Update: Women Found Shot in Head in Car in Downtown Crystal Lake from Chicago Was a Suicide

From the McHenry County Cororner:

UPDATE: The Coroner’s Office reports gunshot wound was “self-inflicted.”

McHenry County Coroner, Dr. Michael Rein, announced on Sunday July 25, 2021 that his office was contacted by the Crystal Lake PD to investigate the death Ayanna Bennett, age 26 of Chicago.

The subject was found deceased at the train station parking lot in Crystal Lake.

An autopsy was performed on July 27, 2021. Preliminary findings show cause of death as fatal gunshot wound to the head.

The Coroner’s Office is continuing to work collaboratively with Crystal Lake Police Department during this investigation.


Update: Women Found Shot in Head in Car in Downtown Crystal Lake from Chicago Was a Suicide — 30 Comments

  1. Look at McHenry County where people get executed sitting in their cars and cops harass people for skateboarding and smoking pot.

    Looks like you’re going to get the worst of both worlds…

    You will be harassed by cops and gangbangers hahahahahahahahahhahaa

    Point and laugh at McHenry County where the cops are crooked and the gangbangers execute people.

    lol have fun with that, retards.

  2. If this happened in the train lot owned by Metra why are the Metra Police not handling?

  3. For the same reason the FBI wouldn’t investigate if it happened in the post office parking lot.

  4. I think the city owns the lot and charge to park there? That would make it their death investigation.

  5. Now there coming here .. thanks Kizzie…keep you BS, in chi town …

  6. The soft burbs of McHenry are going to see more and more of this mayhem.

  7. Your big solution is White flight?

    That is what Whites in America have tried for decades.

    It always leaves the poorest Whites behind, often pensioners who still think they have a country.

    And eventually we’ll either run out of places to hide, or the government will start to break up White majority areas by seeding them with illegal immigrants and section 8 nogs.

    What then?

  8. I blame Biden, we had the drugs under control until he cheated in the election and then opened the borders.

    I hope you Dems are happy now, the $300 keep coming and the beaches are full of syringes.

    Crystal Lake Chop Zone.

  9. When were drugs ever under control?

    Amphenol, and there in lies the problem. Assholes like you have been fighting the “white” fight for decades. In the name of Jesus. Grab a cross and a gun, we gonna have us a rally, burn us a few books.

  10. ** we had the drugs under control **

    Huh? Are you serious here?

  11. Anonymous racist cowards like you will continue to live in fear, while immigrants win gold medals at the Olympics, carry on at the forefront of technology, go to medical school, and otherwise live our lives.

  12. “In the final analysis, racism is evil because its ultimate logic is genocide.

    “Hitler was a sick and tragic man who carried racism to its logical conclusion.

    “And he ended up leading a nation to the point of killing about six million Jews. This is the tragedy of racism because its ultimate logic is genocide.

    “If one says that I am not good enough to live next door to him, if one says that I am not good enough to eat at a lunch counter, or to have a good, decent job, or to go to school with him merely because of my race, he is saying consciously or unconsciously that I do not deserve to exist.” ~ Martin Luther King, 1967

  13. Re Martin and racism –

    Regarding racism. Amazing that the Democrat Party is still in existence. They are the party that opposed freeing the slaves. They are the party of Jim Crow. They are the party of a Democrat racist governor of Alabama, George Wallace. They are the party who euologized Robert Byrd in the 21sst century, a racist who recruited for the Klan. They are the party that has excused the various racist remarks that their doofus president Biden has made in the past.

  14. Is finding racists from the past justification for racism in the present?

    East Germany was called the German Democratic Republic.

    Does that mean democracy is a bad idea today?

    What are you trying to prove bringing up the fact that a new party called “Republican” 170 years ago opposed racism?

    It gives you a free pass now, as long as you claim to be Republican?

    Meanwhile, a Hmong immigrant wins a gold medal for the USA.

  15. The Republican Party was originally formed out of a coalition of the Whigs, Abolitionists, and the Know Nothings. The latter were anti immigrant descendents of previous immigrants who didn’t like the Irish because the Irish were Catholic. (See Gangs of New York).

    The Whigs were a pro business, urban based party that derived from the Federalists of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams which was in the process of going out of existence as a national force by the 1850’s.

    After the Civil War, the Republicans became the party of business interests and monopolies while the Democrats became a combination of the rural South and Northern urban working class.

    Eventually the Southern wing abandoned the Democrats over Civil Rights and joined the GOP where their racist views were more accepted.

    Now the Republican Party is becoming a neo fascist, racist, anti immigrant, anti science and generally wacked out group of extremists who are (again) in the process of destroying themselves as a national party and are only hanging on by gerrymandering and voter suppression.

    Soon they will also go the way of the Whigs, at least those who haven’t died from COVID.

  16. Bred -Regarding racism.

    Amazing that the Democrat Party is still in existence.

    They are the party that opposed freeing the slaves.

    They are the party of Jim Crow.

    They are the party of a Democrat racist governor of Alabama, George Wallace.

    How long are you going to use that argument.

    George Wallace and the southern democrats you speak of haven’t been relevant in fifty years.

  17. The Democrat Party has a history of racism. It even extends to today. Their top guy, the guy they wanted to win in 2020, has made numerous racist remarks over the years including up to 2020. But, one of his worst, the comment proving his racism and what he REALLY thinks about African Americans, deep down in his heart, he made in 2007 when he was talking about the presidential candidate Obama. He greatly insulted every single African American in the U.S., present and past, when as Senator he said about Obama:

    “I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a story-book, man.”

    If we had an honest and fair media in 2007 and an honest Democrat Congress in 2007, they would have demanded that Biden resign back in 2007. Of course we had neither, have neither now, and this guy, with his racist remark past, was the top candidate of the Democrat Party in 2020. And now we are stuck with a guy who is as dumb as a sack of rocks, shows signs of senility/dementia and has made many reckless decisions and actions since January including allowing the invasion of our southern border.

  18. Hey Pokorny, Bred should use that argument forever.

    Facts are facts.

  19. Joe-Still living in the “white American” past.

    It’s 2021. get a grip. coward.

    LBJ sold out the southern democrats in 1964.

    It all changed then.

    Read a little history.

    If you can in fact read and comprehend.

  20. Obviously Martin, Alabama, Tauler, Pokorny and company fear the great reaction that’s coming.

    The Congoid population would soon starve when the food gravy train and its trucks stop during civil strife.

    They can feel the spring being wound up tighter and tighter, with the inevitable release against the governmental tyranny.

    I can’t wait to meet people like them WTSHTF. They are gone.

  21. Duncan keep waving that gun and ignorance.

    You need that gun because you are the one who is terrified, you lack understanding and reason.

    Your xenophobia, racism sexism and obvious lack of education is guiding your fear.

  22. Duncan Hines,

    Sorry for the late reply, was out with some fellow ANTFA operatives at the gun range preparing for operation “7.62×39mm soup for my family”

    Here’s the big secret: ANTIFA, unlike the Democratic party, has no issue with firearms.

    The Socialist Rifle Association is alive and well in McHenry County.

  23. I’ve always hated mkkkhenry county, and these privileged middle class white pig faces still think they’re superior to asians that are taking over the world.

    I can’t wait for the shtf, I’ve been itching to mass murder you soft ass cowards since living here 21 years ago.

    Btw, why is it so expensive to live out here?

    Are you white cocksuckers so full of yourselves you pay that much just to avoid looking at asians and hispanics?

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