McHenry County Health Department on School Precautions

From the McHenry County Health Department:

MCDH Statement Regarding School Guidance

The McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH) is announcing that is has adopted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) school guidance recommendations.

MCDH has been meeting weekly with local superintendents, providing consultation regarding preventative strategies and metrics to determine community transmission in order to help them develop their own policies to assist in providing a safe educational environment.

MCDH has developed guidance about the preventative strategies and transmission metrics that can be found on MCDH’s School Metrics Dashboard

MCDH encourages the public to learn more about the guidance and metrics used to determine community transmission in McHenry County.

MCDH health officials will be using these metrics to monitor local transmission and provide guidance and consultation to schools. MCDH data may differ from the CDC and IDPH based on the methodologies that each organization uses such as differences in how data were collected (e.g., date a specimen was obtained or the date a case was reported) or how the metrics are calculated. 

As always this is a fluid situation and this guidance can change as more information is learned.

To learn more and to review the full methodology, please visit the MCDH School Metrics Dashboard at


McHenry County Health Department on School Precautions — 10 Comments

  1. So, they’re going to continue to mask to protect those who are INELIGIBLE (their words) for the vaccine.

    Um, OK, but isn’t everyone over 12 years old ELIGIBLE?

    And since they are, why double-secret mask probation for middle and high schoolers?

    Current hospitalization and death rates are now little greater than the flu.

    Nothing we can do will ever eradicate it.

    It’s out there now forever just like the flu.

    Unless there is a LEGITIMATE concern of overwhelming ER’s, they need to go forward as normally as possible.


  2. @Mello Monk you make very food points, but you also still assume the mRNA treatment is effective. I Havent checked today, but according to mchenry health the most recent “Covid Death” was 7/7/21.

    And the vaccinated seem to be more susceptible to C-19 The sequel.

    I want everyone to be fine, but doesn’t seem anyone is dying.

    mRNA is not a vaccine.

    An actual “vaccine” carries dead virus carcasses into your body.

    The “Jab” is something else.

    And according to the most recent CDC post. The Delta stream seems to hit jab participants more often than the un-holed.

  3. blah-blah-blah, County.

    District 26 in Cary already put out LAST WEEK, masks mandatory for the start of this school year–all grades,end of discussion.

    I dont know if they consulted you, got advice from you as you indicated–or just did it on their own, either way, nothing but Marxists Union garbage.

    Bidens kinda folks.

    Dr Jill their personal hero.

    Hunter up there too with this bunch.

  4. Gotta keep that fearporn train rolling at full speed to brainwash and damage even more children.

    Teachers unions must be abolished.

  5. @Dave – I do assume vaccines are effective. Because of underlying issues, I’m fully vaccinated for everything at all times.

    I’ve gotten flu shots for the last 44 years, and in all that time, I only got sick once. That’s a pretty good track record. That vaccines are never are 100% effective is a fact. I wouldn’t expect the mRNA to be much different. They’re even now researching on possibly using this technique for future flu and other vaccines.

    So, the vaccine being effective? Far more likely than not.

    Vaccine still effective against variants? Far more likely than not.

    Are most of the newest cases the unvaccinated? Again, far more likely than not.

    I’m not one to let the perfect be an enemy of the good.


  6. I would email the MCDP and let them know how you feel about this abuse to children.

    They work for the people not against them.

    As most board meetings had parents that want to choose how to handle their children and masks.

    Not be forced by the school or government.

    Email everyone and get their attention.

  7. Mellow, when you’re choking to death on a cytokines storm caused by your marvelous vax after the next bioweapon virus release, I hope you think back on your above post and realize (too late) your we’re very, very wrong.

  8. Nah, wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.

    I’m as well preserved as Keith Richards.

    Cytokine storms only affect a small minority, and predominantly young women.


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