Barnes & Noble Moving from West Dundee to Algonquin in October

Now-closed Crystal Lake Barnes & Noble

With Crystal Lake location shuttered for nearly two years, McHenry County residents have a Barnes & Noble closer to home

Late last week in a combined social media post, the Village of Algonquin and Barnes & Noble announced the opening of a store at Algonquin Commons.

The current store in West Dundee’s Spring Hill Mall will close by October 5, with the Algonquin grand opening shortly afterward.

External link to Daily Herald article including closure of West Dundee store can be viewed here.

The Crystal Lake Barnes & Noble closed in late 2019. Patrons who’ve travelled outside McHenry County to the West Dundee store will have a little less distance to drive by late 2021.


Barnes & Noble Moving from West Dundee to Algonquin in October — 9 Comments

  1. They have a homosexual book section, but they don’t sell many books to justify the section!

  2. Turncoats.

    I would never ever shop there ever again.

    Even if they started to sell real books!

  3. I can sense your disappointment, Trumpette.


  4. Like Cindy, I refuse to shop anywhere if they no longer have a homosexual section. What were they thinking?


  5. I think this is great news and good for the community

  6. We’ll see.

    When Crystal Lake closed, I went to the Schaumburg store that closed their outlet store building and then relocated a few plazas east, into a dinky in-strip storefront less than 20% the size.

    Probably going to happen to this one too.


  7. I guess that gay section must have been really huge!


  8. Might they ask the tech giants who provide messaging platforms to review books to determine if any misinformation within? And then perhaps ban the books from sale? Or, alternatively, put warning labels on the books?

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