UPDATE FINALLY with Fixed Link: Prairie Grove Police Chief Interviewed by Houston Radio Talk Show Host

Lawrence Canada

Prairie Grove Police Chief Lawrence D. Canada was interviewed on Houston KPRC AM 950 by Talk Show Host Jimmy Barrett.

WIND Radio Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher reported on having listened to it and said his producer was trying to line up Chief Canada for an interview on his Monday show.

The audio is on the Prairie Grove website


UPDATE FINALLY with Fixed Link: Prairie Grove Police Chief Interviewed by Houston Radio Talk Show Host — 33 Comments

  1. That link blows. It takes you to a page that wants you to change to Gmail! Get hat off of your piece! Criminals!

  2. I question his veracity because he wasn’t even present when the tickets were issied.

    Liar liar pants on fire!

  3. What does flat top hero say about his village’s cops giving out tickets for flags?

    It was a COP who gave Terry a ticket, right?

  4. And Wow! This guy sounds like a piece of work. Sounds like he had a lot of time to make up his story. For the first thing, he starts off the blaming by using the “executive Order” crap. I’ve never even seen this place so I do not know if any of what he states is even correct, but that baloney about the fake “executive order” shows how goofy this guy is and how entrenched into the lies he is willing to go.

  5. This is really a neighborhood.

    There are many around here.

    Prairie Grove is a village in McHenry County, Illinois, United States, first incorporated in 1973.

    Area: 5.583 mi²

    Population: 1,805 (2019)

  6. A police department for a neighborhood.

    Ridiculous waste of tax dollars

  7. In the interview, the police chief claimed to be retired. I guess being the chief is just a hobby.

  8. So the ex fireman mayor hires the palatine retired fireman Freese to be village admin/ cop, and freese hires his buddy a retired palatine cop as the village police chief.

    Doesn’t seem odd to me in the least.

  9. Maybe Prairie Grove people could ask Crystal Lake to adopt their territory.

  10. CL already has adopted this mooching Village.

    They are just like Lakewood, another layer of mediocre Government that doesn’t want to save money by disincorporating because then they would lose power.

    Power to ticket Americans for flying American flags on the property of a business.

    You can have panhandlers begging in the highways per the Illinois Supreme Court but this place won’t let you fly a flag 3 feet from the roadway???

    go figure…

    no wonder why this country is now becoming a hell hole.

  11. Some people can’t see the truth when it’s sitting on their face.

    I doubt any of you listened to the interview or you have extremely bad comprehension

  12. Stormy the flags were on state highway right of way not on private property.

    And do tell how Crystal Lake supports the Village of Prairie Grove in any way.

  13. Must be his graduation pic from Lifesprings Advanced breakthrough course.

  14. What a loser.

    What an embarrassment and disgrace.

    Chief Canada (name is a pun): Do you realize that you are HARMING the very people paying your salary and bloated pension?

    Do you realize that actions by police like you give the police in general a terrible name?

    “Serve and Protect” – think of the paradox of that claim.

  15. Let’s see how concerned the village is at the next election when people’s election signs are all over the state right of way.

    Let’s all remember to call the village hall everyday and report every sign.

    Every election not only are the state routes (31/176) full of signs but the village roads as well (barreville/valley view/nish/Ames.).

    I don’t believe their motive was out of concern of the state of Illinois ROW GMAFB

  16. If you read the ordinance election signs are allowed on village roads 30 days before an election.

    But I understand facts don’t matter to imbeciles

  17. If it was actually about the position of the flag or the display of the flag, they should have ticketed me for that and they didn’t.”

    Ticketed for signs and flags in the right of way and improper display of the flag.

  18. It’s easy for you armchair pundits to make fun of some pool noodle police chief,

    But let’s see you try like Mrs has.

    To read some gibberish ordinances written by some sexless small town bureaucrat.

    Yea, I didn’t think so.

  19. there were zero flags in the right-of-way this morning at 6:15 am and at noon it was packed with flags and protesters, just a publicity stunt…

  20. C’mon Mrs: if you follow the letter of the law, EVERYONE is breaking multiple rules/regulations/covenants/laws.

    The police have to show DISCRETION every time they enforce the law.

    That’s reality.

    It’s like football – virtually every play has a violation of the rules.

    Referees have to show DISCRETION – otherwise, every play would be a penalty.

    AMERICAN FLAGS used the way this guy is using them is very appropriate.

    Don’t be an algorithmic “imbecile”.

    Why are liberals so TOTALITARIAN?

    Reason must win out.

  21. The Mrs of the Village pres, the signs might be in the right away but so are pan handlers and they come to your window to get a couple coins while high.

    The flags stay 3 feet away and don’t get in your way, they only fly while high.

  22. To the “The+Mrs”

    Wow, call me an imbecile,
    I’ve been nice and wasn’t singling anyone out or name calling.

    Kinda stating facts as a person who has lived in the area 50 years.

    I’d bet you are related to the President, the administrator/ Deputy police chief, or the buzz cut police chief.

    Because you get crazy over zealous defending these ppl all the time.

    Yes I can read.

    Facts do matter.

    Chapter 24.04-7.

    You are wrong

    It’s 60 days, not 30.

    And that’s for your property only , not village property.

    Otherwise I’ll put my “me for village President” in front of 3121 barreville road next election.

    Let’s see how that goes over.

    So 1 month ago if I call the village hall about a “roofing company “ sign at 176/barreville im told by the lady to call state IDOT Or McHenry county highway department.

    I’m told this because I know the long time employee who works at the village hall.

    Your village ppl apparently decided to undertake the job of the sign police for the state ROW.


    I’ll keep the village on speed dial.

    Again , this action to the hot dog guy has nothing to do with the village giving a rats a$$ about the state row.

    As far as improper display of the American flag your village is about 50 years behind federal rulings

    The flag code can’t be enforced by a municipality.

    I never would , and I fly a flag 365 days a year.

    But the village cannot enforce the flag code

    – no light at night
    -on the ground
    – burning it
    – making a bra out of it

    Geez your patent attorney/President should know all this.

    I’m waiting for your next insult even though I’m being civil and not nasty to anyone here.

  23. Although my comment was under your comment it was not you that I was referring to.

    My apologies to you

  24. Where’s my apology Mrs?


    O, Canada, …….. scamper back to Toronto!

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