McConchie and Wilcox Hilltop Cary Fundraiser Gathers Faithful

Michael Rein estate. Mounds believed to be where Indians are buried are down the hill to the right.

Overlooking the Fox River is the estate of Realtor Michael Rein (not to be confused with Coroner Michael Rein).

State Senator Craig Wilcox, his wife Janice and Senator Dan McConchie.

Late Saturday afternoon not two, but three State Senators were on the former Indian gathering ground near suspected Indian burial mounds.

Craig Wilcox and State Senate colleague Dave Syverson, drawn halfway into McHenry County by Democrats remap.

Syverson showed the new map which takes in almost all of Grae Buehler and Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Orville Brettman.

State Senator Dave Syverson showing Mike Buehler and Orv Brettman the new legislative drawn along the Grafton-Algonwuin Township line to keep Carolyn Schofield out of Democrat Suzanne Ness’ district in 2022.

Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie was holding court.

Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie gave thoughtful attention to those who wished to talk with him.

There was one gubernatorial candidate at the event, Gary Rabine.

Gary Rabine chatted with Dave Syverson.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Keannelly was squiring around two judical candidates.

Mike Buehler, Patrick Kenneally, Daniel Shanes and Bob Boles and Susan Clancy Boles.

Lake County Circuit Judge Daniel Shanes is running for the Republican nomination for the new Illinois Supreme Court seat carved by Democrats this year containing Lake, McHenry, Kane, Kendall and DeKalb Counties.

Running in the same area for Appellate Court Justice is Kane County Circuit Court Judge Dusan Clancy Boles.

State Rep. Chris Bos.

Only one of the members of the Illinois House whose districts overlap those of Senators Wilcox and McConchie were in attendance. That was Chris Bos , who represents the easter portion of McConchie’s district.

Danijela Sandberg, Daniel Shanes and Peter Kopsaftis.

Others in attendance included Barrington Township Republican Committeeman Peter Kopsaftis and Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

Pro-Life lobbyist Ralph Rivera can be seen talking in the foreground. Coroner Michael Rein is seen in the background.

Pro-Life lobbyist Ralph Rivera came to the event, as did Coroner Michael Rein.

Besides the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, Trustee Theresa Froncza attended.

Thersea Froncza and Jeff Thorsen.

So did McHenry County Board member Jeff Thorsen.

Larger contributors were axknowledged on this sign.

In front of the grill was a sign thanking those who gave more than the $30 admittance fee.

I picked up a new bit of political information from the man who wanted to run against Democratic State Representative Gary Daugherty.

Gary Daugherty

In the second revision of the Democrats’ legislative may for 2022-2030, his home has been moved out of the district where Ness lives.

So, now two candidates who wanted to run against Ness find their homes in an adjoining State Rep. district.

The first was McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield, the person whom former State Rep. Allen Skillicorn refused to step aside for when he decided to move to Arizona.

Skillicorn managed to beat Schofield twice, the first time when another candidate with a similar political base–Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka withdrew his GOP primary candidacy pretty much at the last minute–and last spring when there was a one-on-one race.

Skillicorn lost only narrowly to Ness, despite House Democrats having run the equivalent of a congressional campaign, complete with television ads.

With another event to attend, these were the yard signs I saw from where I had parked my car.

Yard signs at the entrance to the fundraiser.

I’m told that Robb Tadelman, running for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, arrived after I left.

His campaign sent this photo:

Robb Tadelman chatted with Danijella Sandberg’s husband.

I joined a small caravan of vehicles headed to the McHenry County GOPac fundraiser in Grafton Township.

On the way, I saw this four by four foot sign advertising the McHenry County GOPac fundraiser.

I can’t remember any past political fundraiser that has used signs to promote an event.


McConchie and Wilcox Hilltop Cary Fundraiser Gathers Faithful — 22 Comments

  1. All political hacks. Many attending are the one’s responsible for the sink hole Illinois is in.

    Severson – do something other than attend these incestuous events where checks are handed out from one person attending to another (the next week – the same group of failed hacks will exchange checks from their own “campaign accounts”).

    Let’s tax campaign coffers at the same rate of state income tax that they impose on the people !!!!

    Severson, I bet you’ll get to work on that right away.

    Or, you’ll keep sleeping your way into failed oblivion accepting the corrupt table scraps the Democrats give you.

  2. So much crust, crag and conniving in those pics, it makes the Treasure of the Sierra Madre look like Breakfast at Tiffany.

  3. In the 1980’s interest and investment income of Political Action Committees began to be taxed by Illinois.

    The Federal rate is in the 35% range, I believe.

    State rate is that of corporations.

  4. “political information from the man who wanted to run against Democratic State Representative Gary Daugherty”

    “Teresa Decker and Jeff Thorsen“
    NO . That’s Theresa Fronczak and Jeff Thorsen

  5. How long was Gary Daugherty (R, Gilberts) state representative? All of 2 days?

    Just long enough for Democrats to aim a bead on him and make sure the Gilberts resident of Rutland Township home in Kane County drawn outside of the 66th District.

    Daugherty joins McHenry County Board Vice Chair Carolyn Schofield in the 70th Representative District.

    Cal, is it time for you or me to come out of retirement and run for state rep?

    I think we both still mapped into 66th.

  6. Republichumps on parade.

    McConchie ‘everybody needs to get vaxxed’


  7. Rabine just lost my vote for hob knobbing with Kenneally.

    Kenneally is a slime ball who doesn’t give 2 craps about your constitutional protections.

    A apologize for all of my prior posts supporting Rabine.

  8. Guuuuurl, please.

    You need to wake up.

    Gary who?

    He was appointed for a whole 2 days.

    Why is he relevant?

    Cal needs to do what?

    Come out of retirement?

    What for?

    He hates women and townships.

    Go back to Florida, Cal darling.

    No one wants your opinion anymore.

    You have issues with your Republican Party or any party: GET. INVOLVED.

    Notwithstanding , no mention of Tadelman but hey, what does it matter since this blog allows Anti-Semitic rhetoric.

    Keyboard Warriors, grow a pair and make an actual difference instead of bitching out of your mama’s basement. Sometimes we all type with our middle fingers.

    Go make a difference.

  9. Cal, Federal Taxes are charged on individual politician committees?

    I don’t think that’s accurate.

    501c3 “tax exempt” organizations have to FILE federal taxes….but that’s not the same thing.

    I believe INDIVIDUAL politicians should be subject to the SAME TAXES that they impose on their slaves – the tax payers.

  10. When I see mutual funds, I pay Federal and state income taxes on the capital gains.

    Feel free to check out my filings with the State Board of Elections for the first quarterly report in any year.

  11. Neither candidate for the GOP nomination for Sheriff attended the Wilcox-McConchie fundraiser by the time I left at 6.

    As far as women go, I spent more time with Republican women at the Dundee Township Republican picnic today than with men.

    I may even have recruited one to run for the McHenry County Board.

  12. @SweetBichacho- Did Tadelman bring his opponent’s ex-wife and current husband, who is convicted of crimes against Colatorti, to squire around again?

  13. Cal, you’re referring to the INVESTMENT of the income made on the money that sits in the account.

    I’m talking about the “donation” itself should be taxed.

    So, if ABC donates $1,000 to candidate X, Candidate X has to pay taxes ON the $1,000.

  14. So, are you suggesting that business should be taxes on receiplts?

  15. Tadelman is not your friend.

    His patron is his synogogue pal Franks.

    These Republican ‘leaders’ are eunuchs.

  16. How did Tadelman suddenly materialize?

    These people don’t seem to be serious.

  17. I left at six. Commenters noted that Tadelman was at the event, so I asked for a photo, which I inserted into the article.

  18. Who cares who was there?

    A ship of fools going down like the Lusitania

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