Health Department Says Transmission Rate “Substantial”

From the McHenry County Health Department:

McHenry County reaches ‘substantial’ community transmission of COVID-19

McHENRY COUNTY — The McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH) is reporting that indicators used to track community transmission of COVID-19 in McHenry County show that the level of community transmission has increased from moderate to substantial.

MCDH recommends that everyone in McHenry County follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated guidance including wearing a mask when indoors regardless of their vaccination status.

Sign at the McHenry County Fair. Read it carefully.

Like the CDC the MCDH uses two indicators to determine community transmission: past seven-day incidence rate of cases per 100,000 persons and test positivity.

Unlike the CDC, MCDH’s community transmission metrics recommend an increase to a higher transmission level if the incidence rate or test positivity percentage exceeds a transmission level threshold for at least seven of the last 10 days. If the indicators suggest different transmission levels, the highest level is selected.

There are four levels of community transmission — Low, Moderate, Substantial and High. Community transmissions levels are as follows:

  • Low Transmission: Incidence rates of 0-9.99; Test Positivity of 0-4.9%
  • Moderate Transmission: Incidence rates of 10-49.99; Test Positivity of 5-7.9%
  • Substantial Transmission: Incidence rates of 50-99.99; Test Positivity of 8-9.9%
  • High Transmission: Incidence rates of 100 or more; Test Positivity of 10% or more

Community transmission levels can move back to a lower transmission level when both indicators have met the lower transmission level threshold for seven consecutive days.

All data is provisional, but information about the community transmission level is available on MCDH’s School Metrics Dashboard and additional COVID-19 data is available on MCDH’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

“As the Delta variant is becoming the predominant variant circulating in Illinois, wearing a mask indoors, even if fully vaccinated, will help reduce the spread of the disease. This is especially important for those with underlying medical conditions or weakened immune systems,” said MCDH Public Health Administrator Melissa Adamson. “We are asking everyone to consider how their actions may impact others as community transmission of COVID-19 is on the rise.”

Vaccinating yourself against COVID-19 is not the only tool to slow community transmission of the virus but is the strongest preventative measure available to us. To find a vaccination location near you, please visit

If your business or organization is interested in holding a vaccine clinic, please complete the “Request A Clinic Form” available on MCDH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Locations webpage. If you have questions or need assistance to complete the form, please call the MCDH COVID-19 Call Center at (815) 334-4045.


Health Department Says Transmission Rate “Substantial” — 19 Comments

  1. These are criminal liars. There is STILL no such thing as Covid. Zero people have died from their FAKE disease. God is coming back soon to straighten this out and yet, there are nitwits that are following this New World Order!

  2. Substantial states a percentage of 8-9.9% according to the link “”

    On the McHenry Covid Dashboard the most current level is 6.8…

    Can they explain that please.. and anyone whom responds use available references.

    also in the current infected case load they state “Due to a data backlog in I-NEDSS, this graph will be displayed using a 5 day lag.”
    therefore one would infer the Daily test positivity would be at a 5 day delay but out of no where we went from a 6.8 to an 8.0-9.9 without displayed metrics? amazing how they can jump 5 days of information without metrics.
    There’s some shiz happening and they expect us to swallow it.

  3. Melissa Adams, go on a date with me.

    You’re lonely.

    It is very obvious.

    We will destroy two bones with one stone.

    (Stone being me)

    1. Adams is lonely
    2. Fake COVID numbers

    It could be so easy…

  4. So, we just need a bunch of healthy people to get tested to dilute the rate…

  5. Brian, the scam is in the tests.

    They are bogus.

    So healthy does test positive.

    STOP TESTING = 0 Covid.

  6. This all started after some derelict opened the border and allowed 100 different countries to enter while infected, you would have thought we were hosting the Olympics, we had more visitors than Japan did.

    Then the big dummy sent the invaders to the Southern (RED) states and then blamed them when the Covid stats went up.

    Start the impeachment…now

  7. I refuse to comply with their “recommendations”.

    Send the covid cops to come and get me.

  8. Cindy- I talked to god just the other day,

    He did come to straighten things out.

    He sent the virus. no flood this time.

    He said all the haters who refuse to get vaxed are out.

    This is his new world order.

    Getting rid of the morons, time to see the light.

    For he so loved the world he gave his only begotten vaccine.

  9. so now move this way puppet now that way puppet…

    he sky is falling again..

  10. Stephen, you’re a wicked liar and a loser.

    From what you’ve implied, your wife’s ex-boyfriend’s loser kids have already are grown and gon

    It’s obvious why you don’t care if Pritzker and co attempt to destroy and demoralize today’s children, because you’re ready to try to bring them down to your perverted level after they are broken.

    Guess what?

    People are sick of it and aren’t going to put up with this anymore.

  11. The McHenry County Department of Health is following the guidance of other high level alphabet agencies, full of individuals salivating for their next promotion or protecting their own hides.

    They have sold themselves.

    I understand what they’re up against – comply or lose your job.

    That’s a horrible position to be put in, but you knew the risk (and if you didn’t, you do now).

    My advice is to get a new job and free yourself from the shackles of lying for money.

    You all know that the skeptics have a reason to be skeptical.

    You all know that this experimental bio-technology is being tested in unwitting subjects (all of us).

    You know that the masks don’t work.

    You know that the vaccines cannot be compulsory.

    You know that the VAERS data is underreported, that people are dying in massive, record numbers (from the jab – not from cv-19), that adverse reactions are out of control, that the flu has been replaced by Covid, that the PCR tests are BS, and that this is all about submission and control.

    My advice is to get honest, real quick.

    Those of you that perpetuate and propagate this death sentence via lies and omissions will pay the piper now or later.

    Your reputations are at stake and so is your health.

    You got into this business to help people but now you’re hurting them… all to save your own skin.

    That isn’t hippocratic – it’s hypocritical.

    You still have a chance to redeem yourself.

    Come out of the shadows and stand for liberty and medical freedom.

    Stand for choice.

    Stand for SOMETHING other than yourself.

    “For those that raise the voice of the voiceless shall be protected and revered.”

  12. Jack Marine, I salute you!

    We’d be 1,000,000x better off if you were our President, Governor or CDC head.

  13. Pokorny, in between your cartoon watching, I suggest stop sucking on your thumbs.

    They are raw and the right thumb is actually bleeding.

  14. Jack said: “My advice is to get a new job and free yourself from the shackles of lying for money.”

    I agree.

    So many are so attached to their slave labor lifestyles and your useless things that you’ve become too afraid to stand against tyranny.

    Wake up!

  15. Jack Marine is an idiot QAnon supporter.

    To anyone suggesting that this is a power or freedom grab is a fool and uneducated.

    Dumbbells can’t understand that COVID has affected the WORLD and killed so many in poor countries.

    Jack Marine get out of the basement and go do something to help your fellow American..

    yeah I didn’t think so..

    Lot’s of Walmart shoppers here.

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