Message of the Day – A Parade Banner

The First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake had an entry in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade this year.

The first shot I got was of this banner:

First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake banner.

The bus that followed identified the church.

1st Congregational Church bus.

I didn’t get a close-up shot of the church’s tee shirt.

The T-Shirt says, “First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, An Open & Affirming Accessible Congregation.”


Message of the Day – A Parade Banner — 11 Comments

  1. Protestant Churches that express that they are “non-judgmental” and “open and available to all” and “accepting of all people” – they are living a lie.

    If that were true, would they accept active skin-heads?


    Advocates of violence?

    Openly racist promoters who advocate the genocide of others?

    No…they’d toss them out of the Church so fast it would make your head spin…and that would be the right thing to do.

    Being “open to everyone” MEANS what it says.

    To promote it as a religious virtuous saying is a LIE – which is no Christian virtue.

    Get off your “acceptance” virtue-signal BS.

    It’s a lie and a fraud.

  2. Scrambling for less than 4% of the population, most of whom are atheists, because it’s ‘so cool’.

    Why don’t they have “Reject the Bible” on their rainblow banner?

  3. CLM, please try and be more understanding.

    I wonder if that fake ‘church’ is open to gun owners, Palestinians, Ms. Lauf, Trump voters, and, heaven forfend, actual Christians.

  4. That’s Kelli Wegener’s clown church. This church worships false gods and it’s pretty obvious when “Love God” is one of the least important items on their banner. Without God through Christ, you have no forgiveness and are only concerned with nonsense like “racism”. They preach feel-good stuff, and not what’s right or true.

  5. Because Science, sodomites were never part of the picture ~~~~~~ like cannibals or people that had sex with their mom, animals or dead bodies, they were never touted, and certainly Jesus would have never staged a Pride Parade in old Jerusalem.

    I believe St. Paul had some very harsh and intolerant things to say about sodomites, though.

    IMHO that creepy church is in competition with the local Unitarian-Urintarians for the few offbeat sodomites ( and, of course, their money).

    I guess it’s nice that a crazy church like this one is there to assuage sinners that their sexual sin is really a big, big plus, and not a sin at all.

  6. No thank you!

    Mental illness – living it, teaching it, embracing it.

    God wins!

    They lose.

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