Police Report on Planet Fitness Patron Kicked Out for Not Wearing a Mask While on Treadmill

From the Crystal Lake Police Department:


Police Report on Planet Fitness Patron Kicked Out for Not Wearing a Mask While on Treadmill — 28 Comments

  1. Ever heard of boycott?

    They can have their transexual clients and gym rat fags.

  2. Yes, and I was just in a gas station where a man had no shirt and got service.

    Could businesses force Primate to wear clown shoes and an eye patch?

  3. Planet Fitness gyms are owned by franchisees.

    I wonder if the owner of this gym really has the right to ban the guy from Planet Fitness gyms that he doesn’t own.

  4. Try the Y, they let you pull the mask off when exercising.

    Forget Planet Fitness, they’re freaks there anyway—bunch of limp wrist liberal cheapskates, and/or tatted out macho types way over weight—women too.

  5. Sounds like the policeman did the right thing. A “mandate” is not a law and there was nothing to legally enforce.
    However, Planet Fitness is a private company and they can set rules/regulations for their company as they see fit. Thus, when informed he was no longer welcome at Planet Fitness, it becomes a trespassing issue – which is LAW.
    So, the man cannot enter Planet Fitness. That’s what happened.

    Now, none of us should patronize Planet Fitness as a business.

  6. At the Chicago Athletic Club, employees have been told to not engage non mask wearers.

    Problem solved and a middle finger to JumBo

  7. When confronted with angry customers, private businesses typically reply that they are only doing it because of government mandates. There’s a little game going on here where governments and defenders of COVID measures claim anything can be done because it’s being done by private businesses, not the government, but then private businesses say they are doing it because the government is mandating it. Many such cases of people playing dumb or actually being dumb as they shill for increasingly draconian measures. People who refuse the vaccine or to wear a mask are being compared to airplane hijackers by the government. I think we all know where this is heading. All the while nobody is even passing laws. Nobody can say a law was passed doing this, and when laws are passed by states ensuring people’s rights can’t be violated, some actor in the federal government sues them. Rights are being stripped through executive action — or sometimes not even that but simply a threatening press conference. Hypocrisy is abound everywhere you look: Border control agents are being told to get the vax while illegals are exempt and demonic little government goons glibly defend this. Why? Well there is no logic to this unless you accept the fact that this is not about public health but something sinister. These people are evil. You are going to see horrors in your lifetime beyond your comprehension.

  8. Does membership at the gym fitness club in question require that a prospective member sign a contract or agreement? What’s in the contract? What are the requirements of the club and what are the responsibilities of the member while at the club facility?

  9. bred winner

    Usually such contracts require a member to comply with all club rules, regardless of whether or not you think they are reasonable. We call it free enterprise. If you don’t like the rules, you’re free to go elsewhere.

  10. Cops betray us as well as their own stupidity every blessed day.

  11. Innocent, can you go into a planet fitness gym with that bright blue baboon behind?

  12. Primate does not answer the question. Only when we see a copy of the contract, agreement will we know what are the rights, responsibilities of members AND the responsibilities of the club.

  13. Here you go, fellas.

    “The wellbeing of our employees and members continues to be our number one priority. Planet Fitness employees, members and guests should adhere to individual state and local mask requirements.”


    “Illinois’ reinstated mask mandate takes effect Monday, requiring residents over the age of 2 to wear face coverings in indoor settings.”

    “In those mandates, masks are required:

    In all indoor public settings, including in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, private clubs and in common areas of condo and multi-residential buildings.”


  14. The fact that companies have to INDEPENDENTLY articulate that they are GOING TO COMPLY with Our incompetent fat-ass governor’s mandate, implies that the mandate DOE NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED.

    Otherwise, why the need for the company’s statement to their customers that they are complying?

  15. CLM, youโ€™re right that mandates or guidelines do not have to be obeyed, per se.

    However, some businesses and organizations might face decertification and licensing issues, so they go along.

    Oftentimes they do so in order not to risk alienating yet another block of customers.

    Anyway, they can adopt any standards they like for their owned premises, the violation of which then becomes a Trespass, which is enforceable by the police.

    Simple, effective, and in the end, voluntary.


  16. All the same, were I this business owner, I would refund them their prorated remaining membership fees.

    I would also offer them initially discounted fees should they wish to return in the future when things are more settled.


  17. The state may THREATEN to remove a company or personal license – but that wouldn’t hold up in court in the least.

    All the states that have challenged “mandates” have won.

    The mandate is clearly unconstitutional in the state of Illinois.

    All it takes is a personal in the legal community with a brain and some courage…..oh, perhaps that’s why Illinois remains in Limbo and the Wisconsin Supreme Court has clearly ruled mandates are unconstitutional.

    IF ILLINOIS wanted a LAW mandating the masks….all they have to do is PASS A LAW via the legislative branch. That is what is required.

    There isn’t even a hint of that happening.

    It’s easier to demand compliance to sheep than work to pass a codified law.

  18. The mandates are especially unpopular in the more rural areas in the state.
    The Dems don’t want to risk their supermajorities in the General Assembly by forcing their members to actually take a public stand in favor of them.
    It’s so much more convenient just to hide behind the edicts of the fat megalomaniac

  19. I have not worn a mask most of this plandemic.

    They are bad for you and don’t work.

    It say so right on the box.

    you are either ignorant or stupid if you wear a mask.

    Do your research people!

    I would not go to a place that is promoting the evil corrupt lies.

  20. You people think the courts filled w/ ziofags and feminazis are going to save you?

  21. So KM, are the folks wearing masks in public places in McHenry County stupid?

    What are your credentials?

    BA, BS, MBA or bar patron?

  22. @Bred yes drones are stupid. Thatโ€™s why they are drones, aka useful idiots

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