Dundee Township Republicans Hosting Picnic Sunday in West Dundee

From the Dundee Township Republican Organization, Kane County, IL:

The link to purchase tickets for Sunday’s picnic accessed here.


Dundee Township Republicans Hosting Picnic Sunday in West Dundee — 15 Comments

  1. Piton can challenge the accuracy of Rabine’s corn poll win.


  2. I dont remember Biden using the flag,

    For anything… just saying,

  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’ll go if cots are provided for napping.

  4. Mr. Motorcross, this is most of the major Republican candidates in Illinois and definitely the most we’ve had at one time and in one place, so if you don’t find THIS interesting I don’t know what to tell you other than to beg Peggy Hubbard or some Republican not on this list to stop by, vote in the Democratic primary instead, or convince somebody better to run. Are you going to do any of those things?

  5. Nope.

    What’s with people on this blog thinking one critical comment of them means they must be reick/mcconchie/franks/sager/tauler/ness/ insert person I don’t like.

    How fragile are you?

    Refute anything I said in this thread.

    1. John Pletz takes pictures. That’s a fact. Cal has never reposted anything YOU have commented “cuke”; he has shared contributions by Pletz. Is that true or false? Maybe you are just jealous of John Pletz. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    2. There are a lot of Republicans at this event so if you aren’t going to be excited about this event you’re not going to be excited about any event. Explain how that comment is wrong. ARE YOU A HUBBARD SUPPORTER???

    You have nothing.

  6. Geeez Correcting, these polecats have done so much for us, like allowing all the Section 8 rabble in……. like presiding over HUGE tax increases…… like kneeling before BLM and JB’s ‘mandates’.

    They are losers!

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