Republican U.S. Senate Hopeful Peggy Hubbard Visits McHenry County Fair

I went to the McHenry County Fair yesterday and, to my surprise, found a candidate for the Republican nomination of U.S. Senate there.

Her name is Peggy Hubbard.

She was courting a couple at the Republican Party booth.

Peggy Hubbard talks with couple at the GOP County Fair booth.

She must have been persuasive, because they walked away with two of her yard signs.


Republican U.S. Senate Hopeful Peggy Hubbard Visits McHenry County Fair — 17 Comments

  1. I would encourage Ms. Hubbard to ditch the Trump shirt.

    Tell us why YOU are the best candidate, don’t cling to a twice-impeached election loser!

  2. I’m sure the shirt grabs attention.

    From the look of her YouTube uploads, she’s got very strong opinions that oppose the Democrat communist narrative.

  3. The problem is that Trump and his campaign is still all, “Trump 2020”.

    When he makes appearances for other candidates or on any other occasion, it’s still “Trump 2020”.

    It’s wearing real, real thin.

    When he makes appearances, he should be looking forward, selling Trump 2024.

    Tell us what it is what you want to do for us THOSE next four years.


  4. You have to have something more to offer than vindication alone.

  5. “Tell us why YOU are the best candidate, don’t cling to a twice-impeached election loser!”

    Obviously she IS talking to people which is clear in that photo. BigOrange is just too lazy or scared to talk to a BLACK WOMAN in a TRUMP shirt!

    Imagine BigOrange at the fair with his face pointed at the ground and his shoulders slouched over. He’s walking quickly past a group of black Republicans. The mere presence of them made him so nervous he left in a hurry and forgot to grab his lemonade. Now bees start gathering on the cup. But no time to go back. Gotta just keep walking. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God, please don’t let these BLACK REPUBLICANS talk to me. Please God. Please God. Please God.

    As he passes the blacks, making certain to avoid eye contact, a guy named Titanium hollers, “Why he SCARED? Look, HE RUNNIN NOW! AYE WHITE BOY GET BACK HERE! WE JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT TAX RELIEF TO PROMOTE SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH! I’M TRYNA GET PAID, FOOL!”

    At this point, BigOrange is literally running (or doing his best to run despite his piss poor form). He looks over his shoulder to see if he is being pursued and as he takes his eye off of the path forward he fails to notice a dropped cup of nacho cheese (which, in a plot twist, was dropped by none other than McHenry County Blog’s own Cal Skinner). BigOrange slips on the cheese and busts his head suffering heavy blood loss and brain damage.

    And that’s why BigOrange does not go to the county fair anymore! These days BigOrange just comments on a political blog, often saying goofy things because of his brain injury.

    That’s it. That’s the story, and that’s why BigOrange won’t talk to Peggy Hubbard. 😀

    The end!

  6. It’s Trump 2020 because we all know he won and the election was stolen!

    I’m fine with Trump 2020 for now, and as far as ‘what’s he gonna do the next 4 yrs?’

    If he does half as much as he did the first 4 yrs. he’d still be miles ahead of any other President before his!

    TRUMP all the way.

    Now as far as Peg Hubbard goes, she’s clinging to Trump because she’s got nothing!

    She’s a lifelong Democrat who is a fake Conservative.

    Beware-she is only out to make a splash!!!

    Candidates like that do not have staying power.

  7. Stolen election or an actual coup d’etat?

    Where’s the faker Barr, where’s the reek Durham?

  8. That’s the problem, Meg. And again, this is from someone who voted for him and will definitely consider him again.

    I also think he got a lot done and he honored his promises.

    The problem is that it wasn’t stolen from him, and that’s what the majority believes.

    He needs more voters than he did last time to win. Other than those that voted for him, the lament of a stolen election is something they aren’t going to buy or find appealing. ✌️😎

  9. I already have a religion and savior.

    But I do want a good presidential candidate who’s running in 2024.

    Hopefully, Trump will decide to be a candidate, and not a victim.


  10. CPTKangaroo,

    Yes it might be true that 90% or so of the pseudonym commenters on the blog are me, in fact it it wasn’t for my ad blockers I might be the single largest source of income for Cal, I can either confirm nor deny Mellow Monk being one of those accounts… that would be telling and what fun would that be?

    What I can say is that ANTIFA operation “pointing spider-men” is still going strong

  11. Seems like this Tauler puke admits to being an Antifa pos.

  12. Creosote King, you figured it out! You were able to decipher all my complex hidden meaning in my posts. Congratulations! here is your gold star and participation trophy

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