Rabine Cites Facebook Censorship of Mask Post

From GOP gubernatorial hopeful Gary Rabine:

Rabine Censored by Facebook for Citing CDC Study

Woodstock, IL – The Big Tech elites are up to their usual antics with the censorship of a recent post on Gary Rabine’s Facebook page.

Last week, Rabine issued a statement on a buried CDC study that found no significant benefit to student mask requirements and posted the statement on social media.

The Facebook “Fact Checkers” have removed the post.

Gary Rabine

“This is what we are up against.

“Say something the cultural elites don’t like, and you are immediately silenced.

“Facts do not matte

“All that matters is mindless devotion to the correct ideology.

“Big Tech may not like my political views but the study I cited is a real study – from the CDC no less.

“We need to wake up and take a stand against Big Tech tyranny.

“We do not need more compliant elected officials like JB Pritzker.

“We need strong leaders who will not be bullied by Silicon Valley. I am that leader

“I will stand up for Illinois families, and I will not be silenced into submission to the left’s harmful ideology.”

To learn about the CDC study log onto: https://tinyurl.com/v6cnzfmh


Rabine Cites Facebook Censorship of Mask Post — 10 Comments

  1. Following that logic, Rabine should be able to plant his campaign sign in my yard.

  2. Sent To Joe Tirio, with CC To Bobby Piton and Gary Rabine

    RE: Mr Tirio Are You Ready to Have the Light Shine on IL Politics and Voting in McHenry County

    Joe, I’m not talking about your ES&S cheat machines that we use in McHenry County. That is a whole other set of facts. I hope we are on the low side but with Underwood stealing the election in the dark of night, at least 1 or more of the counties she represents will pop in Bobby’s analysis. I guarantee Lake is on that list without even seeing his results.

    Gary Rabine pay attention. You know what Balance Sheets and Income Statements looks like. JB only needs to look at his offshore Turks and Caicos accounts daddy left him and no he will continue to tax the crap out us on our leased property in IL.

    BobbyPiton wrote which was attached:
    I have finally received the voter files for IL. One has to be a statewide candidate in order to purchase a copy of this data. IL has one of the most restrictive voter data stances in the Nation.

    I am looking forward to performing a very thorough, in depth analysis that combines everything I learned from going over 50 million records to identify voter fraud in IL.

    I will be creating a phantom voter score for each of the 102 counties of IL and will be sharing insights regarding metadata findings so that We the People of IL and the Nation can see just how bad things really are here.


    The storm is coming and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Joe, how about a full forensic audit of McHenry?

  3. Joe Tirio, another fraudster. Denies the steal. Denies cheating right here for Underwood. Denies vote harvesting HERE.

  4. Want to know if Piton bothered with going back to Kane County to review that citizen’s group data, questions and responses from the Kane County Clerk’s office.

    That is if we are actually concerned with searching for actual voting problems, rather than searching for good publicity.

    Any follow through on this?


  5. Well, where is Piton on this? He was there, made a fuss, made a splash, got some press, and then………🤷‍♂️

    You can’t just blurt out allegations and run off. Prove your allegations or find a new marketing feature.


  6. He could still work for Lindell while he still has some money left.

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