Pot Arrests in Huntley — 4 Comments

  1. If at first you don’t secede…not just the South but all of red state America needs to get off the USS Titantic before she drags them to the bottom with her!

  2. But … but … What about DIVERSITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE and all that Leftist stuff ?

    After all, aren’t these people of color ?

  3. Again chi town Kizzie keep your garbage by you will ya…. we don’t need any of your problems up here we have enuff of our own..

    I see you only had 53 shootin’s this weekend…. light weekend for ya …

    only 4 were killed… too

  4. They’re pro-lifers, so it’s all kosher, right?

    Toilet Bowl and HonestAbe1 would suck a fart out of any pro lifers butt and hold it in like a bong hit.

    Look out for that in the arrest reports.

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