Algonquin Township Asks for Advice in Questionnaire

Algonquin Township has various classes in subjects like chair yoga and computers.

It has posted a questionnaire in which it asks for advice.


Way at the bottom, there is an “Other comments and suggestions” section.

I entered, “My interest in your cutting my taxes.”


Algonquin Township Asks for Advice in Questionnaire — 14 Comments

  1. More drivel from a useless unit of government trying to find things to justify it’s existence.

  2. Oh god Kal you’re a freaking riot –

    when are you moving full time to Florida?

    Can’t be soon enough.

  3. I think this is a great idea to get the taxpayer involved.

  4. I think the chair yoga and computer classes is a sign of mission creep.


  5. This is only a great idea to suck you into getting on their list. Have you not had enough of volunteering your information for their data banks yet?

  6. Wow, It’s a first!

    I heartily agree with Cindy, the Mellow Punk, and Because Science, on their posts of the same news item.

    What’s this old world coming to!?

  7. The following are the purposes of townships:

    (1) Maintain township roads (actually the Road District which is separate from the township);

    (2) Distribute Interim Public Aid (AL township does fewer than 30 per year in one time checks);

    (3) Maintain township cemeteries (most of which have not been used in the past 100 years. AL township uses a landscape company to mow the lawns);

    (4) Supervisor acts as “treasurer” for the Road District (outside computerized service issues the checks);

    (5) Hold monthly township board meetings to discuss the above.

    Nothing about “chair yoga”.

  8. But, more importantly, what is their position on “DEI”, diversiti, inklusion, and ekwiti?

  9. Townships also perform tax assessments.

    By a locally-elected, State-certified official who must reside IN THE TOWNSHIP and is accountable to the voters.

    As opposed to an APPOINTED “County Supervisor of Assessments,” like McHenry County’s current one (a Jack Franks hired hand)…

  10. Why do we need townships in the first place?

    This county got rid of them nearly a century ago.

  11. The McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments was there before and after Jack Franks.

  12. This is ridiculous!!!

    Just do the functions the township is mandated to do!!!

    Here comes Bob Miller all over again!!!

  13. Cal – And so is County Administrator Peter Austin and his “Assistant County Administrator” (both Jack Franks hires).

    Is Mike Buehler destined to be undermined and backstabbed into a single term as County Board Chairman?

    Anyone taking odds?

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