Algonquin Village Clerk Maggie Auger to be Appointed Village Trustee Tuesday

Maggie Auger
Debby Sosine

Vacancy will be created for village clerk with Tuesday’s appointment, but unlike trustee vacancy, no 30-day rule

With the publication of the Village of Algonquin’s agenda and packet for Tuesday night’s meeting, Village Clerk Maggie Auger will be named to the vacant Office of Trustee to fill the unexpired term of Jim Steigert, who resigned at the end of June. The publication of the agenda makes the pending appointment public.

Auger’s name will be submitted for appointment at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting, and the 5 trustees will vote their advice and consent.

This will be expected to be a routine appointment.

Auger, a retired attorney has lived in the Village for 34 years, nearly all of those years at the family’s Kane County home. Auger served on the Village’s Economic Development Commission starting in 1995, and moved to the Plan Commission in 1997.

When the Village Board merged the Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals into the Planning & Zoning Commission, Auger served as chair from 2000 to late 2010.

Auger resigned from the Planning & Zoning Commission chair in late 2010 after being elected to the Kane County Board as a Republican, and served through 2018, choosing not to seek reelection after 8 years.

With Auger’s appointment as trustee, she will vacate the Office of Village Clerk.

Algonquin Village President Debby Sosine will appoint Auger’s successor as clerk, and it will need advice and consent of the trustees.

Unlike a trustee vacancy, the clerk’s position does not have a “30-day” rule set by Algonquin ordinance before a replacement can be appointed.

All appointments of the village president require 15-days notification for trustees prior to advice & consent, making Auger’s replacement appointment taking place in late August, at the earliest.


Algonquin Village Clerk Maggie Auger to be Appointed Village Trustee Tuesday — 7 Comments

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