Ben & Jerry’s Israeli Boycott May Cost Parent Company Unilever Illinois Investments

From the Jewish Times:

The Illinois Investment Policy Board, which is tasked with “ensuring the investment of public money does not occur in entities that are prohibited from investment by Illinois law,” is planning to set a 90-day deadline for Unilever, owner of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to reverse its decision to boycott Israeli communities, Andy Lappin, the board’s chairman, told the Associated Press on Thursday.

“We’ll meet in the next week or so just for this issue, asking the board to send a letter to Unilever giving it 90 days to confirm or deny” the decision to boycott Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

“In this case, it was a blatantly open statement made by the chairman of Ben & Jerry’s and we need to determine if Unilever deems it appropriate to walk the statement back,” Lappin said.

The Board meets September 9th.

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Illinois legislators so want to dabble in foreign affairs. The law in question was enacted in 2015 and can be found here.


Ben & Jerry’s Israeli Boycott May Cost Parent Company Unilever Illinois Investments — 30 Comments

  1. They have every right to run their company on their own principles.

    End of story.

  2. True. I’m assuming the IIPB needs to give formal notice to comply with state law, after which, formally, they will disinvest in the disinvestment movement.

    So it’s not so much legislators dabbling as it is Unilever dabbling in foreign affairs.

    Well and of course garnering virtue brownie points.

    Hey, a new flavor, virtue brownies.


  3. Oh goodness, I’m sure they give zero Fu**s what Illinois does.

    Fun fact, Ben & Jerry are Jewish

  4. Ice cream is involved here. Should the ice cream expert, doofus Joe Biden, get involved in this State matter? The mostly corrupt left wing media knows a lot about asking ice cream questions. What do they say?

  5. Who cares about toxic products produced by owners that are liberal social justice warriors? And in cahoots with a criminal state? Get outta here!

  6. Cindy, wake up little sister. We live in a Zionist dictatorship. This Illinois statute is a perfect example.

    Christians may be mocked constantly, by the Tribe on TV and movies, but the false god of Zionism can only be opposed at great risk.

    Even we’ll meaning but libtard Jews like Ben & Jerry are not exempt from the wrath.

    As Voltaire said, to find out who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

    Don’t worry Cindy, I never buy that overpriced ice cream.

  7. Well that’s not kosher, but then again what do you expect from the small hat tribe ?

    Very few of their own kind would even dare to criticize.

  8. You people know Jesus was a Jew, right?

    Mary’s genealogy, in Luke chapter 3, shows that the mother of Jesus was a direct descendant of King David, giving Jesus the legal right to the Jewish throne and establishing without a doubt that Jesus was a Jew by descent.

  9. The Jews of Jesus day are far from the Jews of today.

    I could list those who Jesus would have nothing to with but the list would be almost infinite.

  10. Both are dabbling in foreign affairs, Mellow Monk.

    Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t want to do business with (parts of) Israel and former governor Rauner signed a law that said Illinois would not do business with any company with a BDS policy towards Israel.

    Ben and Jerry’s is a left-wing ice cream company and BDS of Israel is popular among left-wingers.

    This could be an interesting showdown.

    I don’t see Illinois backing down on this (remember that JB Pritzker, like Bruce Rauner’s wife, is Jewish) and Ben and Jerry’s would tick off their left-wing customers if they reverse their stance on BDS.

    That’s sort of a primer for those who don’t know much about this.

    Lol just get out your popcorn and watch Jewish Democrats argue bitterly with leftists.

    It’ll be funny. Trust me bro.

    Are there any other countries besides Israel that have such protection where if a company chooses to not do business with that country, the federal or state government will not do business with that company?

    Maybe a more astute reader could let us know.

  11. The Uni idiots that signed off on the Ben & over deal, are currently being dumbo air dropped into a live volcano.

    The deal gave the ice cream geeks autonomy to run the business.

  12. LOL Gary. You don’t know anything about me or how long I have pounded this beat if you would say wake up little sister! Besides being condescending it is ignorant.

  13. Cindy if your not going to pick up another shift at Wal Mart, than you need to post more, so I’ll have more leads for my fart jokes.

  14. You have it backwards, Cindy. It doesn’t sound like they are in cahoots.

    They are in conflict with each other.

    This is about a SCHISM between globalist liberal Jews and anti-Semitic communists within the Democratic Party.

    Illinois is threatening to cancel contracts with B and J’s (technically their parent company) because B and J’s is anti-Israel and Illinois is anti-anti-Israel.

    Anyway, most of Cal’s stories are distractions from bigger issues.

    Factually, the two biggest stories in the WORLD right now are vaccines killing people and Chris Chan raping his mother.

    For some reason, Cal hasn’t blogged about those things yet.

    He probably will though.

  15. Paul Revere doesn’t know his Bible.

    Try reading 2:9; 3:9 for a start.

  16. You people do understand you,re paying a religious tax on every product you buy that has the kashrut (kosher blessing). Can you imagine the uproar if people or the media discovered that everybody was paying a secret religious tax to the Vatican, the Saudi and/or Iranian mullahs, or the Church o’ Latter Day Saints?
    Many hundred of million$ pour into Jewish kosher coffers each and every year. There was once a shareholder resolution for Coca Cola to find you much was being shelled out for the kosher blessing….. it was $12 million in 1959. Yes, the various kosher certifying rabbinical groups fight like dogs and cats over their captive ‘clients’. Captive bc big grocery chains won’t stock certain products that don’t carry the kosher “mark of the beast.”

    The kosher tax scam is clever. It forces 99 percent of shoppers to pay a religious tax for less than 1 percent of religious shoppers who demand kosher food. The laugh is most jews don’t even keep kosher, a fact I learned firsthand in a college cafeteria line from the ‘Baconater” Goldblatt (scion of the now defunct furniture (?) chain.)

    Think this is fair? If you’re not a religious person, or have a different religion, why should you pay extra for special rules of one religion, most of whom don’t even bother with the rule?

  17. It’s not a tax. It’s a cost voluntarily borne by the producer of the product to provide a feature demanded by a portion of their customers.

    Apparently, the producers find it to be worth the price in terms of marketability. I doubt it’s more than a tiny fraction of even one penny.

    It’s probably likely that Muslims might rely on those marks, as anything kosher is actually halal as well. I’m willing to bet that as a practical matter, they probably disregard the rabbinical aspects.

    You can look for the symbol and pass over (haha) that product. Most don’t care.


  18. People who kill each other on battlefields during war are in opposition to each other. That’s correct, Cindy. How much more opposition could you have than someone who is shooting or bombing you while you are trying to shoot and bomb them?

    I’m aware that often times in war there are financiers who fund both sides for a profit, yes. I’m not sure if that is what you are alluding to, but I’m definitely aware of that! I’m aware there are people in the shadows who manipulate others for ulterior motives — who will even cause wars. I’m aware of that.

    However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are real disagreements on issues within the Democratic Party just as there are real disagreements within the GOP. In this case, one entity (ice cream company) is saying they believe in one thing (they are doing BDS) and another entity (the state) is saying they believe the opposite of that (BDS is not allowed).

    I would consider that opposition, yeah.

    If one group is for BDS and another is against BDS, that’s opposition. It doesn’t mean they’re going to disagree on every other issue, but it’s still a real disagreement. I don’t doubt these people’s passion or sincerity on a hot button issue like Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If Hamas shoots a rocket and kills an Israeli child or if an IDF soldier throws a flash bang grenade that maims a Palestinian woman, I don’t accuse both sides of engaging in “kabuki theater.” To them, the conflict is real. Are there people getting rich off of both groups? Maybe. Probably. But this hearing is still a showdown between groups who have OPPOSITE stances.

    So I don’t know what you’re getting at, Cindy, because you never explained how you think Ben and Jerry’s and Illinois are “in cahoots.” They’re arguing and now one side is threatening to financially harm the other by cancelling contracts. Unless by cahoots you mean they already have contracts or something, but the point of the story is that Illinois is threatening to cancel them. I think Ben and Jerry’s BDS stance was announced recently, like earlier this summer.

  19. Correcting? All wars are fake. All opposition is controlled. BOTH sides are playing the middle. That’s YOU! This latest fake over ice cream is a set up. You are NOT half as awake as you think you are. You are in a fallen world that’s about to implode.

  20. It seems some people still seem to live in, um…1984.

    An Owellian Hell:

    “War is Peace”

    “Freedom is Slavery”

    “Ignorance is Strength”

  21. Mellow Monk displays his stupidity.

    Halal and Kosher are not identical.

    How can he say it’s a voluntary cost when the chain groceries won’t carry the product w/o certification?

    It’s a crooked racket the jews have employed.

    And we pay a religious tax.

    Brazil and Russia don’t allow it.

    Neither does Sweden or Serbia.

    But Americans pay.

    Sad and sick.

  22. Im sure they will confer with the SeaHag since she is an expert on all and everything ICE CREAM…

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