Pritzker to Require Masks in School

From the Chicago Tribune comes this news:

Might be a further upsurge in homeschooling interest.


Pritzker to Require Masks in School — 54 Comments

  1. Just as expected from the bloated greedy tax cheating Lord Jumbo Boy,
    who would gladly sell out his own mother for some small measure of self-serving aggrandizement.

    Give a DEMOCRAT a thimble of power and they will abuse it each and every time for
    they are the enemies of Freedom and Liberty.

  2. Are teachers who teach in McHenry County Il required to get the vaccine for the Chinese Virus Covid?

    Also, have not seen any test results of the effectiveness of various masks? Heard that N95 respirators with valves are effective.

  3. Will be watching to see how 2022 candidates respond to this development once it’s made official.

    It will be very interesting to see if local law enforcement will enforce any mask mandate.

    I sense a lawsuit or two coming.

  4. Catalina Lauf tweeted at 11:58AM CT:

    “Governor Pritzker will announce a MASK MANDATE for Illinois schools today.

    “Parents should decide if their child wears a mask — not Springfield.

    “Over the past year, we have seen every Democrat mandate fail. JB’s mask mandate will be no different.”

  5. Paul, Jeanne Ives brought that up on her podcast dropped Monday, but recorded Friday.

  6. Darren Bailey tweeted at 10:56AM CT:

    “Let me be clear, if you want a vaccine or want to wear a mask, I hope you get one. I will help you get one if you need help. But anyone who wants to force masks on children or force a vaccine is a tyrant.

    “It’s time to stop this nonsense and I will fight to my last breath for freedom and common-sense policies.

    “Call your school board members and tell them to stand up. Local control matters. Your voice matters; mental health matters.


    “Show up. Stand up. Get involved.”

  7. The FF Comadante has ordered… you all to abide by his rule..

  8. Home school your children and quit paying your rent, they have funds to keep you afloat for 3.5 more years.

    Then you move out and get a job, no big deal.

    The newest rent directive from the CDC will be ruled unconstitutional in a few months and was designed to get the illegals into rentals pronto and no problema por dinero.

    Screw the landlords

  9. Bred,

    With almost 40 years in the medical supply business, I would not recommend an N95 mask with a valve.

    I would recommend the 3M Aura N95 mask (part #1870+) or their regular N95 cone mask (part #1860).

    N95 masks manufactured by Halyard are also good.

    They are only good if you maintain a proper fit (or seal) around your face, otherwise you have blow-by which makes any mask useless.

    These masks are either impossible or very difficult (i.e expensive) to get as there is no real consumer retail distribution channel and sites like Amazon specifically ban/restrict their sale.

    The next best alternative would be a Level 3 Procedure mask which can be found at Amazon, etc.

    I wouldn’t want to roll the dice on a chinese KN95 mask or other off-brand mask.

  10. In soft martial arts, the force and momentum of the attack is captured, redirected, and used to put the attacker in a vulnerable position.

  11. **“Parents should decide if their child wears a mask — not Springfield.**

    Cool… do I also get to decide if my child wears clothes to school

    Can I send my kids to school naked… because, FREEDOM?

  12. There is a new variant, Lambda, of which 1000 cases have been found in the US so far.

    It originated in Peru where they have had nearly 600 COVID deaths per 100K population (3 times US rate).

    Lab tests at several different labs have found it to be not only as infectious as Delta, but also somewhat resistant to current vaccines.

    These results are currently being peer reviewed.

    It ain’t over yet.

  13. Thanks to Coffey on info on masks.

    Do morons, Democrats in the US Congress such as Pelosi, realize how stupid and ineffective their masks are?

    How about dopes we see on tv who wear their masks beneath their nose nostrils?

    Or dopes who have their masks hanging by the strings from their ears but not covering their nose and mouth?

    Or, guys with stupid beards who wear masks and obviously can exhale their germs and covid between the mask perimeter and their bushy beards?

  14. F*ck Jumbo.

    Home school your kids.

    Public schools suck.

    There is no accurate test for the first covid , but now they find delta and lambda.


    This is a man made plandemic.

    The jab is poison.

  15. “This is a man made plandemic. The jab is poison.”

    “A virus cannot reproduce by itself. The simplest viruses contain only enough RNA or DNA to encode four proteins. The most complex can encode 100 – 200 proteins.”
    Source: Molecular Cell Biology. 4th edition.

    It’s shocking a simple virus has enough intelligence to mutate into advanced (more powerful and lethal) evolutions yet some “top-of-the-food chain” humans have so little intelligence to still deny the pandemic in the face of several million worldwide deaths.

    How about we all agree we want ourselves and our children (and theirs) to live?

    The simple solution is everyone getting vaccinated before the variants end-run the vaccines.

    Imagine this “rights” insanity if it was applied to polio, smallpox, measles, etc.

    “Individual rights” don’t expand to putting others at risk.

    That’s why there are speed limits and driving laws.

  16. Anyone who thinks that these masks do anything to stop covid doesn’t have enough intelligence to qualify as a teacher.

    All of these doctors know better.

    The micron rating for the masks most are wearing is too high to stop a virus.

    Even if it could filter a virus –

    A surgical mask, like any other product is designed to a specification.

    They are meant to last two hours in a sterile environment like an operating room.

    In a non sterile environment they last about 20 minutes.

    After that the mask is a saturated filter and is not doing anything but forcing you to breath back in all the nasty bacteria it has collected.

    Cloth masks perform even worse.

    So if you think a mask other than a properly fitted n95 is going to do anything you are a sucker.

    This is common knowledge and virtually every doctor should know better, they even have a class on masks in medical school.

  17. The masks cannot stop a virus.

    It’s liking putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos.

    The PCR test has been deemed unreliable , so why shove the big swab up to your brain.

    The covid vaccine was patented in 2015.

    The hospitals have more double jabbed patients than unjabbed patients.

    If the jab works then why then why where a mask.

    If you are jabbed then why worry if everyone else is jabbed.

    There have been deaths and horrible side effects from the jab.

    All the of lab animals died from it.

    The libtards say “my body, my choice” but want everyone to be forced to take an unapproved jab.

    HCQ and Ivermectin work on covid and are cheap but that doesn’t line the pockets of big Pharma.

  18. Sydney AUS had its worst day with 5 deaths.

    Out of a population of 5,300,000.

    They can’t even prove they were covid deaths.

    How many sick or dead had other major health problems.

    Where were the normal Flu deaths last year ?

    Did covid cure the flu , or is covid the flu.

  19. PFIZER’S CEO IS UNVACCINATED , can’t come to Israel per their news.

    That answers the vax question.

  20. ** CNN admits 74% of new cases are fully vaxed . Good luck sheep.**

    Source please.

  21. FedUp – do some research beyond your cable channel.

    Pfizer’s CEO is not FULLY vaccinated yet.

    He has received the first dose, but not his second yet.

    He waited in line until his age cohort was open to vaccination.

    Even though he’s the CEO, he did not want to cut the line.



  22. Fed-Duh – sounds like listening to CNN isn’t working out for you.

    You seem to have no clue as to actual news.


  23. CNN’s own website for God’s sake:

    “About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly COVID-19 breakthrough case”.

    FedUp – you’re not read up, are you?

    What today’s date? Do you know who the President is?


  24. “CNN admits 74% of new cases are fully vaxed . Good luck sheep.”

    CDC posted a document with samples from Massachusetts a few days ago:

    “Among the 469 cases in Massachusetts residents, 346 (74%)
    occurred in persons who were fully vaccinated; of these,
    301 (87%) were male, with a median age of 42 years.”

    Some of you communists are terrible at doing research. Search Google for “74% vaccine”.

  25. Right, and so out of over 5,000,000 vaccinated adults, less than 500 of them “broke through” as it were.

    Or another way, .0001


  26. Or to put it another way, if you think that there is a great threat at all, you’re pretty stupid.

  27. “Cases” are a relatively useless metric if you’re taking the long view.

    What’s more important is how many have antibodies present in their systems.

    Many people have gotten COVID with mild to no symptoms at all.

    If you considered all those infections added to the vaccinated, we’re probably much closer to the 70% goal than officials want to admit.

    I’m betting that once they look at real numbers they’ll find that for those who were vaccinated and yet “broke through”, they have an easier time of it anyway.


  28. Will students K-12 in an indoor gym of their schools have to wear masks while doing exercises such as jumping jacks?

  29. Dude, Some Guy, this isn’t hard, but you seem to want to make it so.

    That citation does NOT mean that 74% of cases are vaccinated.

    It means in that one situation 74% of the people at that gathering that tested positive were vaccinated.

    That is not AT ALL what FedUp said.

    Here’s some actual data on vax vs non-vax’d breakthrough cases:

    And breakthrough hospitalizations:

  30. The continued dialog on something so starkly real remains shocking.

    It’s quite like debating whether the sun rises in the east!

    Why is the Covid vaccine any different than polio or smallpox?

    Did the government lie about those?

    Why is not wearing a mask, getting infected, being asymptomatic, infecting someone with a compromised immune system and killing them any different than getting drunk, driving a car and killing them that way?

    In whose hands do you want to put your lives, the lives of your children and grandchildren?

    Some epidemiologists with advanced medical degrees and decades of experience fighting viral outbreaks
    -or –
    some bloggers (most of who don’t even post under their own names)?

  31. I don’t care if I change your mind.

    Take the vax all you want, you can have my share.

    Get boosters every 30 days.

    Hopefully all the libtards, demoncrats, pedophiles, and RINOS will take enough to clean out the country and MAGA.

    Now go get your 14th jab !

    The fact that they want to PAY you $100 to take an experimental drug should raise a red flag.

    These are the same people who mail money to the guy from Africa who has a suitcase full of money for them if they just pay the taxes first.

  32. Changing my mind isn’t the issue.

    Propagating false, misleading and potentially deadly information is the issue.

    Name-calling is childish nonsense and is totally irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

    Another perspective on the payments is conveying how critical they are to the nation’s safety.

    Some “patriots” need a monetary incentive to wear that moniker.

  33. Public Health England reports 35% in hospitals for covid are double vaxed already.

    That shit works great.

    Give mine to Al Z.

    “Creosote King” take a piss when you’re done.

  34. “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” Spencer W. Kimball

    It appears for some posters here, name-calling and derogatory comments in a vacuum of intelligent thoughts and contributions to the discussion are suitable alternates.

    Covid vaccines, like all vaccines, aren’t 100% effective.
    – Their efficiency starts in the high 90%s and decreases over time.
    – They were developed with a specific virus target and are therefore less effective against new, improved mutated variants.
    – That’s why it’s critical for everyone to get vaccinated so we can stop the virus before it mutates beyond the protection of the vaccines.

    That said:
    – there will be cases where vaccinated individuals contract the disease,
    – but the effects are orders of magnitude less then if they were unvaccinated (much lower symptoms and hospitalization rate with almost no need for intubation) and
    – the vaccinated are much less likely to pass the disease on to others especially if they are asymptomatic.

    Other than a childish “I don’t ‘wanna!” reason, there’s no rational reason not to get vaccinated for those without medical contraindications.

  35. “Dude, Some Guy, this isn’t hard, but you seem to want to make it so.”

    Alabama Snake, shouldn’t you be in CL right now defending the school system’s right to abuse your ex-wife’s boyfriends kids?

  36. My ex-wife’s boyfriend doesn’t have kids. Good try though.

  37. Like we should listen to anybody commenting on this blog.

    This is land of the cuckoo birds.

  38. Hey Al Z – looks like your scientific knowledge is right up there with your property tax knowledge. 🙄

  39. You’re correct: seven, soon to be eight, straight years of surpassing the Illinois Property Tax Code’s specifications for assessment accuracy and uniformity.

    The only McHenry township to do so.

    Yet another example of nothing consequential said on point to this discussion; just another arcane, acerbic, derogatory comment.

    My data come from Johns Hopkins.

    Care to cite your source(s)?—August-6–2021.html?soid=1107826135286&aid=g49wXnVy0jQ

  40. AZ? Is that the very same John Hopkins that pulled off the Event 201 practice drill for the fake planned demic? LOL You REALLY are a fool trusting in the source of the whole magilla!

  41. The same.
    If countries expanded their war games to include viruses and other non-human threats, the current pandemic might have been avoided or certainly minimized.

    It distills to in whom one wants to place their trust.

    Because I have no problem recognizing and accepting others are more qualified (MDs and PhDs), I’ll place mine in the smart guys (doctors) versus bloggers.

    Belief the pandemic is not real is best attributed to Hanlon’s razor.

    That’s I don’t attack others and take their attacks as jest.

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