What I Remember of George Ryan’s Death Penalty Announcement Timing

George Ryan from an exhibit in his trial.

Illinois Times has an article about a private reception for former Governor George Ryan’s 2020 book about his conversion to a death penalty opponent.

This sentence brought back a memory:

Ryan’s death row decision came as federal prosecutors were building their case against him and 78 other state officials. 

I was in the northeast corner of back office of the Governor’s second floor complex when i heard a news flash from WBBM-Radio.

It said that the U.S. Attorney’s Office was expected to indict Ryan.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but Ryan made his announcement the next day.


What I Remember of George Ryan’s Death Penalty Announcement Timing — 23 Comments

  1. Self-serving RINO coward responsible for laying the foundation allowing the hyperviolent murderers to roam
    the streets of Chiraq today with impunity – NFG.

    Same goes for Paddy Quinn.

  2. Illinois seems to be caught in a never ending cycle of electing real shit heads. Ant not just Governors 💩🤡

  3. Wasn’t my fault.

    Voted for the actual conservative, downstate Democrat Glen Poshard.

    My one-time highest vote for a Dem.

    Ryan’s smarmy lack of any principle was obvious going into Election Day.

    He was promising everything to everybody, and started backing down on defending bedrock conservative principles.


  4. The Thief tried for a last minute sympathy vote, it didnt work, he still went to prison and we got killers killing with no fear of the death penalty.

    I pray the good people of Kankakee have found it in their hearts to exile this fraud from their town, or at least shun the freak when seen around town.

    He pulled that death penalty stunt as well as some scam trip to Cuba, all in an attempt to save his own fat ass.

  5. OMG I have a completely different take on this…..

    When Ryan released 20 death row inmates they were still imprisoned…

    16 of them were later found Innocent,,,,

    Not one DA was ever prosecuted for false presentation

    WHY NOT………………

    Next the Real reason Ryan went to jail, was the fact that he wanted to incorporate the tollway system into IDOT ,,and had he been successful the Democrats would have lost their biggest CASH COW……

    Now talk about the Fake news…

    they railroaded him, claiming he caused the death of a family because parts fell off a truck that was operated by an Illegal…

    He might not have been the best Gov but he did not deserve this kind of treatment

  6. We need the gas chamber or electric chair not only for those who murder but those who shoot and injure innocent people and also those who use a gun in armed robbery and carjacking.

    What we need all around the US are cops, detectives in the Dirty Harry mold. “Go ahead make my day”.

    Will any moron leftists disagree?

  7. There are few arguments you can make against Robert E. Lee you can’t make against George Washington.

    Leftists are already attacking Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and countless white American heroes.

    It will not stop with Robert E. Lee.

    This not an attack against the South, or even the Confederacy.

    It’s against whites.

  8. Hey Paul R. >>>> Illinois seems to be caught in a never ending cycle of electing real shit heads.

    Ask your self why.

    Could it be cheat machines and fake ballots?


    Asking for an ID to vote is suppression and racist because blacks don’t know how to get an id.

    I showed my id willingly in 2020 with no problem even though it wasn’t necessary.

  9. I have heard stories of droves of illegal invaders voting in Chicago, so I agree.

    The liberals are building a new voting block, by hook and CROOK

  10. Truly one of the most despicable humans in the country.

    He was a crook through and through.

  11. The Taliban fought for their religion and their country to expel a foreign invader.

    They fought for self government.

    In contrast, we fought for feminism, cultural degeneration,Israel, opium production, imperialism and to sustain an endless grift that enriched corrupt defense contractors and their puppets in the Beltway.

    Every single one of our soldiers who died in Afghanistan would be alive today and would have never dreamed of visiting Afghanistan were it not for the Pentagon and its worthless generals.

  12. Ryan was a rat. He was trying for a Nobel prize, like other communists (Obama, Bunche, Gorbachev, Wiesel, etc.)

    Why is this felony pig getting a pension?

  13. Semper, you are right on.

    Bill M, you maybe right.

    Blago wasn’t so bad either, his crime was calling out the homosexual past of-the Halfrican President.

  14. Alabama, May you come to the attention of the national forces during the incipient CWII.

    It won’t be pretty.

  15. What’s the difference between a catfish and Ilhan Omar?
    One’s got whiskers and smells. The other is a fish!

  16. Hi Gary and CPT – strange that you’re encouraging violence against people who disagree with you, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Y’all’s obsession with me and desire to make so many threads about me is hilarious.

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