Large Turnout for McHenry County GOPac Pro-Life Event Saturday

McHenry County GOPac demonstrated its money raising prowess at ite Pro-Life fundraiser held at Cor Jesu Catholic Mission in northern Grafton Township.

Part of the crowd.

The $50 fundraiser had attendance of over 250.

The check in point was as far inside the building.
This was taken before the big Gary Rabine bus arrived from the Wilcos-McConchie fundraiser in Cary.

Standing in the line in front of me was Illinois Supreme Court hopeful Mark Curran, who ran against Dick Durbin for US Senator in 2020 and previously served as Lake County State’s Attorney and Sheriff.

Mark Curran

There were signs on the wall.

McGOPac sign saying, “I’m commited to life.”

Two prominent McHenry County businesses were sponsors, Alliance Contractors and Gary Lang.

Alliance Contractors and Gary Lang were sponsors.

There was a sign for River Ridge Church in Spring Grove.

River Ridge Church promotion tells of September 28th Grand Opening featuring Mike Singletary.

It appears that State Senator Dave Syverson sponsored the dessert table.

Dave Syverson sponsored the dessert table.

Various candidates worked the crowd.

Inside the entrance was Dave Syvertson’s challeng Eli Nicolosi.

Eli Nicholosi courted a voter.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Gary Rabine and Senator Dave Syverson got to know people in attendance.

Gary Ravine and Dave Syverson.

Not on the ballot, but at the event was McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler.

Mike Buehler mixes with those in attendance.

Two McHenry County Board members were spotted, Jim Kearns and Tom Wilbeck.

Jim Kearns on the left and Tom Wilbeck on the right. Donnie Kaminski in the middle.

Running for the GOP nomination for Sheriff, Tony Colatorti worked the tables.

Tony Colatorti advanced his candidacy.

State Rep. Marty McLaughlin and Tom Wilbeck, both from Barrington Hills were in attendance.

Tom Wilbeck and Marty McLaughlin with Dave Syverson inbetween.

Running to show was Karen Tirio, the head of McHenry County GOPac.

Karen Tirio

Unfortunately, the sound system was not up to the size of the room, so those from about halfway back could not distinguish what was being said.

Carl Kamienski

Carl Kamienski, running for the McHenry County Board out of the McHenry area, read the names of the thirteen members of the Armed Services who were killed during the tumultuous debacle at the Kalbal Airport. It was noted that President Joe Biden has not mentioned their names.

Peter Kopsaftis

Barrington Township Republican Committeeman Peter Kopsaftis, found out about the event at the fundraiser for Senators Craig Wilcox and Dan McConchie and decided to attend. His organization helped elected two members of the Barrington School Board. He is willing to talk to others interested in making inroads into what are generally teacher union-dominated boards.

Darren Bailey

Republican gubernatorial aspirant Darren Bailey arrived along with nightfall and was gretting people outside as I was leaving.

On each table were flyers about the event, when can be seen below:


Large Turnout for McHenry County GOPac Pro-Life Event Saturday — 16 Comments

  1. Sponsor maybe? Saw a handful of other businesses signs and/or products there. and they had Riverside Bakery Brownies!!!!

    What a heavenly venue.

    It was so hot for mid sept.

    Great crowd, the hayrides given by the two cigar wielding, cowboy hat wearing duo was a hoot and a hit!

  2. Why was Tadelman sponsoring?

    He thinks these people are ‘right wing extremists.’

    Check out his ‘background’.

    Ask him about being groomed by Jack Franks.

    Fishing in N. Ontario.

    Did Jacko call us ‘goyim’?

  3. Gary Lang auto group was mentioned as a sponsor.

    It’s hard to get corporate sponsors for pro-life specific events because the blue hair satanic baby killers and bugmen start picketing in front of their businesses and then the catwomen at the northwest herald write like 4 articles and 6 social media posts about it.

    Many businesses don’t want to wade into politics because of how polarized things are and the fear of losing customers.

  4. I find it concerning that the Republican Party Chairman Tyler Wilke is absent from this event and the Wilcox/McConchie event!


    Is he not supporting all party candidates?

    How do we expect to get Republicans elected when the Chairman of the party has such a laissez-faire attitude?

    The non-involvement is going to cost us!

  5. Hope this becomes an annual event and that more businesses, organizations and pols start standing up against the slaughtering of innocent babies while making those who are against it, complicit in their crimes against humanity.

  6. Buehler? What a surrender monkey. He got “goosebumps” meeting the fake President at Crystal Lake.

    A turkey.

    He can go to Hell!

  7. I was too busy to watch these hucksters parade around and act like they’re doing something important.

    These folks haven’t done sh!t, while things are falling apart.

  8. Same old same old.

    I’ll never forget what Bill LeFew called these events: ‘Time wasted on the same saps, time and time again.’

  9. CPTKangaroo, you have both those gents all wrong. Your posts are parody!

  10. Cuke, they raised money for Pro-Life candidates and got like minded people together, honored our fallen, and showcased pro-life leaders, and gave pro-life candidates a forum where they could reach their constituents, they also introduced a conservative pro-life youth who schooled the room, all before you got out of bed.

    As far as the politicians in the room, I only knew of Buehler, Kearns, Colatorti, Piton, Rabine, and Bailey.

  11. There were several other politicians there but I’m glad it wasn’t politician after politician.

    We needed to spend some time on 9-11 and pro-life matters being this was a Christian type event.

    Piton didn’t even talk to people.

    Bailey talked to everyone with his wife and son seemed to be popular with folks.

    Colatorti dominated the event as a county candidate without even speaking.

    He was everywhere.

    I like him.

    (like his wife even better-hubba hubba)

  12. Loved the guy dressed like Larry the Cable Guy in the first pic.

    And the two older guys in crocodile Dundee hats were fun on wheels.

    No pics of them???

    They were half the show.

    How anyone could wear a suit jacket that day is baffling.

    It was so hot!

    Saw two guys in dark suits and that poor but dedicated veteran in full uniform.

    No wonder he didn’t faint!

    Loved when Darren Bailey led the prayer.

    They missed an opportunity with that huge cowboy boot people were taking pictures with.

    Should’ve had a sign that said “Give Pritzker the Boot!”

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