, who prioritize the approval of CNN, Nancy Pelosi, and radical Democrats in Congress have more in common with socialist activists than American Patriots. Elected officials, who side with Pelosi and sideline the American people, have no place in the Republican Party.

“I say here today: political insider Adam Kinzinger has no place in the Republican Party. I am the first to condemn D.C. insider Kinzinger and the first to endorse a powerful America First, political outsider, in Catalina Lauf. I assure you I will not be the last. She is dedicated to working for, not against, the interests of the people of Illinois, and I know that she will be a powerful fighter in Washington.

“The day of the pandering politician is over, it is time for American lions to rise, and in 2022 this nation will hear the roar of freedom.”

Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf joined Congressman Cawthorn, stating:

“I am honored to have Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s endorsement. Since he was elected, Madison has shown passion, tenacity, authenticity, and courage. He has been a lion on the Hill, a fighting voice the American people desperately deserve.

“Our campaign has been about emulating Congressmen and women like Madison: being dutiful servants of the American people, possessing grit in the face of adversity, and putting the needs of our constituents first. We are grateful for the faith Congressman Cawthorn has shown in our campaign and our mission to take on Pelosi Republican, Adam Kinzinger. I look forward to fighting for our values beside him in Congress.”



IL-16: Catalina Lauf Endorsed for Election by Congressman Madison Cawthorn — 22 Comments

  1. LOL – I don’t need to reach into anyone’s oppo folder to know about Madison Cawthorn.

    Good try though.

  2. This SIMP couldn’t even wait for the new maps to be released before he went and endorsed her.

    What a simp!

    Per John Lopez’s Twitter, I see Fox News covered this story.

    Politico might cover it too — one of their reporters tweeted about it.

    It’s big news apparently.

  3. One of my favorite things about drinking in an American Legion Bar, is nobody knows what the internet is.

  4. DJ, are you the alias of Alabama snd the Antifag Tauler?

    Sounds like it.

  5. Correcting, had to reread my own timeline, and I see I should have listed POLITICO first, given Olivia Beavers’ tweet was the first time I got wind of it, and copy & paste her copy of release, before either Cawthorn or Lauf’s campaigns formally issued their releases.

    I’m guessing FOX News was given first media access, and Beavers heard about it and tweeted right before 2PM CT.

    Oh well.

    One wonders, who will be next to endorse Lauf of current Members of Congress, and will they wait until the new congressional remap is approved?

  6. TheTerminator, I don’t believe D J is anybody but D J.

    As said in another thread, D J lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, the Dallas side, in the TX-24 Congressional District.

  7. Y’all. We’ve covered this before.

    I have zero aliases that I use on this blog.

    I know that y’all are obsessed with me, but don’t worry — you only have to obsess with one name, and not the others.

  8. Iā€™m guessing Terminator just figured out those boner pills he bought on my whackachimp website were skittles.

  9. TheTerminator, I could be anybody… Might even be everyone… You could be the only real person in the whole world.

    With as often as commenters accuse all these people of being me must mean ANTIFA operation: “pointing Spider-Men” is working

  10. I’m always amazed at how many other commenters and people I’m accused of being.

    Because Science. Tauler. BJ. Mellow Monk.

    There have been numerous others too.

    Some are better compliments than others. šŸ¤£

  11. Alabama, you ARE many of those fake posters.

    You are also a fool.

  12. Michael, you’re dealing with mostly right-wing extremist dinosaurs here. They hate everyone in the name of Jesus.

  13. Without knowing what the NEW congressional districts are and given our state will lose 1 district, how can these republican hopefuls claim to be running against #adamDOESNTcare in a district that may not exist?

    Maybe one day she’ll finish her web-site so we can see if she’s any different than Marter & DiAmore – they have offered no solutions, but they do repeat the typical MAGA platitudes.

    Like every IL republican, no one pays attention to the fact that OUR state is forced to pay the bills of the 39 mooching states who rely on federal socialism for their existence.

    I hope that the ILGOP continues to follow the MAGA mantra, it means that there will finally be an opportunity, especially in the 2022 election, for 3rd party’s & Independent candidates to finally end the duopoly here in IL.

    These potential candidates will not hamstrung by the insane signature requirements in order to attain ballot access.

    With this in mind, I would that you would have the fortitude to demand solutions from your ILGOP candidates instead of accepting their propagandist promulgations.

    #Peace2U & Godspeed.

  14. ** Alabama, you ARE many of those fake posters. You are also a fool. **

    Cool story – but the fool is the one who believes that I care enough about y’all to use other fake names on this blog.

    I know of one person that’s used a fake second name on this blog, and it’s Allen Skillicorn (and he got caught).

    I don’t care if the rest of y’all have multiple names on here.

  15. Awww her friend and fellow millennial endorses her.

    How sweet and no surprise.

    Her PAC gave him money, of course he’s going to return the favor.

    Lauf is already playing politics.

    She’s also just a little too desperate to get Trump’s endorsement as she continues to make it sound like she was a Trump hire.

    NO she worked at the Chamber of Commerce in DC.

    It’s a real stretch to call herself a ‘Trump staffer.’

    If she actually did as much work campaigning as she does padding her resume maybe she wouldn’t be labeled ‘lazy, aloof, boring’ and a do nothing’.

    Just a millennial with no life experience who gets out of college thinks she’s worthy of the boss’s corner office!

    Too bad the news outlets don’t interview her opponents.

    But then again, we know the media helps the worst Republican candidates get exposure so the Democrats win.

  16. That article about Madison Cawthorne is hilarious!

    I knew there was no substance there. I don’t think I’d want him endorsing me or a candidate I really was pulling for.

  17. Cawthorn and Lauf also worked together on the Save America tour in Georgia.

    It wasn’t a success since both Republican senators lost, but they tried.

    Lauf’s recent appearance on Dana Loesch’s show:

    She’s also been on OAN many times — I think Lopez and Skinner missed a few of her interviews.–Dan-Gainor/cAz,eHkm,JE_

    Marter was on AM 560 recently:

    July 25th episode of Mark my Words with Mark Vargas.

    Not sure if this blog caught that one. (Never heard of this Mark my Words show but he’s got some big name guests like Rudy G and Roger Stone.)

    Lombardi did an interview recently too.

    Ok well that’s my contribution for the day. I

    think I’ll go get a submarine sandwich now!

    You all have a good day.


  18. So what about endorsements. When Barak Hussein Obama was president in 2016, he endorsed Hillary Rodman Clinton for president. He said she was THEE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE EVER to run for president.


    She was on NewsNation too.

    I notice she uses that term “servant leadership” a lot and then I heard Kinzinger’s wife use that term.

    I have been observing politics for a while and never really heard that term or only rarely.

    Kind of weird.

    Maybe a coincidence though.

    She was on some station called “The First.”

    I am unfamiliar with this host.

    Bill O’Reilly is on that station too.

    You missed part of the story about how Adam Kinzinger blocked Cawthorn’s wheelchair ramp with his car.

    That’s what Benny Johnson said.

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